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Denizens of a the Sphere possessed no concept of a thing such as ‘circadian rhythm.’ Their rising and falling, their comings and goings, their workings and breakings, all such things were governed by the emotions of the Goddess projected through the Sphere. They felt the return of the littlest aspect of the Goddess with the sharp spike of joy that drove itself through the Sphere like a long nail of iron through soft flesh. At that spike, some would rise, some would fall, some would come, some would go, some would begin work, and some would break for rest. But regardless of the motion of their forms, all Denizens recognized this moment as the dawning of a new day.

So understandable the Denizen’s distress as, for nearly three cycles, there had been no new day. Worshippers gathered at the temples praying for answers, spiritual leaders comforted the curious with affirmations of Her glory, and the Goddess herself paced about the Skittering Palace, wondering what to do. Within the highest turret upon the back of the unfathomably immense insect, The Goddess looked out upon her world and sighed. The Sphere, as if feeling the exhale of air from its creator, so too exhaled great gusts of red miasma from its core.

Leaning out the window, The Goddess called gently for Her bonded one. It was not a sound nor a name, for to invoke her name in this way would be an abuse of power in this summoning. No, The Goddess wished for Enki to come of her own volition, and She would not force the child if she possessed alternative desires. But surely Enki would know of the lack of a new day, surely Enki had noticed that The Goddess had not left this plane in three cycles. Something was remiss, and The Goddess desired Enki’s help.

So She called, a gentle lulling of emotion that radiated out from the tower and across the plains of the Sphere. It was the emotions of love from a dear mother and desire of assistance. Of course, some Denizens would feel it as well, but even they would know it was a directed call. An emotional outright from -One- to -Another.- That is all to say, it was meant for Enki, and Enki alone.

The words could almost be heard, “Would you kindly come to me?”
Enki was restless. As, she knew, was the entirety of the Sphere; but her restless was not the gentle unease of those made by She in their entirety.

She had hid her face from Her since the coming of Elizabeth. It had not been long; but the alteration of night and day, and the absence of She who like she was small (but greater still than her self). Yet Enki who was Eurydice, born of fear and necessity of hospitality, felt drenched in the dread that somehow the day unchanged was her responsibility.

“Sing in grief a requiem the curse of our millennium, these souls keep whisp’ring from the riverbeds…”

A Song of the forbidden fruit fell from her soft lips, whispered to the winds of the world where she had come to be. Foolishly, she thought that if such songs were uttered away from the ears of the greater She, then surely She would never know. She did not notice the moments of distraction when the wordless hum of Persephone’s music slipped through when she could be found in profound concentration. So sure was she of her secrecy that it gnawed at the same pit within her belly that bore the culpability for the visiting Elizabeth.

And yet there came a breath upon the wind that called down to her. A shiver ran down the blessed body bestowed by She who called; and even without the Name that had been given once and could be called back again, how could she refuse such a call?

She was outside the Goddess’s door in a breath, the soft hum still dying on softer lips as she raised her knuckles to rap against the chamber door – and paused, a moment, stepping away. She wore the dust of the Sphere that could be kicked up in long foot travel; it wouldn’t do to appear before Her without taking care of that first. A simple act of will-upon-self scattered the silt to the ground beneath her feet and dressed her in the soft white dress she had made to appear as She did, as appeal to Her vanity, the love of Self that spread outward in its infinity and perhaps from infinity could come forgiveness.

Ready now, unaware that there still remained a smudge of dark dirt upon her white cheek, Enki (who was not Eurydice) raised her hand that was not his hand once more, and tapped a greeting upon the door.
What is infinity?

The Goddess is certainly infinite, most certainly. But, is Her infinity truly infinite? Or are there limits to even that which is limitless? The Goddess could reach out Her hand and touch the further reaches of existence. She needs only to stretch the slightest amount to feel the walls of creation where entropy is rebuffed and space no longer expands. However, She can not observe the thoughts and actions of Her denizens beyond her physical eyesight.


The answer is simple. The Goddess is a physical being. When reality was broken and forcefully reassembled, even The Goddess Herself split into three aspects. This is common knowledge among the highest of priests of the Goddess's church and known to Enki. While The Goddess, the Central being, spoke and walked and acted as the all-powerful, infinite deity of space and time, She was the most restricted of the three. While She could spin a finger and annihilate ANYTHING that stepped to Her wrath, that required a being to step to Her.

If someone hid on Her world, and the other two aspects deigned not to lend their strength, The Goddess might never find them no matter how hard she looked. For She is a physical being. Such was the case with a handful of things. The remnant of the Dead God, the movements of the death cult, and, lastly, Enki's daily going-ons. All these things were hidden from Her. While The Goddess made a good show of knowing most things Enki did, Enki was perfectly capable of hiding from Her if she wished it.

