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Her manager had informed her of a lot of little things that she shouldn’t forget; wear a nice kimono (was it right over left or the other way around?), show up at 1400 sharp to the cafe, and that her partner’s name would be — oh, that last one was probably pretty important wasn’t it? Oops.

It was a lazy day, couples passed on the street outside, arm in arm as the strolled. Sunlight peeked through drifting clouds, chasing after people as they strolled. Masami watched them, cup of tea in hand as she watched for a face. She wasn’t quite certain what the face was she was looking for, but witches couldn’t be too hard to spot, could they? They’re always so magical really. At least that’s how they always seemed to her in school.

Steam drifted from her cup as she waited, as slow and lazy as anything else was that day. Masami’s kimono was fancy, black with gold lace for trim, embroidered across the shoulders and sleeves with delicate spider lilies, it was, clearly unknown to the girl wearing it, tucked incorrectly with the right side slid over the left. A spread of cookies and small treats sat in the middle of the table, waiting for the arrival of one other person.

Now, if only Masami could remember what her name was.
Himiko hadn't liked the idea of being stuck with a partner. It wasn't just that it was someone else to share the spotlight with, but it was someone else who she had to deal with on the battlefield. Okay it was mainly about sharing the spotlight, but Himiko had been persuaded to look at it from a different angle, of twice the star power. She reluctantly agreed, internally laying the condition that her new partner couldn't surpass her.

So she strolled to the arranged meeting place, dressed a bit more formally than she normally did. Her sequined dress glittered in the light, ending around her thighs. She enjoyed the feeling of the sun on her bare arms and the exposed part of her back. A little prism necklace rested against her chest; a reminder of who she was and a promise to herself. This new partner wouldn't outshine her, nobody could. She was Himiko Yamaguchi, she was Iris, she was– at the cafe. Himiko stepped inside, idly searching for her new partner. Eventually she spotted a girl in a very fancy black and gold kimono, beautifully embroidered, that was absolutely tucked the wrong way. There was a spread of confections in front of her, as if she was waiting for someone.

"Masami Takemoto?" Himiko asked tentatively, unsure if this sleepy girl who looked as though there wasn't a single thought in her head could really be her partner.
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Oh, hello,” Masami said, raising a hand in greeting to the sparkling girl that approached her. She looked properly magical, glittering like that in the light, or was it just pretty? Being pretty was sort of like being magic wasn’t it? “The blueberry cream tart is really yummy.” Masami added, what remained of one lay crumpled on her plate as she pointed at a second one that sat waiting in a collection of other sugary treats.

I’m Masami Takemoto, oh, you already said that.” Her brow knit as she seemed momentarily lost before she brightened again. “Your necklace is really pretty in the sunlight, Miss Himi, your dress too. I don’t think I could do a look like that..” Wait, was that the right name? It felt right but also it didn’t feel right at all?

I just signed up a few weeks ago, so I’ll be in your care.” Masami said, with a bow of her head. She sat back in her chair after a little moment. “So, should we share our powers, or something now?
Himiko did not get to where she was by being easily dumbstruck. The girl reacted to the name Masami, but instantly switched to another topic entirely. Himiko maintained a composed mask, but was internally indignant. Was this really who she was to be paired up with? She had assumed there was at least some threshold of mental capacity required before joining the DDC. Regardless, she took the compliment in stride, sitting smoothly down across from the girl.

"Thank you, Masami. It's one of my favorites." She flashed a small smile. "Although it's Himiko, not Himi." She gently reminded Masami. That was going to be the only gentle reminder, although she felt as though there were going to be a lot of them. She purposefully ignored the aforementioned blueberry tart and firmly put her attention on the girl across from her.

"I think it would be beneficial to share our powers with each other, yes. Why don't you start?"
Himiko,” Masami repeated, with a faint crinkle of the nose. It didn’t last too long however before her smile returned and she possibly had the name locked away in some part of her mind. Which was probably good, because it meant she would remember it for later. Probably. The girl however did show a lot more interest in the tart than Himiko did as she took a large chomp.

The timing was unfortunately bad, as Himi wanted her to introduce her powers first. Masami chewed quickly before washing down the tart with a sip of tea.

