Approved The Tsarina

Carmen Victoria Carnifex
The Tzarina

In a class-based society, labels can be the literal difference between life and death. You get labeled a "Celebrity", you get get to live a life of wealth and fame. You get labeled a "Hero", an entire nation might worship the ground upon which ye tread. You get labeled a "Villain", you get your cranium blown across the kitchen in front of your 10-year-old while you're sharing breakfast together... or maybe your plane experiences critical structure failure at 50,000 feet while flying home when you find out that your husband has been assassinated in front of your daughter. You get labeled a "Bad Seed", your one chance at turning your dumpster fire of a life around gets tossed in the shitter without word or warning.

Carmen Victoria Carnifex learned the danger of labels at a young age, but she learned their power too. "Dangerous" was a good one to have on the streets of Los Angeles. "Efficient" was another helpful one. "Bratva" was a bit double-edged, but so was "Criminal Genius". "Derzhatel Americanskogo Obshchaka" had been a wild ride, but luckily she'd managed to hand that one off to another a few years ago. Her newest labels were, in her opinion, better suited for one of her skill and ambition. "Avtoritet" or "Authority" was her key to the future. Her personal license to gain all of the power and money she desired as long as she paid her tributes. "Tsarina", however, was her future. That end goal. To become so mighty and powerful that no one would dare move against her for fear of reprisal. The Empress of the Underworld.

Biological Density Self-Augmentation - the power to increase or decrease her own body's cellular tissue on a molecular scale. Put simply, Carmen Victoria can increase or decrease the mass of her body or parts of her body at will.

EX. Skin, muscles, and bone can become as dense as steel for a few minutes at a time to provide a boost in durability and strength. Soft tissues might become a bit more elastic via decreased density to withstand previously-deadly impacts such as a car crash, or maybe bones, tendons, and ligaments are decreased in density to allow them to bend a bit further than normal in order to avoid breaking or tearing.

There are some downsides and limits. Her augmentations are entirely limited to her own body and, for the most part, must be done consciously. She's also incapable of using this to increase or decrease her physical size outside of weight nor can she extend, retract, or morph her body outside of its natural state. Her powers require conscious thought and control, but she's been working to blend her reactions and her power-controls for emergency defenses.


Alongside her right hand man, Augustus, Carmen has brought five Vory to Pittsburgh with her as well as a decent amount of funding for her new criminal enterprise.
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