Approved Tinkerbelle


Full Name: Auraliese Mayhew Koch

Preferred Pronouns: She / Her

Date of Birth: September 4th, 2001

Birthplace: Intervale, NH

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 127

Hair: Short, blonde, straight, usually in spiked pigtails. Pink tips.

Eyes: blue

High School Diploma - North Central High School, Pittsburgh, 2020
A. A. S. - Automotive Technology - Pennsylvania College of Technology, 2022

Chuck's Cars - June 2022 - October 2023
PittStop Auto Repair - lead mechanic, co-owner - October 2023-present



I was born in New Hampshire, lived there most of my childhood. For some weird reason, my parents decided to move to Pittsburgh when I was a sophomore in high school. That went about like you'd expect, didn't it? Dad moved back out there after the divorce, and then I moved a few hours away to waste my potential at community college, according to him.

You probably know how it goes: honey, you're too smart for community college, honey, you're a bright girl and you can do better, honey, you could go for an engineering degree, honey, I can pay to get you into MIT.... I didn't want an engineering degree, and I didn't want to go to MIT. I wanted to work on cars. I like working on cars.

Mom didn't like it any better, but she supported the hell out of my career choice, because it pissed Dad off. I moved back to Pittsburgh and got a job in an auto shop. Liked the work, hated the employer. Fuck Chuck, all right? Anyway. Mom got a new boyfriend and moved out to a commune in the woods to... commune with the woods or something, I don't know. Dad had some issues with that. He bought himself a motorcycle that he never uses, and then he bought me a garage. I think he felt bad about the whole community college thing. I didn't complain. You don't complain when someone offers you co-ownership of your own garage at 23, even if the other owner is your dad.

He lets me handle the place, though, and signs the checks to keep it running. I made a profit last quarter - I think that surprised him. He keeps his motorcycle at the garage now, so I can "work on it" - I think he's just realized that he's never going to ride it and decided to buy a yacht instead. I've been riding it though. Hell, yeah.

So, that's the story. All on the up and up and everything.


The other part?

Okay... so... the garage has a back room. And I do some other work there, for... well... call them special clients.

See, I actually am good with technology. And I've got this... thing. This... perk, I guess. I can tell when tech vibes with one of those special clients. I can make stuff for them that works with... well, whatever they've got going on. I'm pretty good at it, I think - but I don't tell a lot of people about that. The ones that need it, well, they'll find me. If they're interesting enough, I might make them something. For a price, of course - a girl's gotta eat, and just because I technically made a profit on the automotive side doesn't mean it was a big one.

My rates are fair. Fair does not mean equal. If you can afford it, you won't even notice. If you can't... well, if you can't, and you're interesting enough, I'll see what I can do - because that's what I really want: To see what I can do.

So, if you try out something I made, come back some time. Tell me how it worked. I might even be willing to tweak it for free, if you're taking care of it and doing something interesting. Just don't come asking me to take sides in your vendetta or whatever else you have going on - I don't get involved with whatever beef the metas have going on with each other this week. The last thing I need is to stand out there getting shot at by a ray gun. You guys can do that all you want - I'll just sit back and build another ray gun.

If you need me, I'll be in the shop.