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On the road to Tullybrook,
quaint a sight saw I -
A man no larger than my thumb on ass-back passed me by
He told me he was looking for a way to go up high -
And bet his luck on Tullybrook to go, the same as I!

On the road to Tullybrook,
My little cart in tow -
A woman with a dozen cats bid me a warm hello
She harnessed them together, then, a dozen in a row
And rode the line to Tullybrook as fast as they could go!

On the road to Tullybrook,
Between two tiny towns -
I found myself behind a cow as tall as it was round
A farmer sat astride her back, feet dangling off the ground
A common sight near Tullybrook - to market they were bound!

- Glasgwy's Book of Tales for Tizzy Tykes


"Too rah, traveler!"

The old woman gave a crooked smile full of crooked teeth, walking stick in her hand as she came towards you the other way down the road.

"Too rah! What brings ye this-away? Ah -" She stopped alongside you. "No. Don't tell me. Yer travelin' to Tullybrook, aye?"

Her eyes twinkled.

"Course ye are. It's the only thing worth travelin' for. Off to see the shingled spires in the city of a thousand guilds. So what's yer dream, then? Fame? Fortune? Knowledge? Power?"

She leaned over her stick, eying you up and down as you reply.

"Thought it. Ye seemed the sort. Well, ye can find all that an' more, there, y'know. It's the place many dreams are made. Many hearts yearn to stake their claim, there - an' just as many are shattered on its steps!"

With a wheezy, coughy laugh, she patted you on the shoulder.

"Not sayin' ye'll get the same. For every handful of pebbles, there's a hidden gem, aye? Just remember to not get too wrapped up in yer head an' hopes." She leaned in, whispering, as if telling a secret. "Sometimes, the trip matters more than the place yer goin'."

Another laugh.

"But fare well an' well met, friend! An' stay safe on the road. Rumor is, the Dark One's back, an' some folk have been sowin' trouble around. Make sure to keep yer nose clean an' yer feet on the well-trod path!"

The old woman gave you a final squeeze to the shoulder, then toddled off away, waving her hand back to you all the while.

"Too rah! Too rah! Too rah rye! Watch the next creek's crossing, the water's lookin' high! Too rah! Too rah! Too rah rye!"

Were you to glance back her way, she'd already be gone, even as her parting words still echoed in the air.


You're a traveler on the road to Tullybrook, the guild capital of Erdhol. There are many reasons for traveling this way - for all the sleepy towns in the countryside, there are things you can only find among Tullybrook's twisting, lofty spires. Arcane secrets in its vast libraries, fame and fortune on its streetcorners, power and influence in the lofty guild halls brimming with political guile. Whatever your reason, there's an answer there, if you have the will to find it.

The setting is going to be a bit on the whimsical side - more Discworld than Lord of the Rings - but that doesn't mean there won't be danger or hardship on your path ahead. While the past few centuries have been times of hopeful progress, the dark shadow ruins of a world long past still loom over memories, and -

as rumor had -

sometimes, the past isn't as gone and dead as we may hope. But for now, be merry! The air is cool, the birds are singing, and you're high on hopes of what Tullybrook may hold. Fare well, traveler, and may that hold true for as long as the fates may bless you.

[Looking for 4-6 people max, and hoping to keep things shorter, a bit faster paced, and long-term with this!]
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Abryxia Longfellow


Race: Tiefling, if it pleases - t'was devil from my ma's side, far back, and Pa was a half-elf, but the devil blood comes through.

Gender: Call me miss.

Age: Twenty suns and some odd moons.

Height: About average, I think?

Weight: Bit rude.


Virtues: Always love a smile. See a chap down, I'll do what I can to make him laugh. I'll do what I can to put others first, too, though when it comes to true danger, I have to admit I'm a bit of a yellow-belly.

Vices: Like I said, I'm the first to dip when it comes to save my hide. I may act all pomp and splendor, but at the long and quick, I'll turn tail. I've got a bad habit of embellishment, too. Not lies! Just - fluffing the wool, a bit.

Dreams: I fancy making a name for myself. Glasgwy, Yorn the Bard, Sippy-Tum - I wanna be with the greats, to make the sorta songs children sing every town over.

Fears: I hate all things crawly. Can't take 'em, can't stand 'em. Spiders, beetles, snakes, worms. Something about 'em just sends shivers down my spine. Also - sight of blood makes me a bit queasy, but that's another matter, yeah?


Occupation: Bard by trade, artist by right. I do songs and poems, and sometimes dabble with the occasional play.

Talents: Got a head for rhymes and an ear for rhythm. Fancy the lyre most, but I reckon I could use anything with strings you put in front of me. Could bumble my way around wind instruments, too, but what's the fun in playing if you can't sing along?


