Closed RP The Higher They Fly, The Farther They Fall

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Roll the left shoulder, flex a fist closed and open keep blood pumping and adrenaline going. Her arm stung but Ellie might need it still, the cause of the dissolving plane was yet to be identified or stopped. A power walk to the window back through the mess of a landing. Sure enough it looked like the passengers and crew of the plane were safe. Thankfully she wasn't the only hero on the scene, load off her shoulders it was time to look where to go next.

Hard to know who was to blame or where they would be. Whoever dissolved the plane could have been anyone, maybe on the plane given powers could have been off the plane. She needed a lead, glancing around in thought she saw the elevator going down. Ellie didn't get a good look at who had been on the roof. Turns out moving like a bullet through the air and struggling with control do to panicking civilians being carried made surveying the not landing zone difficult. However everyone was at windows looking out at the event. They were curious if people survived, or just if a seat of a private jet would hit their car. Point was everyone was relatively frozen and calling friends to say they were okay or answering phones to do the same. If someone was just taking the elevator down they either were unaware, or unphased.

This of course was a pretty small lead to go on. Could be anyone from janitor just going about business, some board member who just didn't care, or the cause of all the trouble. It was the only lead she had however so she was going to take the chance. [font color="#00FFFF"]"Alright my stunning audience, we need a lead. Elevator in use could be someone careless or filled of greed. But here me out, someone already on the move could also be the anarchist with something to prove."[/font] Reaching the door the electrical hero tried to reach into the system.

She could feel the currents running through the walls and doors. What Ellie didn't know was elevator mechanics. Learning how to manipulate machines with her powers was something she wanted to learn. Turned out though there wasn't a "electromancy one oh one" course to take. Focus was all she had to go on, something she often struggled with. Fixating on the door, corners of the systems in use follow the lines see how they connect to similar points above and below her.

[font color="#00FFFF"]Bzzboom![/font]

It was a weird mix of buzzing timer and thunder. But with a brief power outage on the floor she was on the doors open. A second later and half the lights turned back on. Sparks shot off her left arm and a view spare volts from a few of the cuts. She didn't know what she was doing in full, and new tricks didn't go well with injuries. She got the doors open but some of this floor was worse for it. [font color="#00FFFF"]"This is why we need powers coverage. Remind me to petition for that chat."[/font] She would remember anyway but it was good to keep audience engagement.

A look down the elevator shaft and she could see the elevator on the move. The stunning hero wasn't going to be able to hear what was going on inside it obviously. Super hearing was not in her arsenal, falling though that was easy. So was gentle landings there would be a thud of course, people didn't just fall onto elevator ceilings without a noise. Ellie was pretty confident however the elevator music would be louder. So the hope was to land and then press her head against the emergency hatch. That she might hear what was going on inside and be able to use that to confirm or deny a lead.

What this didn't acount for was someone inside having control over sound. Who had reduced the volume of obnoxious elevator music. Meaning the living lightning might have just gracefully fallen into making her day worse.

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[div style="font-size:18pt;color:#fadfad;font-family:VT323;text-align:left;padding:8px;"]Basskicker watched the grand reveal with a sullen posture, his head looking down towards the ground for a moment before his helm let a quiet, mechanical sigh slip through. Bummer. There went Plan A. He’d been hoping to slip away with their cover intact— maybe keep in touch, or talk somewhere that wasn’t a superpowered orgy at the moment— but this was fine, too. He’d get out of this. It would require some cooperation on the hostage’s part, sure, but he was certain she wasn’t stupid. She’d managed to glance through the lie, and while they had moments ago possessed plausible deniability, the secret was sort of out in the open now.

[font color=#ff8f00]”Couldn’t help yourself?”[/font] Basskicker asked, shaking his head with a modicum of disappointment. He gave an apologetic glance towards the other woman, who he now realized held a very hidden and very conspicuous hand beneath her wind-whipped cardigan. Fully dipped beneath the cloth, too. He’d have to keep an eye on that. [font color=#ff8f00]”For the record, I would’ve been fine just letting you go and disproving your suspicions. Superpowers are… kind of the perfect crime, now. And while we could have walked away— no evidence, after all— I’m afraid that’s no longer an option.”[/font]

He shrugged, indifferent. [font color=#ff8f00]”So—“[/font]

A thud on the elevator roof, thin but ever-present, cut his words off in their tracks. The vibrations carried along the entirety of the cabin. Hm. Had to have been something that had landed or struck the little metal coffin, not just a cable malfunction or some quirk of the machinery. Already on edge from the entire ordeal— witnessing a tragedy did have that effect, usually— Basskicker raised a finger to his lips, gently pointing upwards towards the ceiling with his other hand.

