The Foundation Rules

Welcome to the Foundation, an SCP-style subforum where you can play as a researcher, agent, Group-of-Interest antagonist, or an anomaly.

The Anomaly Containment Foundation is a volunteer group whose mission is to contain and study the inexplicable. They function under a veil of utter secrecy to protect the world from anomalies, and anomalies from the world. They operate on an international level, although they are primarily based in the continental US. Most of the current interactions take place in Level-2 (mid danger) locations, but there are other locations canonized in the lore and many others waiting to be developed.

The Foundation’s world covers a lot of angles, from urban fantasy occultism to scifi tech and pseudoscience to the utterly inexplicable. Most of the lore can be found in this thread, or in the Discord #containment channels.

ACF Rules

  1. Please have a character sheet filled out and posted for review before joining or initiating any roleplays. The sheet must be approved by a moderator before you can interact in the subforum. You are welcome to introduce NPCs without character sheets, but if you want to have an interaction with just that NPCs, you’re required to have a sheet. Teams can be posted in a collective CS.
  2. You are welcome to introduce world-affecting concepts, but you need to run them by a moderator before posting anything. They must also have a summary posted in the Reports sub-subforum before they can interact with anyone within the Foundation.
  3. Please do not write anything world-ending or cataclysmic. Such things would be interesting for story purposes, but conversation surrounding those is important to make the storyline relevant, and ideally the world does not end so we can continue to write in it.
  4. Anyone with an approved sheet is welcome to initiate a closed 1x1 following communication with the writer you wish to interact with. Any thread labeled [OPEN] or (Open) is considered available for interaction by anyone, so long as the character can reasonably be at the location where the thread is taking place. A thread marked [SEMI-OPEN] or [LIMITED] requires permission from the OP or all of the participants before joining. A thread left unmarked is considered closed, and cannot be joined without express permission from all participants.
  5. Join the Discord server! Most of our worldbuilding occurs through conversation, and the community in this subforum is strongly communications based. If you would like to know more about any character or would like to propose an interaction, I encourage you to speak with the character’s writer or myself. Don’t be shy!
    • a. If you have trouble with any other player, please bring it to the attention of a moderator, rather than initiating an argument in the public forum or Discord chat.
  6. Finally, for most of us, this is a hobby. My primary rule is “have fun”. If you are having fun, and the players around you are having fun, then congratulations! You’ve won at RPing in my book. Just make sure not to have fun at other players’ expense.

The sample character sheet, including a div code if desired, can be found in the post below.
  • Good
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Personnel File: Dr. or Agent Sample “Nickname” Character
Access Containment File: ACF-000 “Fun Nickname”

Name: Full Name

Anomalous Designation: N/A or ACF-000

Rank: R-Class-x or A-Class-x (see lore thread)

Locations: 00 (all locations frequented by character)

Age: 00 y/o [D.O.B. m.d.yyyy]

Hair color: color

Eye color: color

Height: 0.00 m

Weight: 00.0 kg

Hobbies: (anything the character does in their downtime)

Foundation History

You can put as much or as little as possible in this section. The minimum requirement is a description of how they ended up in the Foundation (with dates where possible), and what they’ve been doing since joining, or being collected. You can include some personality things. If you’re writing an anomaly, or an anomalous personnel member, you should include the abilities in this section, or another section with a similar header.

Related Anomalies

If applicable, include the anomalies associated with or studied by the character, including ACF-number designation, classification (household, risky, or leviathan, see the lore thread under the Files sub-subforum), and a summary of its abilities in a few sentences. You can replace this section with anomalous abilities, if applicable to the character.

End of file.

Concluding notes: Any colors in the div code can be changed just by typing them into the bbcode. The code is free for open use both in and outside this subforum.

All of the images I use are from sunnyclockwork on deviantart, or the art of other writers here on this site. You’re not required to use either for refs, it’s just my tendency.