Dark blue skin and a mess of darker blue hair - like to keep the latter colored with dyes and ribbons. My horns are a bit on the nubby side, unfortunately, mum always blamed pa for that. I keep my nails trimmed best I can, but they still stay sharp, and I paint them any chance I can get. I got pale eyes, and folks always tell me they look like I'm always surprised. Don't know what to make of that, but thought it's worth mentioning.

Prefer to dress comfy over fancy - a well-worn dress and woolen stockings beats a flamboyant affair any day. That and, well, I doubt I could afford the latter. Not that I need feathered caps and silken sleeves! I do well with what I have, and I keep it bright and cheery, most of the surface covered in rainbows of patches. Got lots of tin trinkets and tidbits for jewellery, too, bracelets and necklaces and earrings and pins, to the point I always jangle a bit when I walk.

Always keep a bit of cloth tied round my left boot, too. It's foreward thinking fashion!

Just - please don't undo it, or the sole falls off.


Everyone says Tullybrook is the place to be, yeah?

Any artist worth their chops can make a living in towns, but Tullybrook - that's where you go to become something else entirely. Heard they got stages there that can fit hundreds, and halls where they tip ten choruses just to play a single song! I know its a bit gold-eyed, but I feel if I could make myself known, really known, some rich patron'd pick me up in a heartbeat. What I'd give to just play on the streetcorner outside some of their venues!

Ah, well. It's a nice dream, at least.

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Rally Rose


Race: Umm... I don't really know. What do I look like to you, do you know?

Age: 14? Or, 15? Can we say 15?

Height: I think... about as high as a pony.

Weight: Do I have to? I've been waiting a really long time already...


Virtues: Oh. Um. I saved this bug. His name is Cricket. He's lucky. Yes, I know he's a cicada, his name is Cricket. Why is he lucky? Well, he's lucky I saved him...

Vices: I'm... trying to avoid them. By running away! That should work, right?

Dreams: I feel like I've been dreaming for centuries...

Fears: The Dark One.


Occupation: Magician - A little bit of magic. For a treat. I'm trying to be good with it!

Talents: Weeeelll... um.... IsquashedthebugwhenIlandedonitbutIbroughtitbacktolifepleasedon'ttellanyone.


I have, um, skin? It's sort of pale. I haven't gotten a lot of sun lately. And I have hair! I think it's red and yellow. It's kind of puffy like a dandelion and sometimes it gets in my face. Hair is funny! I have ten fingers and ten toes, and all of them are mine. There are three bones in each of my ears. I'm very pretty on the inside (I have a nice skeleton) but I'm still working on the outside.

Oh! I have a big hat! I got it at a store and the man said it was bigger than ME and it's not actually but it IS pretty big. I think it was made for a giant or maybe some other type of large person but it's a really cool hat and it was free because it had a hole in it and I don't have any money.

I like fancy clothes sometimes. Sometimes I like to feel pretty! I can't really buy things right now, but I like to try them on a lot.


I'm going to Tully's Brook! Someone said that's where people go, and so that's where I'm going too! I'm people! Or, one person, anyway. I have a cicada, does that make us people? I'm going to bring him to Tully's Brook with me. Maybe we'll get a job there? I've only had one job before. It didn't end so well, but... well, there's always time to start over, right?

WIP, gotta eat dinner and then pretty it up.
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I'ma join- will edit this with a character sooner. Been needing something faster to keep me engaged :D
gonna get this up and running by the end of this week at the latest, this wednesday at the earliest
Sae Falseer





Rather average, thank you.

There’s always joy in sharing what you have with those around you that are in need. Seems such a shame to build such a world of burdens and for there not to be plenty of shoulders to lean upon.

Always seemed such a shame to leave a job half finished or leave tomorrow what might be done today. Or, forbid the thought, to give up simply because something might be harder than one might have expected.

There are things that my great great gran always told me, odd creatures who were once abundant but are now all but lost to myth and legend. I always wished to find them, to see them, to learn their ways of being. There’s something joyful in that to me, to find the thing that the children all still believe, but that their parents all smile amongst themselves knowfully. It’s good to know that touch of magic is still in this world.

Hard to say if you’ve used your time well, isn’t it? I’ve seen things that have only a moment on this world change the lives of many for the better or worse, and I’ve seen others pass on forgotten to all but the name etched on the wood pressed into the earth above their head. Hard to know which you’ll be, really.

A hunter by learning how I got to know my great great great gram, spent a handful of summers with her up in the woods. Taught me all I know really, how to follow things that want to be lost, how to place an arrow where it needs to go, and how to set a trap that can’t be noticed by the things that watch.

Quite the good cook if you’d believe it, know the wild growing things to make food out on the road better than just edible and won’t leave you poisoned. Not bad with an instrument or two, but it’s been a few decades since I’ve given them serious study beyond passing time in the evening.

