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Previously on the Doki-Doki Channel!

The girls found themselves in an impromptu battle with a runaway Ramen Shop, casualties included the shop, Maki’s afternoon, and a fresh carton of orange juice.

Then, it was time again for the quarterly rankings adjustment! And against all odds the girls found themselves in the same group! Now, what could this month’s trial be?

Now back to your regularly scheduled DDC programming!

"Right!" Shirase shout out. Sure enough grabbing attention of some more eyes. Her own gaze widened as she twisted around fast and frantically scanned the crowd for that familiar face. "Ah! I hope she didn't get lost...or worse! What if the guidance counselor got to her?!!" With a dread filled stretched expression like that of the "Scream" Shirase made a mad dash into the crowd."I'll save you from having to talking about your plans on the future and college!!!!!!" Quickly she disappeared into the many many different variations of heads.

Eiki slurped on her juice box in silence. Watching her mentally unstable friend experience an episode in the span of a few seconds. Yup it was an average day. Waving as Shirase pardoned herself. Slrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp! Damn empty.

After a few minutes passing, the monotone beep of the announcer rang up catching the attention of everyone. After blocking out probably some important other information her name was called. Head shot up and jumping up to her feet, Eiki stormed her way to the designated location. A cocky smirk crawled its way on her lips. She was gonna blow through this and sky rocket in the rankings.

Hell yeah!

Making it to the test site she had arrived with a few others, luckily she wouldn't have to explain herself being fashionably late. Sizing up some were obviously contestants and others were spectators of some sort. However there was one vaguely similar face. Very similar. Where they separated from spectators and contestants Eiki followed the others, waiting for further instruction.
The young girl motioned people forward as they shuffled into the room. Spectators were sent to one side with a swish of a hand, and participants to the other with a tilt of the head. Maki scanned through the crowd as she stepped over to what was soon to be her chair. Plenty of faces she didn’t recognize and one that brought a vague feeling of familiarity to the back of her mind. Where did she know that woman from? But soon enough she took her seat and the doors behind her closed with a click.

“Welcome!” The girl at the front said with a friendly smile. “This quarter we have a very thrilling placement examination for you all. One on one fights which will be judged by yours truly and our fabulous panel!” There was a murmur from the spectator side of the room as the girl gestured in their direction.

“Now! This will be a head to head match. There will be no magic use allowed as it is a simple test of your physical prowess.” Groans mixed with excited chattering as the more physically inclined sensed opportunity to jump some easy ranks forward. “And now, to choose your opponents, direct your attention to this screen behind me.” The girl winked before she turned on her heel. One of the monitors flashed to life and began to rotate through headshots. Excitement! Tension! Why does it take this long!

Maki sighed. What was the point of all the showmanship anyway?

And, as if to prove that karma could act fast, the first face to stop on the monitor’s shuffle was her own, followed soon by the familiar lady.

Why was she so familiar?

Wait, wasn’t she the one from the ramen shop attack?

“Our first fight will be Matsuda Eiki verses Fukui Maki! I hope you two give us a wonderful show!” The girl said brightly. The doors to the girl’s left swung open and in the room beyond was a ring for fighting. Repeating her sigh, Maki stood up.

A one-on-one display?

Well then that's quite the choice but, what better way to show your combat prowess? Ya know, other than actual field work. All the theatrics, were well and all but that wasn't the focus. Eiki began to scan the potential opponents. All of them seemed easy however one was sort of familiar? Were they a store-clerk of some type? No, it definitely had something to do with a smaller business though. A waiter? No. Maybe someone she saved earlier from that Grimm that attacked all by herself. Yup. No help it was one hundred percent the "Magenta Butterfly" herself.

Enough of that though.

Were they broadcasting? Were there scores to decide victory or was it til the first one croaked? It didn't really matter. Arms crossed, she directed her attention to the screen. Seems association is taking even more steps to a theatrical flare, not that Eiki could complain. The more eyes on her, the better. Playing with it would do more wonders. A moment of eager anticipation for the first face. Aha! That's who it was! That girl from earlier! The one with the flames!


