Approved Thomas Faeyn

  • Name: Thomas Faeyn
  • Alias: Faux-Fire
  • Age: Light/fire manipulation
  • Appearance:
Hair: Light brown

Clothes: A white long-coat covering black tshirt and jeans. The coat has a multicolored fox emblem sewn on the back ranging from red down into dark purple. A simple black mask covers the eyes, and he has a hood he sometimes puts on.
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Tan

  • Powers (if any)
    • Light/fire manipulation Str: [6/10]
    • Fire bolt: 80 Ft, Aura of flames: 5 Ft
    • How/when they got their powers: Born with them
Equipment: Lockpicks, tools of a thief.

Weapons, armor, gadgets:

  • Brief character bio
Whenever Thomas was in trouble, he could harness his powers. As he grew older he learned to focus his light abilities (making illusions out of light) into fire. Now he tries to get by in the world, but sometimes it’s very tempting to just… Steal everything in sight. He loves the thrill of the hunt and often finds that his illusions are more worthwhile than his fire. Nothing is as it seems with this character. Fire is always fire, but everything else?
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Light: When Faux-Fire creates illusions, he'll glow faintly. Tendrils of light will fill the room (or area), and slowly 'harden' into a new landscape (Or object, or animal). This power can only affect senses. It is partly psychic. Everything will feel real to those inside the illusion, until they realize it is fake. even then, the eyes will still be affected (Barring vision powers).
The Illusions are an AoE of around 30 feet, with Thomas as the epicenter.

Fire: Faux-Fire can also generate multicolored fire by focusing his ability in his hands. Usually he uses this as a scare tactic, but the flames are attached to Thomas's focus. The fire will not go out unless he loses focus, or is controlling to many flames at once (3-5). He can shoot these flames in a ray, create an aura of fire to protect himself (Five foot radius), or focus the flame on a single finger and use it like a blowtorch.
Once the fire has passed a certain point (a five foot radius) Faux-Fire loses control of the flame. The flame will not spread very far, but heat will affect everything nearby (ie: a tablecloth on fire will burn, but the table itself will remain intact, though blackened by heat).
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