Approved The Pitt Master

The Pitt Master


Name: Unknown

Alias: The Pitt Master

Age: Unknown

Appearance: The Pitt Master is an enigma, only seen by those who frequent his establishment and never seen without his signature skull makeup, top hat, and tailcoat. His anonymity is carefully maintained, his clothing free of labels and the stylization of his makeup designed to make his face unrecognizable. Tall and lean, he stands above many of his competitors but lacks the bulk to truly out size them.

Powers and Abilities: The Pitt Master has complete control over The Pitt. The walls, the floors, the wiring and the piping within the walls, even the supporting structure are all subject to The Pitt Master’s whim. With a thought he can rearrange the rooms, shift the walls, raise the ceilings, or whatever else he might find necessary for the comfort of his customers. Sometimes that includes using his power to subdue the contestants, whether he has to box them in or destroy them.

Welcome to the Pitt.


Remington Aderis was nobody. He had spent his entire life mostly ignored, his grades always average, nothing ever standing out about his life but for the fact that he was so unremarkable. It was almost a curse that no matter how hard he tried he simply could not break any molds or find any niches. His father had walked out on his mother the day he found out she was pregnant. Remington’s mother loved him in her own way, but often left him on his own in pursuit of her next romance. The men she fell for were never great, at best dismissive or worst abusive, and Remington had grown to learn it was best to keep out of the way and be as helpful as possible.

Without the grades for college he went to work for a temp agency, thinking to find his place in one of the various jobs they assigned him. Instead he found himself taking odd jobs for nearly fifteen years, never doing well enough in any one field to be considered for permanent hire but never terrible enough for the agency to release him. He made it by, paycheck to paycheck, and for the most part was thankful that he was able to survive if he couldn’t thrive.

It was fine for him to go unnoticed, but he had never expected that it would be his end. While the people he worked with and lived amongst might not have noticed him, it seemed something of the heavens had taken a fancy to the unnoticeable man. While working on a new building with a shorthanded construction crew Remington was unpredictably struck in the head and killed by a small piece of meteoroid that happened to survive entry into our atmosphere. The main bulk of the asteroid had passed by the Earth’s atmosphere without incident, but a single piece had broken free, and of all of the places to land it chose Remington’s cranium as its target.

Unfortunately it’s force and timing were perfect for the unnoticeable man to go unnoticed as the concrete foundation was poured, and so Remington Aderis was eventually filed as a Missing Person, but never found. The building he was buried beneath, the building that had been erected over his corpse, was completed in the following months, and eventually people began to utilize its space. It didn’t take long for the building to be considered one of the most haunted places in America, with reported shifting rooms and endless hallways as well as sightings of a spectral figure dressed as if heading a circus.