[font color=#ff8f00]”Might be best if you stick with us on the ground,”[/font] He said, carrying on the conversation they were already all having. [font color=#ff8f00]“Whoever’s out there might still want to hurt you if you talk.”[/font] His head tilted to the side at that, as if to make a point. His arms did not cross. Instead, they remained dutifully by his side, waiting to see if a move was made or if the plan would work. He didn’t want to kill her, truly.

That wouldn’t matter, though, if he needed to.

[font color=#ff8f00]”I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen, alright? You’re safe with us.”[/font]
[div style="background:black;box-shadow:8px 8px magenta;margin:auto;width:80%;margin-bottom:10px;color:white;padding:10px;"][font face="trebuchet ms"]Their stories weren't entirely lining up. The woman seemed perfectly happy to admit that she wanted the people in that plane dead (though kind enough to inform her she was just a hapless bystander), while the man insisted she stay with them if she wanted to stay safe. Possibly a veiled threat, or possibly a bit of a jab from the man to the woman. Were they even working together? Was the man actually trying to help, but got tangled up with the cause of the problem in the first place?

She could pull the gun on them now, try and take them out before they reached the ground floor, but she didn't like the idea of fighting in an elevator with two people who could literally do anything. The woman'd said she could snap the cable at any point, after all, and Siren didn't like her chances of falling that far without a parachute. She could engage them when they stepped out, but that might put the people in the lobby at risk. Best course of action was to keep playing it dumb, only make a move if they made one first, and try and stop them the moment they got somewhere quiet. Hostage privilege meant she might even find where they were hiding out, if they didn't try to put a bullet in the back of her head first.

Something thumped on the roof of the elevator, and she shrieked, leaning against the man. Either he was against the woman, or he still wanted to spare her the truth. Either way, it was a crack to exploit.

[font color="magenta"]"Was that them?"[/font] she whispered, cowering a bit for show. [font color="magenta"]"Here to finish me off? I am so not ready to die. I don't even have a will yet!"[/font][/font][/div]
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[font color="a2a2a2"]"What was that?!"[/font] Neither of her two companions seemed to have any idea what was going on up there, either. Standoff went right into a conversation that hadn't been happening. It took her a second to catch up, but fair enough - he assumed that whoever was on the ceiling was against them, and was putting on a bullshit show worthy of You know, my dad owns his own company...

She'd heard that one before.

The girl was apparently down to play along. Likely she recognized the bad acting for what it was and had just decided that her safest bet right now was going to be keeping up the helpless act, swooning against Standoff like an actress in a bad romance flick.

Good, she could probably shoot him if he turned into an asshole.

Well, fine, the two of them had drama and dialogue covered. Someone else was going to have to take action. [font color="a2a2a2"]"We need to get out of here before they cut the cable."[/font] Like she'd threatened to do, only moments ago - but no one was going to fault her for that, were they? Her hand moved forward, gloved fingertip jamming itself on the emergency stop button, bringing the elevator to a screeching halt between the floors - exactly where she wanted it.

She reached out with her ability, dissolving a small hole in the wall outside, then calmly hitting the button to open the elevator doors and walking through them, crouching to get through her newly made portal. It would be a tight squeeze for Standoff, but she wouldn't hold that against him.

Her head motioned to the other two in a reluctant invitation - though if they wanted to stay and drop, that was on them. She'd give them a minute to get through, or choose not to.

And then she'd dissolve the cable and drop the elevator.
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Super something, perfect crime, something. Was a lot of something next, evidence, more something. Ellie made a note to self she might want to look into audio equipment. There had to be like Spyware listen through walls tools online right? For those paranoid about neighbors or something. Right focus, they were talking crime and something about evidence. That wasn't much lead on intentions but it sure was convenient at the very least. Talk more came of sticking with him, she'd managed that much now. There was a guy talking crime and the distortion suggested helmet maybe?

The second voice, was nothing. Pushing head against a hatch trying to hear anything helped. But it turned out trying to here a whisper below her that was behind an elevator, and in a elevator shaft made hearing difficult. Third voice, lady maybe mentioned needing to get out of here. Normal people wanted to be in a building when it rained plane parts these people were up to something. So hands with neon blue nails go for the hatch looking to unlock it. She was ready to help or fight some people!

Snap. Snap. Snapsnap.

She was quick and thanks to this she saw the moment a little clearer. The cable was, a pause, it was breaking apart, dissolving. She yanks the elevator hatch open starting to drop into the elevator. She couldn't carry an entire elevator she had to get people out of the compartment. And the group by then was already gone. A hole in the elevator bring used and now Ellie was falling. She goes for a jump an athletic bound through the opening assisted by her speed. Her figure goes through the opening but not without a violent sounding crack.

