Closed RP We Need To Talk

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Sam and Todd needed to talk. It had been an entire day since the night when Todd broke her knee and left her behind. She hadn’t heard him come in, but she could feel him through the walls. His heartbeat, even and strong, and asleep. She had felt him there in the morning when she had woken up, and she had waited for him to come to her. Instead, he had fallen asleep, on what seemed to be his couch judging by the distance. And night had come and passed.

It was his birthday. Today, Todd was 27, and Sam had planned out a whole day for the two of them. He had slept through breakfast and slept through to almost noon. That meant skipping the movie, but Sam wasn’t sure how well she’d be able to walk anyway. Thankfully, she was able to move around, albeit stiffly, so she got started on their dinner prep, getting the things in the slow cooker on the balcony that needed to go there. While she worked, she thought.

Todd knew that she knew what he was. He had known ever since he brought Nahual back, and yet he hadn’t said a single thing to her about it yet. It had been a week since she had seen that look of resignation enter his eyes. That resignation that told her everything she needed to know about what he thought was going to happen. It hurt her in a way she didn’t think she could ever put into words. He thought, without any doubt, that Sam was going to kill him. He thought this was the end, he thought this was it. And Sam didn’t know how to fix that.

But now she had other things to weigh that against. Because for one single night, that resignation had left his eyes, and he had broken her knee. And yet despite that, he was everything to her. He was the cold to her heat, the freshly fallen snow to her summer thunderstorm, the twilight to her dawn, the moon to her sun. The moon to her sun. There was a time she couldn’t imagine ever calling someone that again. But now she had Todd, and he was every bit her balance as Alice had once been. Maybe even more.

She and Todd fit together like puzzle pieces, even when they were fighting. Everything always clicked into place like he had clicked into place. If there was a god, he had designed them perfectly for each other. The phoenix and the wendigo, opposites but equals. The girl made of fire and the boy made of ice, always in balance.

Well. Almost always. She thought back to that look of joy and excitement in his eyes as he had looked at her, as he had taken out her knee, as he had lowered her so gently to the ground. That had been a discordant note in the melody of their song. And she needed to know why it happened so that it never happened again.

She got the last of the ribs in the smoker and then went back in and changed into her clothes for the day. The skirt might have been impractical, but her brown boots were made for hiking, and her long brown coat gave her the look at least of someone who was conscious of the weather. The same striped brown scarf finished the look. It felt almost too girly, almost too much. But she was trying to prove a point. And for that reason, under the sweater and beneath the sheer tights, Sam wasn’t wearing her suit.

The suit was staying at home. She’d made a point of wearing it less and less when they were home together, but this was the first time she was venturing into public without it in almost eight years. She was trusting Todd in so many different ways with this. She was giving him all of her trust, and hopefully, he would see that for what it was. Hopefully, he wouldn’t keep looking at her with those eyes that broke her heart every time she saw them. She wanted to see light back in those beautiful eyes. She wanted to see real happiness in them.

And she never wanted to see that false joy in them ever again.

Sam centered herself and then straightened out her posture. Her ribs, bandaged and taped under her sweater, and her knee, splinted, both protested. She moved anyway and made it out the door of her apartment, keys in hand. This was a bad idea. Realistically, she should be running as far away as she could. She should run as far away from Todd as she possibly could. Instead, she walked up to his door. His heartbeat was still on the couch, but it was starting to beat faster, stronger, like someone just at the edge of wakefulness. With a deep breath, she lifted her hand to the door and knocked, hard, four times.

"Todd? It's Sam. Are you ready?"