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The World

Name: Randall Smith IV.
Age: 32 years old
Appearance: 6'0 male of medium build, non-athletic, neither too thin nor overweight. Immaculately dressed. Covers every inch of skin when using his powers to avoid identification. Black hood disguises features. Black gloves prevent any fingerprinting. Unmasked, he is a fair-skinned man who could have once been described as handsome - perhaps even still - though age is beginning to show on his face. His features are aquiline and largely symmetrical, with the exception of a very small distinguishing scar near his upper lip.

Occupation: Mr. Smith is one of four Vice Executives at DeltaCorp (stylized "Δcorp"). He manages a team of sub-executives out of Pittsburgh, arranges for meetings with partner organizations, reports to two separate Senior Executives, and works continually to maintain his position within the company. His father worked at Δcorp before him, netting him the unfortunate 'nepo hire' label.

Superhuman Ability: Smith possesses the ability to instantly teleport himself and anything he is wearing or holding. He possesses a global range, though successive long distance jumps are hazardous to his health. A sub-ability which functions on an unconscious level obstructs his ability to teleport anywhere that would be instantly fatal to his health; he cannot willingly jump into an anaerobic environment, nor can he cause any part of his body nor anything he is holding to appear 'within' another object. Air, water, and powders are displaced upon arrival. If he teleports hastily, his coming-and-going is punctuated by a loud burst as the air is displaced; if he does so more slowly, he 'phases' into place calmly and quietly, little more than a haze before solidifying.

Smith's ability spontaneously manifested approximately one year ago.

Combat ability: Smith possesses no close-quarters combat aptitude. He is proficient in the use of a sidearm - he owns a Heckler & Koch P7, a compact hold-out pistol for absolute emergencies, and most likely useless against any sort of metahuman opponent; it was carried as a habit before the development of his powers.

Goals: Smith uses his ability carefully and deliberately to guide events in his life. At first it was used only for convenience of travel; now, a combination of psychological pressures and inherited traits combined with amazing power has cultivated what was once latent egocentrism into dangerous pathological narcissism, expressed in the deliberate meddling and manipulation with Smith's surroundings. The scope of this interference is rapidly widening as he begins to use his powers for more than just benign transportation. This is dangerously compounded by a guiltless professionalism - a sense that he can use his powers to make the world a more orderly, better place - without any accountability to those around him. This is most clearly manifested in his adoption of a masked alter ego - 'The World' - with perilous consequences for any and all he sets his sights on.
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