Got a pair of golden eyes and long silver hair, try to keep it well trimmed as my grandpa always said it was as pretty as a morning flower. My skin’s fair, or well if you ignore the tanning it’s still fair as can be. I find I’m taller than most I come across, though my older brother always had me beat on that front. Don’t have too many fine clothes, they haven’t survived well on my travels, but what I have now is good enough for the road and I suppose I can always trade some furs for something nice if I wish to go out dancing some night.

I’ve been to many little places in search of strange creatures or villages tucked away into little forgotten nooks of the world, and now I find myself heading for Tullybrook. A place of dreams this city, or so they say, so perhaps I can find my own in those streets. Or, maybe I’ll find someone else’s dream worth giving my aid to for a spell or two. Always nice traveling, even if you don’t know what it is you might find waiting for you at the end.

Name: ”I’m known by many names, Johnny Two-Bits, Billy Boskets, and Sylas Snake Oil, but you can call me The Hat Man.”

Race: Human, maybe? Hopefully…

Gender: Male

Age: ???

Height: 7’8

Weight: Light-set, but Heavy-weighted


"Money, tis the root of all goodness after all! I'm a man with a heart of gold, truly! It beats in streams of molten emerald and wreathes itself in the wealth of civilizations forgotten. I'll help any man, woman, or beastie for a coin or two, and worry not about paying immediately! That will come later!"

Vices: "Goodness comes to me in unfortunate streaks I'm afraid. I've been known to work pro-bono on occasion and, golden gods above forgive this, even forgive a debt or two from the weakness of my heart."

"I dream to one day own a proper shop, one operated out of a carriage of leaf gold that rattles with my bottles over every pothole. With two horses! One named Mare, the other Stallion. What a dream!"

Fears: "Dying penniless and facing the golden gods with no jewels to buy my way into heaven, now that is my greatest nightmare."


"I am a traveling snake oil salesman by trade, a magician by blood, and a true believer by choice. My remedies and truths can be found to cure any injury or illness, I've even been known to reverse a death or two! Ol' death and I are well acquainted truths be told! Of course I still owe him from the last reversal trade I made with him, turns out you can't grow hair on a skull! Absolutely maddening! So until I find a new serum or potion we'll put a pin in that operation."

Talents: "Oh where to begin and where to end? I am a man of infinite talents! But also no talents at all! What even is talent? Is it something birthed in from a mother's womb? Or a skill well-trained to perfection? Oh I'm just jabbin' ya abouts! I know the answer. My talent is in healing the body and the mind through unconventional means! Know no more you need!"


The Hat Man is tall, almost impossibly so for a man. To look up at him is to watch his body stretch and twist further upward like an optical illusion- an illusion most certainly as he has never been scientifically observed 'growing.' His face is hidden in an eternal shadow cast by his wide-brimmed black hat, his glowing eyes and winning smile are the only things to occasionally peak out from beneath.

He dresses in all black, as a funeral director or undertaker might, and carries around a very, very large brown briefcase. It rattles and shakes with little glass bottles as he carries it around, and when it opens it seems far deeper than it should be. His hands are covered by black leather gloves, and his feet dressed smartly in unscuffed black dress shoes.

While his appearance is often described as 'spooky,' his voice and demeanor is nothing but joyful and welcoming. Any diviner or empath can tell that, underneath his frightening form, there is a much smaller man who finds joy in the simple things in life, helping people, and the glint of gold.


"Travel to Tullybrook? Why the same reason as anyone else I suppose! Fame, money, fortune! Are these not the noblest of pursuits for the human spirit? Additionally, coincidentally, most importantly, I've been almost everywhere. But I've not been to Tullybrook and that is a tragedy. How easy would it be for me to rectify this? Infinitely, of course. I need only place one foot in front of the other and walk walk walk!"

Will refine and code it up later, but CS up!
Viviane Othelia Allard


Race: Human

Gender: You should refer to me as Lady.

Age: Twenty-four

Height: Five feet and six inches

Weight: Is this a necessary question?


Virtues: I want to see people well, and to be someone they can look to in hard times. It’s important that the common folk have a strong figure to follow during the especially long winters, doubly so with the rumors of The Dark One returning.

Vices: I… suppose that I can be a bit vain, on occasion. Perhaps a bit disparaging and quick to judge.

Dreams: Despite my station, I want to adventure. The courtly politics and social gatherings, the dancing around meanings, it’s dreadful. I want to see what the world has to offer, I want to see if the stories sung about by bards are true.

Fears: Being lost and alone, both figuratively and I suppose literally. Being without direction, and with no one to truly confide in… It sounds horrible.


Occupation: Lady Viviane Othelia Allard, next in line to the Barony of Duleis, and everything the title entails.

Talents: I read, write, and speak well. I like to think that I make decisions well, and I’ve been taught to ride horses. Archery is a hobby, but I’m afraid I’m quite middling at that.