Electric blue eyes look behind her to see the elevator had clipped her foot. The heavy box was now racing toward the ground floor and while Tazer was fast enough to open the hatch and bound through the opening it was at the cost of an ankle. The angle was twisted in a way it shouldn't be and her leg felt on fire. [font color="#00FFFF"]"Elevatos don't usually do that."[/font] Ellie had hoped for this kind of moment, where she saw the villains and confronted them. Who of them was the villain and how they did things alluded her, she was pretty sure one of them was the villain though.

Although being on her back, seeing the one or three villains upside down while her leg tightened from the pain. Yeah that wasn't how she saw this moment going. For all she knew they would ignore her and start the mad dash to get away. [font color="#00FFFF"]"Any chance you'll explain ans not run?"[/font] As a floored woman with a low budget hero costume and sparking blue hair she doubted she'd be convincing yelling freeze.

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[div style="font-size:18pt;color:#fadfad;font-family:VT323;text-align:left;padding:8px;"]His "new friend" didn't seem to take well to his reaction to the situation. She-- rolled her eyes at him, which was honestly the last gesture he'd expect from a terrorist that'd only recently disintegrated a plane. She very much seemed like the impulsive retribution type, but maybe he was wrong about that. It was hard to suss someone out over the span of an elevator ride, go figure. Was it something he'd said? Didn't matter, now. She seemed to be very brazen, which meant that trying to con their way out of this was, for lack of a better term, barking up the wrong fucking tree.

That's fine. Plan B had quite literally fallen out of the sky, so he'd start prepping on that front. By the way she was groping at him like a B-movie damsel, too, it seemed like she had an agenda of her own, legit fear or not. He gave a look down to her as she shifted close to him, noting that she still very much had a hand slipped inside her jacket. Now it was his turn to roll his eyes.

[font color=#ff8f00]"You don't have a will because you're 20-something and don't have a stable income."[/font] He said flatly, looking at the other dame opposite his corner of the elevator as she cut open a perfect hole in the elevator doors without breaking a sweat. That was certainly alarming, but the plane disintegration began to make a whole lot more sense. It also explained, potentially, why the passengers were conveniently left behind-- either she was a sadist and just wanted them to suffer, or they were immune in some way. Maybe because they were farther away, or maybe because they were flesh and blood. More time to think on that later-- only thing that was for certain was her control over metal. Basskicker narrowed his eyes under his very technical and very aluminum-heavy helmet, giving a dry tilt of his head towards the hostage as his "partner" stepped out of the cabin.

[font color=#ff8f00]"I really hope you're good with whatever's under that jacket."[/font] He mumbled under his breath, not even registering through the modulator. If she was able to hear shit from that rooftop, maybe she'd hear his whispers now, too. Throwing his voice to her ear would help, hopefully. [font color=#ff8f00]"Something tells me you'll only get one shot. Take it if she does anything, and stay behind me."[/font]

And that was it. No need to afford the other woman any suspicion from them being in the elevator for too long-- in fact, he dragged their hostage forcefully behind him, leading her through the hole after he'd stepped in before her. [font color=#ff8f00]"Let's be quick, please."[/font] Nearly scolding her hopefully sold a lack of cooperation as their reason for the delay. [font color=#ff8f00]"And stay close, will you? If anything happened--"[/font]

... like the elevator falling (as if to prove his point), then he'd have easy access to a temporary shield. It helped that he'd asked her to stay behind him. For her safety, of course. Luckily, he didn't even have to pull her in front of him when a third woman hurled herself through the narrow elevator opening. Basskicker gave the illusion of heroism by partially stepping in front of the hostage-- only fully committing once this very gaudily-dressed girl proved not to be an immediate threat. She, like everyone he'd met here so far, seemed to love talking. Good. He angled himself to watch both the newcomer and his "partner", deliberately keeping his back to the hostage. It was a show of trust-- but also to see if she saw it as a moment of weakness. Whether it was altruistic or daring her to try something would be up to her interpretation.

[font color=#ff8f00]"Could ask the same from you."[/font] Basskicker stared the woman down, one hand on the arm of the civilian behind him. [font color=#ff8f00]"Thudding on the roof of an elevator doesn't exactly scream here to help. This woman survived the wreck, she's in shock, and I'm getting her some place safe. Now-- is that gonna be a problem, or are we going to be sensible and work together to find out what happened instead of endangering the lives of the people in this building?"[/font]

He smiled beneath the mask despite himself, backing himself and the hostage towards the stairwell access sign about halfway down the corridor.