Well, this certainly a surprise. She chuckled a plain wide smirk over her face. A shame, she'd have to embarrass this person she had only just met on the battlefield not too long ago...and in front of an audience. Her staff was left back in the locker anyway. No bonking today. Making way to the ring Eiki felt the gazes. It was so familiar and so welcoming to an eccentric. The limelight was hers right now and she was going to squeeze out of it as much as possible. Even at the expense of a poor little witch. Upon entering the ring, she positioned herself to the farther side, leaning her back against the ropes.

That confident but cocky smirk glued on. Oh boy were they in for a show.
Was there someone in the DDC that she had specifically pissed off? Last exam had been all about saving dummies while keeping property damage to a minimum and now physical combat? No hope for a rank up again, which meant it was doubtful she was going to see any increase to her wages. What a pain. Another month of hunting for bounties then. Maki rolled her neck as she stepped into the next room. Lots of cameras were hung on the walls to catch every angle, the large central ring looked pristine, and the young girl’s voice could be heard on the speaker above. Sounded like she was announcing their stats.

With a sigh Maki stepped up onto a small staircase attached to the side of the ring and paused at the top. She stretched her arms up over her head and bent to left and then to her right. With a sigh Maki placed a hand on the top rope before she vaulted over it landing neatly onto the map on the other side.

“Fancy meeting you again,” Maki said, meeting Eiki’s gaze. She had been a physical attacker during the ramen shop attack right? What a pain in the neck. “Let’s get this over quick, I have sushi plans later.” Maki said, rubbing her right shoulder.

“Alright girls! Take your bows and you can begin!” A bright voice said over the intercom. With a sigh, Maki brought her hands together and bowed. She held for a moment before bouncing back up and raising her arms in a defensive posture.

She bounced from the ropes of the ring, to the center across from the opponent ."How small the world can be." Eiki's bowed with a small delay behind Maki's. "Well then, I'll try not to keep you here too long." The stance decided was vastly different than what anyone as experienced as herself would recommend in a combat situation . Whereas Maki was defensive and ready-for -action, Eiki was....unthreatened. An upright posture, hand on a hip, and a single brow raised. Like looking at a small child learning its first word. Eiki pointed a dagger like nail and gestured for Maki to make the first move; her piercing gaze searching for even the slightest crack to exploit.

Your earlier display was something I'll have to admit. But I want to see what you can 'do' without your ghastly flames.

Where the masses were held up Shirase gave up the search. Maybe they could link up later. Searching high and low, East and West, but no success she was making way back over to the waiting area. When a sudden crash from a janitorial closet became the new focus. The door was left ajar, the light flickered and unexplainably a chill ran down her spine.Instinct was to investigate. However that never ever went well in slasher-flicks. Especially in "Wednesday the 11th". The characters always strolled themselves into the killers blade.

A hesitant step closer, it almost sounded like there were sounds of a small scuffle. Before being able to take that second step to peak inside, two rats scurried out, darting across her sneaker.

Shirase held in the desire to vomit. Rats were gross. Leaving it at those were the culprits. Yuck. Turning on her heels she power walked back the way she came somehow making it back to the main area. At one of the conveniently placed screens they were broadcasting the fight between Eiki and Maki which unsurprisingly wasn't getting as much attention as some others.

"Aw man this is gonna be good!" She squealed. Placing herself in front of the screen ready to watch both of her friends about to duke it out.
Right, the fundamentals then. Keep arms up and tight, footwork balanced, and eyes on her opponent. Look for openings. When was the last time she even had to worry about the fundamentals? Maki was sure that she was still back in the academy.

Whatever, she just had to do well enough that she didn’t lose rank, right? She just needed to keep a clear head and take the shots she could. Maki kept her footwork tight as she closed the gap, her weight centered and her breathing even. Eiki had been a skilled melee fighter while they had been fighting the ramen shop so Eiki could probably read her movements easily. So, what were the options then?

Maki exhaled.

“Screw it.”

Maki stepped forward and pivoted her weight on the ball of her right foot as she sent a jab sailing for Eiki’s chest.

Straight to the point are we? A little brashness wasn't always bad however....

