RP Towers of the Wizards | Chapter One

The Kingdom of Helmrung and Greyhook Keep had sprung up to the south of the great tower. The citizens of Greyhook had long whispered about the stone pillar to the north and the sinister aura which pervaded it; on more than one occasion, the Lord of Greyhook had sent expeditions to breach the tower and discover what lie within, only for those quests to end in dismal failure. Magick - old magick - was not common here, but fear that a wizard lie within the tower had gripped the hearts of many. Little was known of his identity, and he was never glimpsed outside the structure.

The tower had in fact belonged to Hugo, a master of magick, and it had been bequeathed to his only apprentice, Redmond. Redmond, who had slept for nine centuries, and now awoke.

Scrying spells revealed the lay of the land, and Redmond was satisfied that not much had changed during his slumber. He was content to see that there were no wizars in close proximity to him, and while that could change in the blink of an eye, it meant that this territory, as predicted, was his to survey and enjoy.

He decided, without much consideration, that his best order of business would be to find a worthy apprentice. At best, an apprentice would become a powerful ally, and carry on a legacy of magickal knowledge into the far future - at worst, their untimely demise would make for a most amusing anecdote.

For that reason, he cracked his knuckles, summoned to his hand his robe and wizardly hat, and fetched his staff. As lightning struck the crown of the tower, he vanished from his arcanery and reappeared in a puff of fog at the city gates of Greyhook, and then made his way inward, affecting the guise of an old wanderer - though mischief sparkled in his eyes, as he sniffed about for magick wherever he could find it.