[font color=#ff8f00]"Choose wisely."[/font]
[div style="background:black;box-shadow:8px 8px magenta;margin:auto;width:80%;margin-bottom:10px;color:white;padding:10px;"][font face="trebuchet ms"]Ah, so that's where the plane went. Kinda terrifying. Made sense what she meant about snapping the elevator cable now, too. Could she do that with any inanimate matter? Probably not people, or else she'd have just wiped out whoever was riding - well, unless it was line of sight. God, too many variables, too many maybes. It definitely added to the fun, but it also added to the possibility that Siren would fuck up bigtime and get herself killed, which was a lot less fun.

The man pulled her through the hole in the elevator - roughly - and she put on an annoyed pout that she didn't even have to act to use. She could step through a hole herself, thank you very much. Once on the other side, the woman gestured, there was a snap, and the grating sound of the elevator plummeting followed. Weren't those things supposed to have stop brakes? Or did she dissolve those too? Line of sight probably wasn't an issue, then. Great.

What came more as a surprise, though, was that the person who'd landed on top of the elevator managed to leap off just in time, joining them on the floor. She was a bit more flamboyantly dressed than the other pair. Siren immediately recognized her as one of the people was was catching the falling flyers.

An ally, then. Which meant this was now a 1v3, 2v2 at worst, if my judgement on Helmet was off. Which - it might've been, considering him covering for The Vaporizer over there.

The floor was empty, they weren't trapped in an elevator, and they were far away from the bystanders. Helmet was still holding her wrist, but that could be solved pretty quickly. The helpless act fell away in seconds. Siren drew her gun.

[font color="magenta"]"Let me go,"[/font] she said simply, sternly, eyes on Helmet, though she pointed the gun at Masky. She looked to the newcomer and smiled. [font color="magenta"]"Thanks for the help out there. You can really fucking jump. But - if you wanna help a little bit more - she's the one that took down the plane."[/font]

She waved the gun in Masky's direction and winked.

[font color="magenta"]"Sorry, love. Hostage bit was getting a little boring."[/font][/font][/div]
[div][attr="style","background:linear-gradient(to bottom right, rgba(255,255,255,1), rgba(0,0,0,1), rgba(0,0,0,1), rgba(255,255,255,1), rgba(0,0,0,1), rgba(0,0,0,1), rgba(255,255,255,1));margin:2px;padding:4px;border:2px #000000 solid; "][div style="background-color:#000000;border-top:2px #741b31 solid;border-bottom:2px #741b31 solid;padding:10px;color:#d2d2d2;"]There just had to be a spare, didn't there? If Chromewrecker's powers had been straight up metal manipulation, she could have closed the whole again and bisected the newcomer, and that would have been the rather messy end of that, wouldn't it? But it didn't work that way, it was more of an all to nothing sort of situation. Ergo, there was another person in the mix, now, though she was favoring her ankle and dressed up like she'd found some sort of superhero outfit store online.

[font color="a2a2a2"]"Cool outfit. Where'd you get it?"[/font] What? It was. Chromewrecker's silver sparkly dollar store mask sort of matched with the sparkly silver top she'd gotten for clubbing, but it didn't really scream superhero so much as costume night at the disco. She had a look in mind that she was going for, but with the whole we live in a society situation, it wasn't like she could really afford bespoke clothing anymore.

This question was probably not the sort of explanation the newcomer was looking for, but it bought a little time while the rest of the situation resolved itself. Standoff was still playing the fool, hamming the whole thing up like a theater kid at the bus stop. It might have worked... except the other girl apparently decided she was done playing charades and it was time to switch teams - or she'd been on the other team the whole time.

Annoying. Girls ought to stick together. Chromewrecker sighed, more of an "ugh" than anything else, her gaze following the gun that was now out and waving around.

[font color="a2a2a2"]"Really? You're just gonna point a gun at me, after all we've been through together? God, you try to be nice to people and not leave them in a falling elevator to die, and here we are. Ugh. Fine. Shoot me, then, I don't care. This is dumb, I'm going home."[/font] Since the elevator was out of commission, she'd have to take the stairs, but fortunately modern architecture required them to be clearly marked. Chromewrecker stalked off, following the signs to get the hell out of here before things got worse.
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Ellie often was thought of as scatter brained, and well maybe they were right. She also though thought it a condition that her ability to speed up just made it hard to focus on one thing at times. Or in others easy to juggle many, because it wasn't three people who said things back to back for her there was moments to more process things. Easy and quick subject first. [font color="#00FFFF"]"Thanks, drew it up, can still find the vod on my channel. Then I put in for a commission once had the budget for it."[/font] She was kind of forced into a diet for a month after the fact but it was worth it.

The electric hero seeing nobody was offering her help up did it herself. Do an arm curl, little flex for the camera as she got to her feet. Briefly bite the lip to stave off any painful grunt. Help keep the look of cool. And of course she just new chat was at war now. Some would ask e hy she didn't just use flight, others would say how it was a ruse. Some comments would be all about swooning or criticizing the assorted lotnas they loved to do. [font color="#00FFFF"]"As for that stunt. Everyone watching, but the elevator going, Investigation was calling."[/font] Gross using ingredients as the means to rhyme. Amateur hour, it was quick though and efficient. She took a shot following a hunch.

