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This RP is based off the song "Traveling Soldier" by the Dixie Chicks

One day a 17 year old boy meets a 16 year old girl, Brooke Daniels, during the start of the Summer.

Brooke and (insert name here) begin to fall in love with one another. Towards the last few weeks of summer (insert name here) turns 18 and 2 days after that he gets a notice in the mail telling him that he has been drafted to go serve in the US Army up in Vietnam and that he has one week to prepare to leave.

That night he meets up with Brooke at the beach and tells her what has happened. Knowing he won't be around much longer she then gives him only what she can afford, her love and her virtue.

By the end of the week he is standing across the street from the local cafe, Steamed Cup, where Brooke works at and not yet wanting to leave her just yet, he comes into the cafe and steals her away. He brings her down to the pier where they say their last goodbyes.

As the weeks go by the two relay letters back and forth. Through one letter he asks her to marry him and there is a ring enclosed inside. She says yes. As she returns to school and people keep telling Brooke that (insert name here) isn't coming back and that she should leave him, she doesn't for she loves that ring on her finger.

One Friday night at a football game, a man said, "Folks will you bow your head for a list of local Vietnam dead?" Her heart stops and the names are read.... Does (insert name here) die? Or does he walk out of the stands alive and kiss her and hold her tight?


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