That jab was as predictable as the alphabet. Before Maki could throw out her pathetic attempt of a jab Eiki's body already was adjusting. She swiveled on the ball of her front foot, body pivoting like a revolving door. Avoiding the attack with her own opening that probably could have ended this fight in one strike. A quick elbow to the jaw? Maybe she could just grapple and over power the poor girl with an arm lock. It was too obvious she wasn't the best hand-to-hand. Eiki stood at the side of Makis arm shaking her head with disappointment.

No, this needed to be entertaining. Not for just the spectators, they'd get a kick out of anything, but both of them as well. Otherwise what's the point?

"Tch. Don't tell me that's the best you've got. Because at this rate the match has already been decided." Eiki said coldly ." Where's your originality, your personality?! Don't you think I've seen that same exact guard, with that exact approach, and that exact punch a thousand times?" Her once confident face became that of an irritated older sibling scolding the younger. "Melee isn't about having the cleanest form, or the tightest guard. That Academy crap doesn't get you anywhere against anybody experienced, maybe a street fight at best."

Eiki stepped back. Making sure she was an arms length apart.

"You need to loosen up and trust your body, so what if you have a few openings." Snickering her own stance was raised. It was a simple kick-boxing stance, but shoulders and arms were much looser. "I'm a better fighter so if I can't find an opening-" like locking eyes with a cobra Eiki struck swiftly. From that very simple guard, she was ready to take off Maki's head with a rush of strikes. They would range from punches, elbows and knees. Fast and oppressive. There wasn't going to be any room left for the other witch to breathe.

"I'll just make one!!!!"
“Tch.” Maki clicked her tongue as Eiki easily evaded her jab. The momentum was bad and Maki lost a precious second getting her footing back in order. She braced instinctively, her body readying itself for a blow as Eiki moved into position but that blow never came. Maki twisted around as she bounced backwards giving herself space. Not that distance would make much of a difference in a fight like this.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Maki breathed out. Just what she needed, her opponent giving her advice. She wanted personality? Now of all times? Must be nice if you could just treat this all like a game.

“Hrk!” Maki gritted her teeth as she caught a sudden heavy blow on her forearm. She shifted to adjust, but Eiki pressed her attack. No way to block it all. No, the only thing she really needed to block was…

Maki kept her eyes open as she accepted the series of blows. Harsh sudden spikes of pain as Eiki’s hand and knee found unprotected flesh. She kept her body loose, kept her gaze searching for… now! Maki felt something heavy slam into her left shoulder as her right hand flew out in a sudden jab.

A counter jab?

With that lightning fast reflex, and extensive knowledge the perfect counter to her counter was already in motion. Boxing 101. Her head ducked under like she was seeing it coming in slow motion. Slipping around the attack to the inside of Maki's guard. From here there were so many options to take her head off with. Maybe a Metsu Shoryuken to the chin? Or to give her a taste of what a real jab is like, a quick bop to the nose? No-no-no, surely an Ultra Combo to punish the whiff! All were good and fun options.

I got it.

Time to try a new technique on the fly. Who would have thought here of all places to come up with such a revolutionary move? It's not like she was going to be stopped. Carried by the momentum of the dodge Eiki went for a low leg sweep.

The technique itself was a simple attack inspired by one of her favorite shows. Sweep your opponent off balance then, combining expert agility and coordination as they're mid-fall, deliver a rib shattering down kick into the solar plexus; using gravity as a weapon and crushing all the air out of their lungs!

The Matsuda Barrage!

Eiki was certain that if she could manage this, the fight was already over for her poor opponent.
Damn! Maki’s fist cut through the air as Eiki skillfully sidestepped the jab. She attempted to pull back to recover her stance, but Eiki was faster as she stepped into Maki’s defense. She forced herself to keep her body relaxed, if she’d learned anything in the last two years it was that tensing up always made the blow worse. Eiki dropped before Maki could pull herself away, her leg striking like a whip knocking Maki’s legs out from under her.

A moment of vertigo, a feeling of weightlessness, like her body was hanging in place. Her mind went blank as instinct took over. She half twisted as she fell, her left hand dropping as the heel of her palm brushed against the mat. She pushed hard, her body spinning to the side as she felt a rip of air rush past her bare skin. A dull feeling of connection. Her eyes caught the sight of Eiki’s foot falling like a hammer, passing through the space her body had been.