Then would come the heavy ccolliding sounds of a elevator no longer falling. They hadnt been to high up and when that hit the ground it was a thunderous sound. [font color="#00FFFF"]"I've got your back."[/font] The alleged plane slayer was starting to move. Nonhostage had a gun to turn that way. Maybe Ellie could catch up but she didnt feel right leaving the helmet guy as a possible risk. Was flimsy evidence to say the helmet was accomplice and way silver was leaving it seemed like it was just three sides. There wasn't enough backing to go hard yet but she didn't want to chance it. Tazer decided best move was fast simple and playing to her name sake. Her hand on the wall that'd been used to pull her up would glow. Volts arc off her fingers before she pushes off the ground with her good foot. They had two suspects neither was yet worth a bullet however.

Tazer would launch forward moving more like a car reving up then a person. She'd look to zip past helmet guy and do her first stunning special move! [font color="#00FFFF"]"Fifty K Slap!"[/font] The voltage of a taser sparked in her palm as the hero would look to lay hand on the chest of the suspect. A slap that hopefully would stun opposition without the needs for someone to open fire. The discharge put down many people so she hoped this to be enough.

If the leap went how Ellie intended she would zip past the helmet guy to see where the silver dressed lady was going. Ellie was all for a chase, with her leg though it was more zappy leaps then a heavy foot chase. She'd have to pause a brief moment and try to line up the shot. It had been a downside of her training. There wasn't exactly buildings just open to flight practice in the halls. Which Ellie needed them to be open, because while her fans were great and growing, she was shouting out a fifty thousand volt special move not subscriber special. Her budget didn't allow the training she wanted.

Quetz nodded to Eli in thanks for her information, and apparent advice. Entering the lobby through the door he cast around for something, or someone, to indicate what the hell was going on. Airplanes didn't just--lose their outside. That was something from a movie or a video game. The way everything had fallen though suggested a sudden and complete break up, more or less in line with that she was saying. He didn't get very far when something slammed into the ground floor at frightening speed. Elevator doors buckled and dust wooshed out from imperfect seams.

He glanced at Eli. "I'll handle the door and we'll go from there?" Not exactly high grade planning, but it would do. There was air flowing through the building, recycled stuff that made office buildings stuffy and unfortunate. It wasn't much, but he could work with it. He gathered it to him and slipped it through the broken elevator door before doing everything he could to dramatically pull it towards him with a sudden, huge burst of power from the air. With such weak air flow though, it almost didn't work.

Seemingly reluctantly the door tore away from the wall and crashed to the floor, shattering beige tiles and revealing the shattered remains of the elevator in its shaft. He didn't think he saw anyone inside, but he also wasn't sure they'd be recognizable as a someone.
[div style="background:black;box-shadow:8px 8px magenta;margin:auto;width:80%;margin-bottom:10px;color:white;padding:10px;"][font face="trebuchet ms"]It'd be stupid to say she could react to lightning. Lightning was fast. But reacting to the person shooting the lightning, well, that was another thing entirely. There was a bit of time wasted putting two and two together - why was the hero moving like she was gonna shove the guy in the helmet? - and a bit more time wasted weighing risks vs rewards - but at the end of it all, that time was microscopic. She was a woman of action, after all, and in this particular instance, that action meant shouldering the poor man out of the way of the hero's errant strike.

And golly-gee, did that not feel good.

She only caught the edge of the palm as they both went down, but it was definitely enough to notice. No pain to mask, she had the express pleasure of feeling the other heeby-jeeby sensations of electricity going through your body. Like - ice water under the skin, and jumping beans in her muscles, and pinpricks as each hair on her body stood on end. Collapsing in a thud and a smell of ozone, Siren coughed, glaring after the hero as she chased down the woman in the mask.

[font color="magenta"]"Well, that was straight rude."[/font] She sat up, panting heavily, climbing off of the man she'd heroically saved. [font color="magenta"]"You alright, love? Sorry for the shove, but I gotta admit, I only got a little taste of that hit and you are not missing out."[/font][/font][/div]
[googlefont=VT323][div align="center"][div style="max-width:1250px;"][div style="border:1px black solid;overflow:hidden;"][div style="border-left:4px #ff6700 solid;border-right:4px #ff6700 solid;background-color:#050505;"]
[div style="font-size:170%;color:#fadfad;font-family:VT323;text-align:left;padding:8px;"]It was an odd thing, to declare attacks. Basskicker knew the trope from popular fiction— magazines where protagonists would shout out the names of their moves, valiantly confronting their opponent in a dazzling display of might— and hadn’t entirely prepared for the possibility of it carrying over to real life, yet. Nevertheless, the new arrival announced her move with fanfare, thundering off towards him and the terrorist while his hostage had already pulled away from him.