I’m of slight build and fair skin. My hair is long and well-tended, brushed every night to ensure the light makes it look near golden. It’s important to keep oneself clean and taken care of, and the better you look, the better you feel. I’ll often get up in the early mornings to prepare myself for the day as the sun rises. Mother describes my eyes as emerald green, though I don’t think they quite have that much luster about them.

I dress as befitting of my title and station, though since beginning my travels, I have simplified a bit. Dresses and jewelry are standard, when not riding or practicing my archery. The family crest (a shield, divided in two longways, a lion on one side, a crane on the other) is often on my person, in the form of a ring or emblazoned on my clothing somewhere.


I’m making my way to Tullybrook to attend Lamplight College, as is standard for all nobility once they come of age and time allows. Just as my father, and his father before him, I'm making the journey, both to further my education and to witness firsthand the mess that Tullybrook has made of itself, in spite of its success.

That is, of course, the formal reason for my going. Truly, I jumped at the chance because it set me free of the castle, and let me breath more than a few hours of fresh air. This may be my chance, finally, to live out the adventure promised in the stories, and all those stories begin in Tullybrook.

Name: "Dim."
[is that a first name or a last name?]
"Does it matter?"
"It's a nickname, but it's what I'm called."
[i'm sorry, miss, we need the full name for our records, or we'll have to--]
"Diminished Onager of the Secret Breath."
[... what?]
"Yes, well, quite. Can I go, now?"
[no, we've got a few more questions for you.]

Race: "Toxicologist."
[that's not a--]
"Let's get this done with as quickly as possible, shall we?"

Gender: "Female."

Age: "27."

Height: 4'11".
[... so are you a tall gnome, or a short human, or--]
"Yes, lovely, never heard that one before, moving on!"

Weight: "How many people actually answer this one?"
"90 pounds."
[you need to eat more]
"I rather doubt that's the problem. But we'll get to that."



"I'm a poisoner."
[... you're very upfront about that]
"It's my stock and trade. Of course I'm up front about it."
[but isn't that usually a, you know, sort of under-the-table thing?]
"I find most clients would rather prefer the poison on the table, not under it."
"These days I mostly do work for people looking to find out how somebody was poisoned. It's been a few years since I had a big job poisoning anyone else."
[identifying poisons?]
"I can tell poisons apart at a taste, and judge most of what went into them after a few swallows."
[... at a taste? at a swallow?]
"Moving on."

"My last big poisoning job ended with my employer dead."
[so you killed--]
"No! Absolutely not! I would never! That would have been wildly unprofessional! And besides, I loved that job."
[what was the job?]
"Chief poisoner to an acolyte of the Dark One."
[oh my gods.]
"You've got nothing to worry about."
[but you just said--]
"Well, yes, but they all think I did it too. And because I denied it, rather than claiming credit for it and taking her place, they think I did it at the behest of some chosen one or other. So I'm on your side now, whether I want to be or not."
[very reassuring.]
"Well, I thought so."

"I want to develop the universal poison."
[the what]
"You're not up on your alchemy, then?"
[... do you mean the universal solvent?]
[okay then.]

[you might want to cut back on your drinking, then.]
"You say that now; ask me what's in the flask."
[what's in the flask? you said it was medicine, before]
"Trade secret."


Occupation: "

Talents: "I'm not immune to poison--that'd be rather inconvenient, under the circumstances, wouldn't it?--but no poison I've found has been able to kill me. So far. I suppose if I keep drinking every poison I stumble across I'll find one eventually. I'm also a master mixer, which I've mostly been making use of in taverns, lately. To my great distress."


"Eyes: green. Skin: pale. Hair: black, but I've been told that when it gets oily, which it does, all the time, it takes on a greenish hue. Skinny. Sour complexion. Human in appearance. Are we done?"
[tell us about your clothes]
"Gods and devils, who exactly is this for? Fine, fine. I am currently dressed in a loose black garment, with slitted sleeves. There is a further green garment beneath that one, which is chiefly visible through the sleeves. It is very pretty, I think, which is why I wore it for this interview. I normally wear a simple black traveling dress, or perhaps something slightly fancier when I have work. Is that enough?"


"I'm going to Tullybrook for work."
[what kind of work]
"I don't know, obviously I'd rather take on another poisoning job, but that seems profoundly unlikely after the last few years, and especially given this little interaction. I'll probably end up working for the guard again. Or, failing that, at a tavern, mixing drinks. But it'll be better than yet another small-minded small town, won't it?"
[i don't know about that, miss. alright, you're free to go. collect your belongings on the left on the way out.]
"Oh, good. Everything's there, I trust?"
[no, we confiscated some of the ingredients; you can probably guess which. also enough money to cover the fine.]
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