The Force

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-----The Force is not a terribly complex thing. It is, in its purest sense, a non-sentient gestalt organism. It exists in everything, occupying space in the cells of living beings and flowing through even non-living beings as a form of energy. While the Jedi and the Sith have philosophies on the proper way to interact and use the Force, their beliefs are not the only ways the Force can be utilized.

The Force has a will. It has a light side, and a dark side. It reacts to the ebbs and flows of its users, as well as the lives and deaths of those it touches. It strives for balance in all things, though its manner of achieving balance varies from era to era. But know that while it strives for balance, there are eras where one side is definitively stronger than the other. Depending on the current state of the galaxy, the light side or the dark side may naturally have the upper hand in a connection with a user of the Force.

This thread serves as a manner of explaining the Force. It also serves to track, based on player involvement and active threads, the current trend of strength through the Force. Note that the trend of the Force is intended to have a very large impact on characters and their connections, should they choose to be Force Users. Every Force User, whether consciously or unconsciously, can sense the trend of the Force.

Currently, the Force is trending toward -
DIVISION - Division is the natural reaction of the Force to the immense, incredible, and nigh incomprehensible amount of death the galaxy has recently experienced. All Force Users, Light side and Dark side, have their connections clouded and muted. To access the Force during Division is painful, and the Force actively resists being used.

This trend will change over time with the actions of players in the RP. As you RP more threads, showcasing acts of kindness or evil, the Force shall change its flow.

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