Approved Venus Votticelli - Griffonage

Name: Venus Votticelli
Alias: Griffonage
Gender: Female (she/her)
Age: 16
Height: 5'8" (5'10" in costume)
Hair Color: Reddish-Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Scent Profile: Mild cleaner, paint, artificial roses

Powers: Venus is a universal constant. On a molecular level, she always exists in the same base state. This means that she is not affected by poisons, diseases, or bacteria. Her body can process all sorts of chemical blends that would be deadly to others, and, whether through a quirk of her brain chemistry or taste buds, she tends to find them delicious. Unfortunately, her jaws and teeth are no stronger than the average person's, so she mainly keeps to liquid or powdered chemicals for her experiments.

  • Spray Paint - Specialized double-sided spray paint cans that have different effects when sprayed. She made the formulas herself! (Mostly.) Excess powder has been transferred to the handful of water balloons she keeps in the pockets of her hero costume, of which the most common are purple and yellow.
    • Red - Fire - A red spray which, upon contact with an object, heats up rapidly. Can combust if left for a long time. Be careful! Can be canceled out with the blue spray. Tastes spicy.
    • Orange - Paint - This one's just normal spray paint. Tastes sour, like all spray paint.
    • Yellow - Slows Organic Matter* - A yellow spray which, upon being absorbed by living matter, slows all biological processes to half their usual speed. More effective with a wider coverage, as it wears off pretty quickly. Tastes like honey-flavored medicine.
    • Green - Speeds Up Organic Matter* - A green spray which, upon being absorbed by living matter, speeds up all biological processes to double time. Acts fastest when ingested, has a better half-life than the yellow paint but still requires a big surface area to work its best. Tastes like green apple.
    • Blue - Ice - A blue spray which, upon contact with an object, cools down rapidly. Gets very slippery after second or two. Tastes blue. Like blue Gatorade, you know?
    • Purple - Foam - A purple spray which, upon contact with air, expands into buoyant, pliable foam, then hardens within a few minutes. Only eat VERY SMALL amounts! Tastes like airy grape candy.
    • *She is very protective of these formulas, as they contain trace amounts of her blood as a key ingredient.
  • Paint Respirator - filters both her voice and chemical fumes, detachable so that other people can also have a paint-fume-free experience. Hand-painted!
  • Hydrophobic Jumpsuit - the material of her suit repels all kinds of liquids and sticky substances. Very convenient for reducing cleanup. The base fabric is a thick linen with a cotton lining for comfort. She has hesitantly named it fire-resistant, because it didn't burn up that one time.
  • Bulletproof Jacket/Lab Coat - a heavier jacket that she can put on over her suit. The jacket should theoretically be able to protect her from small arms fire at a distance, though she isn't eager to test that. It's mainly used as extra cushioning.
  • Slingshot - useful for firing her balloons further than she can throw them. It's a simple design, but lovingly painted. It's typically hooked through her belt.
  • Her hair is coated in a toxic chemical that makes it very slippery and difficult to grasp. It causes a very painful stinging sensation if it contacts (other people's) bare skin. It tends to drip, but it's necessary for disguising her hair color.

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