Ah, uhm, I have a sword.” Masami said, before quickly taking a breath. She held her fork up, it wasn’t really like a sword, but it was sword adjacent. Sort of. “And I can, uh, sort of see the best way to cut something.” Perhaps to prove her point, Masami cut another slice of the tart off with her fork.

Teachers say I haven’t unlocked my other powers yet, but my sword is very very sharp so that’s fine then!” She finished cheerily, eating the bite of tart.
Did Himiko's eyes deceive her, or did this little brat just wrinkle her nose up like she'd smelled something awful? Himiko was tempted to storm out of this meeting and request a new partner immediately. But that would make a bad impression, solidify her reputation in the DDC as a diva, and that simply wouldn't do. Besides, it could be entirely possible that Himiko had mistaken the whole thing. Simply strike one against Masami, that was all.

Her indignation quickly switched to stunned silence as Masami revealed her power. That was it? "That's it?" Himiko let slip out before catching herself. Calm, collected, remember? "Well I'm sure that once you unlock your other powers, they'll aid far more." She had a sword, lovely. Now factor in the 50% chance that she'd probably end up stabbing herself or Himiko with it, and things were looking down. She'd probably have to work twice as hard anyways.

"Is the sword touched by magic? Or do your powers allow the sword to kill Grimm with the same efficiency?" If it was neither, maybe she wouldn't have to deal with Masami as her partner for very long.
Huh? Is that not good enough?” Masami said, her confusion evident in the scrunch of her brow. She had never had an adult tell her that her sword wouldn’t be sharp enough to cut something. Was that just because Himiko never saw her use it? Should she show her? But, she wasn’t supposed to use it in public places when there wasn’t a monster nearby. “The recruiter said it was very impressive.” Masami added, tapping her fork handle against the palm of her hand.

It’s a magic sword so that’s fine, right? I can make it when I transform.” The girl said, looking a little more hopeful that maybe her sword was actually fine. She hoped her sword would be fine, she quite liked it, it was a very nice sword when it existed. “What about you Miss Himiko? Can you do something cool?” Masami asked.
Well, a magical sword was more impressive than some generic sword. The fact that she made it when she transformed meant that it most likely would cut through Grimm. She wished the girl had just said that from the get go, instead of just ‘I have a sword’. If she was going to have to drag every answer out of this girl, this was going to be a short partnership.

Fortunately, Masami managed to change the topic to something Himiko was very good at talking about: herself.

“You could say that, yes.” She said with a flaunt. “I can control light, drawing its power into myself to create weapons, including swords, and even fly around.” Himiko gave in to temptation and lightly grabbed the other blueberry tart, setting it on her plate and cutting into it, taking a prim bite.

“So, how long have you been with the DDC?” she asked, waiting politely to finish chewing before asking.
You can fly? That’s really cool!” Masami said, perking up while her new partner was chewing on a bite of tart. “Wish I could do something like that, I can just see how to cut something.” She said, cutting off a far less dignified bite of her sweet to eat. There had been a girl in her class that could control wind that had flown her up to a roof before, which had been fun. Miss Himi didn’t seem like the type to fly for fun though.

Oh, uhm!” Masami swallowed quickly, not expecting the question. Her eyes flicked up to the ceiling for a moment, her lips moving before she spoke again. “Two and a half weeks I think? Maybe three.” She said, looking back to Himiko with a cheerful, confident, nod.
It wasn't her fault. Himiko just had to remember that this girl wasn't intentionally trying to piss her off. She'd assumed that her assigned partner would be someone with a little more experience, someone who could start by showing her the ropes and finish with her blowing past them in popularity. Still, a relative newcomer presumably wouldn't have their die-hard fans locked into place, which meant Himiko could potentially swipe them right out from under her.

And she would, if she had her way.

"Well cutting something can still be quite useful." Himiko said, her tone shifting to one of faux interest. She had to get on this girl's good side before stomping all over her. "Can you show me? I'd love to see! They don't just let anyone in the DDC after all, so you must be able to cut things really good!" The insult was buried under layers of saccharine sweetness, but Himiko could probably have insulted this girl directly and it would have washed over her like a wave on an empty beach.