Her right shoulder tapped down onto the mat, and Maki’s body rolled once before she was able to draw herself up into a crouch. Not the most elegant escape, but that kick had been dangerous. A streak of red ran across her torso, where Eiki’s heel had scraped against her. She straightened, bringing her arms back up.

“Maybe gymnastics hadn’t been a waste of time.” She muttered.


Eiki's heel sliced through air coming down like a blade. In an instant Maki was able to relieve herself of tremendous pain and embarrassment by awakening her inner kitty-cat. Using a precise maneuver to redirect her the energy of falling into a spectacularshow of a dodge. Just like that the fight was reduced to a neutral stand point once again. The point of impact took a prominent dent to its surface. Hopefully she wouldn't have to pay....

"Well that was rude, you shouldn't just dodge like that." She spoke with a much gentler lightness to her voice. Eiki rose to her feet dusting off the white garb she came in. As the full weight of her body settled a sharp pain shot up from the heel up the calf. Yup, definitely a bruise tomorrow. The leg twitched settling itself to where her heel could hover above the ground by standing on the ball of her foot.

"That was actually really good though. Caught me by surprise."

Using a thumb to wipe the sweat from her forehead and rolling her shoulders it was clear that getting too cocky would just result in giving her opponent an advantage. Something that could or could not make this fight for Eiki herself. A new stance was taken. The difference was not-so-subtle. Body shifting its weight from each leg whilst using the balls of her feet. Her hands assumed a more traditional guard. Remain loose and calm.

"So let's see what else ya got!" Eyes lit with an emerald fire, her muscles tensed and pulsated.
Her weight didn’t return to her heel. Maki’s eyes narrowed as Eiki placed her foot back on the ground, her weight on the ball of her foot. Did she hurt her heel on that miss? Good to know, but could she put it to use? Maki settled back into a stance once she got her feet back under her. She kept her body relaxed. She couldn’t beat Eiki in raw speed so she needed to rely on her reflexes.

She drew a breath in as she focused herself. What would Eiki’s next trick be? Maki edged forward on her right foot, keeping her weight split evenly between her legs.

“What can I say, I’m full of surprises.” Maki said. She could see Eiki’s muscles moving as she readied herself. Maki clicked her tongue. “Yeah? Give it your best shot then.” Maki ducked in fast, aiming a quick jab for Eiki’s side. If she could just connect one she could get some momentum back on her side.


Maki returned a great strike into Eiki's side. Instinctively her legs pushed back to regain some distance. Her knees buckled, sweat beads dropped down her forehead, Eiki chuckled. " Full of surprises you are." She took a deep breath."Gotta say, you hit like a truck, for someone so skinny." Slowly rising back to an upright position, Eiki twisted her torso."How about we stop playing around?"

Dashing forward Eiki used the carrying momentum to deliver a gut busting punch fueled with a ground bending stomp directed to knock her opponents block off.
“What can I say, I’m motivated.” Maki said, taking a half step back as she put up her guard again. It was possible to hit Eiki, she could still feel the warmth of the other woman’s skin in the faint sting of her fingers, so all she needed to do was do it again. Real easy.

“I’ll do my best not to bruise your pretty face.” Maki said. Her legs tensed a moment before she drove her body forward. Eiki was going to hit her hard, but she looked committed to her strike. If she wouldn’t dodge then wouldn’t it be better to bet it all on this one strike? Maki clinched her fist as she pulled her arm back. No time to play defense now.

Her arm sailed forward, a blow aimed at Eiki’s jaw. Lights flashed in her eyes and she felt air escape her lungs as Eiki’s fist crashed into her.

Before the moments of impact time came almost close to a stop. She was betting it all on this strike. And Maki returned with the same idea. Wonderful. However with confidence and experience it was a no-brainer of who should emerge victorious. Eyes locked into the opponents and perfect form only a single thought constantly looped.

"I win."