She had been rude for doing that, predictable as it was. He had half a mind to scramble her brain right then and there— just a clap of his hand over her ears. But… no, that would have been an error. Why hurt her when she was already keen on doing it herself?

Before he could even react to the attack thrown against him, the civilian threw herself between Basskicker and the taser-hand, miraculously biting the bullet meant for him. He didn’t even move— instead, he stared, first at the electrokinetic and then to the woman on the floor. She was smoking, slightly, but unharmed— and rather chipper.

As she spoke, he stared. Not even a scratch or scar— or an impairment to cognitive function, it seemed. Where others would have been neutralized by a glancing blow, she was still kicking. Interesting. Basskicker tilted his head to the side as she finished, not even answering her questions before launching an inquiry of his own.

[font color=#ff8f00]“You’re different too.”[/font] He said, voice absent of sympathy for the electrocution victim. She was fine, after all, and her resistance was far more interesting than the injury itself. [font color=#ff8f00]”Aren’t you.”[/font]

She had a concerned look on her face. She’d asked him… how he was. Right. [font color=#ff8f00]”I’m fine, thank you.”[/font] Then, only briefly did he offer a glance towards the imminent confrontation that was about to occur. Would the terrorist be able to manipulate electricity, too, or was it just conventional metals and manufactured objects? Wouldn’t that include manmade electricity? The possibilities were intriguing.

A shame it’d get them both killed if they stuck around.

[font color=#ff8f00]”I think we should let them kill each other and leave.”[/font] It was a statement delivered as simply as it could be. He looked back to Siren, head tilting again. [font color=#ff8f00]”That woman’s a hero, after all. She can handle herself, right?”[/font]
[div][attr="style","background:linear-gradient(to bottom right, rgba(255,255,255,1), rgba(0,0,0,1), rgba(0,0,0,1), rgba(255,255,255,1), rgba(0,0,0,1), rgba(0,0,0,1), rgba(255,255,255,1));margin:2px;padding:4px;border:2px #000000 solid; "][div style="background-color:#000000;border-top:2px #741b31 solid;border-bottom:2px #741b31 solid;padding:10px;color:#d2d2d2;"][font color="a2a2a2"]"Did you just electrocute someone?"[/font] Chromewrecker had told herself she wasn't going to look back, but the sudden zap and weird smell had turned her head anyway, revealing the young woman on the ground, her dress at this point much worse for the wear. That was a shame - it had been a cute dress, before all of this. Oh, well. It seemed like Standoff was helping her up and she was going to shrug it off pretty well aside from the casualty of the dress, so Chromewrecker could keep going the way she had been - albeit now with the costumed crazy in hot pursuit.

To be fair, it wasn't exactly hot pursuit when she was moving at a walking pace. Still, she didn't exactly want to be walking right next to the girl, since she was apparently prone to zapping people on a whim. Chromewrecker pulled open the door to the stairs, keeping an eye on the girl. She had a few flights to go, but fortunately it was down and not up. Walking up that many flights would have been extremely tiring.

Shame for the people who had to do it now that the elevator was out of commission. Oh, well. [font color="a2a2a2"]"So, are you just a crazy bitch, or are you trying to stand for something?"[/font] Presumably Zappy was still following, because it wasn't like there was anything better to do. Maybe it was some sort of anti-gun stance or something. Chromewrecker was noticing that while it wasn't all that hard to do things, it was a lot harder to get people to listen and get the message out.

It didn't take that long to get to the bottom of the stairs and cautiously open the door to the lobby. There was at least one super weirdo over there, but he, she, or it was looking at the place where the elevator had fallen. Chromewrecker wandered over nonchalantly. [font color="a2a2a2"]"Wow. Looks worse from the outside. Oh, well. No harm, no foul. What's your deal, and why is Pittsburgh so full of weirdos? Did I miss a convention memo or something?"[/font]
Right, okay, I’ll just wait here.” Eli said, lingering back at the doorway as the hero marched his way into the office building towards a newly crashed elevator. She wasn’t fully sure what he might want her to do to help, though it's not that he would know that being too close would steal his powers away. They hadn’t really introduced themselves had they? Maybe if there was a fight she could put herself in the middle of it and put a stop to any violence before someone got hurt. It seemed like there’d been enough hurt for one day.