Not from HER, nor from her, but Enki could certainly hide from Her. But Enki did not know that, or at least, She thought she did not know it. So it was with a slight hesitation that She opened the door to greet her. Not hesitation of fear, nor for dramatic effect, but simply because She had not known of Enki's arrival until her little darling had knocked. Throwing open the carapace doors, their flesh pulling back in reverence for the presence of the Goddess, She smiled warmly and embraced the little thing in white.

"You look wonderful! Fantastic!" Her voice, almost strange to the ears from its singleness, physically spoke from her throat. The formed vocal chords singing their tone as She continued, "Things are not well, no they are not. Most dreadful, in fact! As I'm sure you know, -she- has not returned to -Me- in, some time. This is, well, it's worrying me. she is speaking to SHE and neither are speaking to me. I know that -you- and -her- have not seen eye to eye yet, but I hoped, with your unique abilities, you might be able to help..."

The Goddess walked as she spoke, beckoning Enki to follow. She moved toward the balcony, swaying as She walked with the gentle swaying of the immense insect as he moved beneath their feet. Upon reaching, She pointed out at the immense and unmissable corpse in the sky. The corpse of the Dead God. "THey are there. THey went the one place I, I would never follow. But, perhaps, you can go? Just, discover for me, my darling, what's going on."
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All the worry that wound about the waif now fell away as the Goddess showered Her in love and wonder. As always there came pride under the praise, pride in pleasing She who had deigned to draw a daughter from the beast that blundered upon Her dream. So Enki endured the beloved embrace that enfolded her, and followed into the chamber of the Goddess who molded her.

She listened as she did when learning at the Goddess’s knee, followed the flow of worried words even as they were spoken as one, intoned by She alone. She knew of course of She and SHE; and though she had not yet ceased to fear the Beast, she at least learned that SHE, too, could love her if she behaved as one beloved, indebted and dominated, the perfect daughter to dwell in HER domain. But beyond the trinity of sheSheSHE, she indeed remained a mystery, the one within whose dormancy the little beastie had come to Be. For typically she spoke as one with She, and their desires and will wound one upon her who was their daughter.

Curiosity of course crossed the mind of the Child, as The Child was herHerHER ultimate unknown. And the Goddess spoke her request as question, not in words but in inflection, and how could the Daughter refuse to reply?

“My Goddess,” she began, voice small and sweet, but her face bent softly to frown, “you know that I will do anything You desire of me. But to visit them there, I would travel so far – and I haven’t figured out those among Your creatures wreathed in wings. I can’t bend the world without SHE hearing me, and SHE would know that You set –my– steps to –THem–. There are no paths that lead to Death that can be traveled by foot. How should I reach them when You will not go?”

In her little plea there was no petulance, for the daughter would not dare to defy Her. But her means and methods were limited by the will of the greatest She, the halves into which the center She would step to grant her limited leave until her lessons be complete. She thought, too, of the Death she had met that was called Elizabeth; the half that was not HE, and Curiosity did not now wish to draw the eyes or ire of the other parts of sheSheSHE whom she loved, and upon whose leave she yet lived.
The Goddess listened without interruption of voice nor emotion as Enki spoke. Her mind was fascinating, and She wanted to see it develop independently. All the answers could not be provided immediately, Enki needed to figure things out for herself. But in this, The Goddess knew She must simply provide the answer swiftly and clearly in order to get Her desired outcome.

Reaching down, She gently stroked the top of Enki's head and smiled. Her voice flowed like honey in response, kind and ever-loving of Her devoted one, "Darling Enki, it pains me that you do not yet understand your own strengths. But your ignorance is not inexcusable, and for that I will educate you. You traveled along the paths of dreams to find our home, but you are far more powerful than you may think. Your travel was not simply steps taken along a path preexisting, but the pure creation of inroads where none before did lay."

The Goddess stepped to a dark wall of black carapace and swept Her hand across it. Golden lights stretched out across the wall like the thousand reaching arms of a slime mold finding the most efficient path to nutrients. Tracing a few paths with Her fingers, the tall Goddess continued, "While bound you are to this world just as I am, she is unbound. she possesses the runes and powers to traverse planes of existence and return at her whim. When you traversed her mind to find Me here, you created a permanent foothold within her. Take to the desert, mimic the creatures she knows as her favorites, and you should be able to connect with your pathway once again."

Stepping away, The Goddess smiled the contented smile of someone who firmly believed they explained everything perfectly. Looking to Enki, the emotions of this contentment reflected off Her body, speaking that She would tolerate no more questions. Walking out toward the balcony to see Enki off, The Goddess was reminded of one warning She felt needed to be imparted.

Turning back to Enki, She added, "Oh, be careful though. For she is the greatest among us."