Words and Things


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cut the rope
fray the cord
bend the knee
stay the sword
arms outstretched
fingers red
Pity said
Pity said -

hope in whispers
hide in dark
clip the wings
spare the lark
raise the rod
inner child
Calmly mild
Calmly mild -

i am dreaming
is she there
did i wake her
are we scared
are we hoping
we can go
We don't know
We don't know -

shut the window
lock the door
close the curtains
nail the boards
in the corner
by the couch
Hide my mouth
Hide my mouth -

Will I Say It
I Don't Know It
Will I Chance It
I Can't Show It
Will I Take It
Deathly Fear It
Running Running
Still I Feel It

Still I Think It
Still I Know It
Deathly Chance It
Guts To Show It
I Can't Take It
Why Revere It
Show no fear
I show no fear I -

coil the rope
hide the cord
aching knee
shaking sword
arms around me
fingers lead
Pity said.
Pity said.
Butterflies are fragile things
Delicate, you spread the wings
And press the pages gently as you
Crush them into memory