The girl winced as the doors to the elevator burst open, crunching down onto the tile. There was simply a mess of twisted metal on the other side, and her legs were driving her forward before she could think about it. If there was someone in there they would need help now —

D’you see anyone? I don’t have a trauma kit, but the reception desk might have something useful.” She slung her backpack off her shoulder as she spoke, quickly rifling through her belongings as she went. She had some things for lacerations but this was an elevator that had smashed into the ground. However, the entrance of a woman in a very sparkly party shirt and a mask Eli was pretty sure she saw in a cheap Halloween store once made her pause in place.

What?” She blurted as she looked at the woman. It sounded like she was implying that she had been in the elevator but would someone really be so chipper if they just had been in a falling elevator? And, was she another meta? “Are you… okay? Did everyone get off the elevator?” She asked, changing direction towards the woman as she pulled a makeshift medical kit out of her backpack.
[div style="background-image:url([URL];border:1px[/URL] solid #19e6e6;border-radius:20px;padding:2.5%;margin:auto;background-color:black;"]
[div style="background-color:#210347;border-radius:2px;color:#19e6e6;"][div style="border:2px #19e6e6 solid;border-radius:3px;"][div style="border:2px #12f7f7 solid;border-radius:33px;"][div align="center"]
[font color="FFFFFF"][font size="3"]

An effort was made to course correct, to redirect from an unintended impact with the hostage. However she was moving more like a charging vehicle in flight then a person. In addition to this the hostage had chosen to jump in front of the attack. So there was in the end a tasing slap delivered to the unintended. It brought the hero to skidding halt for a moment. Sort of sliding backwards rather then walking. [font color="#00FFFF"]"My bad. Aimed at one but held by other and glaring. Thought both bad."[/font] The pistol had maybe thrown her off on who to focus on she'd really thought this two against inst two. Thankfully she also had it on camera she knew most would hopefully see this.

Ellie already knew though she was going to take a bit of a hit in growth for this though. While most the stream was growing in numbers its gro as th probably dropped by a decent percentage and she would have to do damage control on social media. A handful of people would probably be campaigning against her now.

The helmeted guy helped the woman up. The woman seemed fine, dress little worse for wear but mostly fine. The impact was harder then a taser shot but the energy output was the same. Easy to walk off, with how swift the woman was back up maybe it wasn't her first time. At any rate the chase h a d to continue. Things did point to the woman in silver at least being still a threat and that lead would still be followed.

[font color="#00FFFF"]"Taser slap technique. Don't worry we can up the voltage for you."[/font] Ellie didn't think she owed an apology but for her image she did slow down to give one. Moments to help the pursued make it into the stairway and start heading down. So grab the railing and leap over the side. Fastest way down was a straight line and with flight Ellie could catch her fall instead of messing up her leg more with a shotty landing technique. [font color="#00FFFF"]"I'd say bit of both. To crazy for law enforcement, but all for their endorsement."[/font]

The silver lady was in the lobby now, the elevator shaft near by seemed rather blown open. Mix of debris from elevator mechanisms doors and walls just scattered every which way. Thankfully it didn't look like anyone had been in range of the impact far as she could tell. [font color="#00FFFF"]"She's the one to cause it. Or least the plane allegedly."[/font] It wasn't like she had evidence, but she saw a elevator as tor cable disapear, a hole in a elevator, and had a witness testimony from the plane suggest it. With the silver lady by those at the elevartor though there wasnt good space to just take action though. Or perhaps she was just hesitant do to the last civilian diving in the way of attacks. Her limited training had shown hostage cases to be a challenge anyway let alone when as all over this place as this one.

So for now she hovered, lightning sparking from her raised hand. More a Police stop pose then confrontational one.

[div style="background:black;box-shadow:8px 8px magenta;margin:auto;width:80%;margin-bottom:10px;color:white;padding:10px;"][font face="trebuchet ms"][font color="magenta"]"A bit,"[/font] she admitted, getting slowly to her feet. Now that she was moving, there was a bit of pain there. Not wanting to think about how bad her insides looked to leave her feeling like that - she'd get it checked out later - Siren brushed herself off, pulled her coat around her singed dress, and gave Basskicker a bright grin.

The man was a tad off, but she was used to it at this point. This entire city was a tad off.