Time resumed with the sound of a thundering strike! A massive pain shot across the side of her face as vertigo took ahold once more. "Huh?" Why was everything spinning? Her body didn't respond. It tumbled down onto the ring floor like a rag-doll being blown by violent winds. Taking a few good rolls Eiki ended up on her back staring up at the spinning lights. Her punch connected there was no doubt. Unless---

The lights faded slowly to black. The last thing she could remember was a muffled sound of excitement and the silhouette of the ref coming into view.

Double KO....
A dull buzzing all around her. Light burned in a blur of motion as sensation prickled. Maki set her teeth and she squeezed her eyes closed. Blood rushed in her ears, pounded against her head, and with a groan wakefulness asserted itself. Maki’s flicked open with a gasp of air followed soon by an equally sudden jolt of pain. She curled in her bed, air escaping between her teeth in a hiss.

Eiki hit like a damn truck.

“Oh good, you’re awake.” A doctor in a white coat said as she thumbed through pages on a clipboard. “And lucky you, you didn’t break or rupture anything important. Good job.” She said tucking the clipboard under her arm as she stepped over. She held a pin light up and clicked it on.

“Alright let’s make sure you didn’t rattle that pretty head of yours too much.” She said, flashing the light into Maki’s eyes. “Once I get you and the next bed over cleared, you’ll be good to go. Unless you like sitting around in an infirmary.”

She paused for a moment before frowning. “Sooner the better, Countess has her expo match soon and I’ll need those beds.”

Pain. That was the first thing that was recognized when consciousness came back. And sure enough she joined Maki in a loud awakening. Right across the side of her face. Her hands cupped while rising." You couldn't have not damaged my bestasset!?" Eiki lashed out. Pointing her finger at Maki and her eyes filled with a burning fury. The injured cheek had been imprinted with a fist-shaped-bruise. Not camera friendly for her 'side' of the DDC community.

"Jeez are you trying to put me out of a job?!"

It hadn't been long before the infirmary door swung open. "Yo doc I'm back again!" Shirase projected her usual thundering voice. Carrying two white plastic bags labelled "Yiga Sushi" in bold red type. "Got your order- oh hey you guys are awake finally! Ya'll really laid into each other!"

Shirase placed the two bags on the nearest table empty table pulling out a larger black container. "Ya'll wanna share? It's Crab and Avocadooooooooo." Glancing at both Eiki and Maki.
“Yeah, yeah, you’ll heal princess. You’re the one who tried to crack my ribs.” Maki said, squinting as the doctor flashed the pin light into her eyes. The doctor hummed lightly before she clicked the light off and scribbled something down onto her clipboard.

“Well, nothing obviously wrong with you. I’ll just need you to come back for a checkup in a few days.” The doctor said, stepping over to Eiki ready to give her eyes the same blinding treatment, but she paused as the door flung open.

“Ah, good timing, you can put mine on the desk.” The doc said, “and if you’re worried about your cheek swelling up then put your ice pack on.”

With a grunt doing her best to ignore the pain in her side Maki scooted herself up into a sitting position. “Crab and avocado? I could use a bite.” She said, rolling her shoulders. “Thanks.”

"To have a frozen face or to swell....that is certainly a conundrum." Eiki murmured to herself. Snatching the icepack from the nightstand on the side of the hospital bed. "Thanks but I'll have to pass, I'm on a rather stringent diet right now."

"Suit yourself! More for us!" Shirase cheered, placing the doctors order where directed. From the other bag, two plastic containers were pulled out. Red for Crab. Blue for Avocado."I figured you'd say something like that-"

"YOU ONLY GOT ENOUGH FOR TWO PEOPLE?! JACKASS!" Eiki gave wicked silent glare at her hungry friend across the room.

"WELL YA DIDN'T WANT IT ANYWAYS! I DIDN'T WANNA BE WASTEFUL!" Shirase turned swiftly returning an equally fowl gaze, similar to that of a banshee. Yikes.

Both Shirase and Eiki were good friends. They've been at each others hips for the last five years now. Their bond is so strong, they can communicate entire dialog with one another just by eye contact! Shirase slid a rolling chair over to Maki holding the containers out. One, avocado. The other, crab.

"So...which would you choose?"

Shirase was suddenly wore a pair of rounded sunglasses and a black high collar leather coat.