[font color="magenta"]"Was about to suggest the same thing,"[/font] she admitted, then paused. [font color="magenta"]"Not the - er - killing each other bit, but spark princess definitely seems like she's got things handled. Mind if I tag along? Gonna need a change of clothes, and I don't really have a place to stay at the moment. Don't think the guy I was flying with will be particularly happy I friendzoned him mid-freefall."[/font]

She laughed, a little awkwardly, running her hair - still staticky from the shock - back with her fingers.
[googlefont=VT323][div align="center"][div style="max-width:1250px;"][div style="border:1px black solid;overflow:hidden;"][div style="border-left:4px #ff6700 solid;border-right:4px #ff6700 solid;background-color:#050505;"]
[div style="font-size:170%;color:#fadfad;font-family:VT323;text-align:left;padding:8px;"][font color=#ff8f00][/font]Basskicker watched as superheroine chased super-villainess. What a time to be alive. They were all so nonchalant about the ordeal, weren't they? It was hard to be fazed, now that they'd acclimated to the absurdity of the situation. A masked woman who could control electricity was frolicking after a terrorist that had disintegrated a plane out of the sky. They'd nearly fallen to their death in an elevator. Superpowers were real. This would all take some time to be fully processed, surely. It would definitely not take place here.

Which brought him to the inquiry from his once-hostage. Basskicker glanced over to her for a moment, mulling over the proposal. She needed a change of clothes. Okay.

[font color=#ff8f00]"We can go to a clothes store,"[/font] He replied as he moved to the far stairwell. [font color=#ff8f00]"You can buy yourself some clothes there. I know an Old Navy near here."[/font] Avoiding the route the others took would be a wise choice-- dodge the commotion, et cetera, et cetera. He'd had his fill of fun for the afternoon. Helping this woman would also establish credibility.

[font color=#ff8f00]"Do you have a name?"[/font] Basskicker asked, looking over his shoulder in case she tried to pull a gun on him again. The question of her name was phrased as if there was a possibility she didn't even have one-- secret identities were a necessity, after all. He wasn't about to give her a name.

[font color=#ff8f00]"You can call me Basskicker. Working title."[/font] Not his real one, at least.
[div style="background:black;box-shadow:8px 8px magenta;margin:auto;width:80%;margin-bottom:10px;color:white;padding:10px;"][font face="trebuchet ms"]She shrugged at his question.

[font color="magenta"]"It was Sophia in the plane, but I'm off that train now. Call me Lainey."[/font]

She slipped her gun back into her purse, hoisting the bag over her shoulder, wincing a bit and glancing at the floor.

[font color="magenta"]"Basekicker, huh? That a baseball thing?"[/font] she smirked. [font color="magenta"]"Well, Basekicker, are we going through the lobby where our two friends might still be duking it out, or are we gonna find ourselves a back way to the street?"[/font]
[googlefont=VT323][div align="center"][div style="max-width:1250px;"][div style="border:1px black solid;overflow:hidden;"][div style="border-left:4px #ff6700 solid;border-right:4px #ff6700 solid;background-color:#050505;"]
[div style="font-size:170%;color:#fadfad;font-family:VT323;text-align:left;padding:8px;"][font color=#ff8f00][/font]Sophia— no, Lainey— followed closely behind as they descended the stairs. Basskicker gave her a look over the shoulder as she mused about his alias, the blank expression of his helm offering a strikingly similar portrayal of his actual reaction.

[font color=#ff8f00]”No.”[/font] He replied, curt. [font color=#ff8f00]”It isn’t a baseball thing. B-a-s-s. Like bassline, drum & bass, bass clef.”[/font] They moved past the second floor landing, now approaching the first. He stopped outside of the exit door to the lobby, peering through the window at the gathered party waiting for them both.

[font color=#ff8f00]”Mm. Place seems a bit packed.”[/font] He muttered, moving across the stairwell to the emergency exit. If the alarm sounded… well, an elevator had fallen down the shaft, so emergency services needed to come here anyway.

[font color=#ff8f00]”If we’re stopped by the cops, you were an onlooker. I’m not interested in babysitting for an interview.”[/font]

And then he was gone, through the door and out into the side street.
Quetz studied the woman, about to declare her an innocent bystander. She seemed curious about why Pitsburgh was weird (who could say really) and what his deal was. He was in the middle of figuring out how to explain to some in the middle of a chaotic situation who he was, which would usually follow with "what's a feathered serpent?" and sometimes even "I didn't think they had pagan gods in Texas" (some people's version of 'south america' was interesting) when others appeared on scene.

After everyone stopped talking he lit silence sit in the air heavy as the elevator dust. "I'm Quetzalcoatl and I'm just here to help where I can." He didn't smile. Usually he smiled when he introduced himself, but this situation gave him little reason to, other than the fact no one had died, yet.

"Is what she says true? Did you bring down the plane?" He hoped she didn't. He wanted desperately for it to be an accident, not an act of violence. If it were an act of violence, they'd have to do something about it. He didn't want to have to do something about it. Let's just all get out of this without hurting someone. He would hurt someone, if he had to. He just didn't want to. He stood still, hands at his sides, entirely unprepared for a close quarters engagement if one were to come of it.

Of course if combat happened he didn't plan to use his fists to defend himself. With much of his former strength still yet to return to him, he'd have to rely on tricks and abilities outside the physical.