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Who am I?
I'm just an average, ordinary, everyday man like any other. I wake up, I go to work, I occasionally go out to eat or entertain myself with my hobbies, and I go home. I sleep in my bed with the ceiling fan on high and I drive some pre-owned Benz that I got a pretty good deal on. What do I do for work? Oh, just a little of this and a little of that.

Sometimes someone forgets to pay me and my friends, sometimes they think they can fuck us over on a deal, or sometimes they don't do what they said they would do. I'm the guy who's trusted to handle those missteps without mistakes and with a great deal of professionalism and malice. See, I'm the guy they call when things need to get done. It's my job to ensure that any wrongs are righted and that those who wronged us are convinced not to do so again. Most people don't love their jobs. Like 'em, sure. Tolerate 'em, yeah. Love 'em? No. While other people are looking for ways into management or want to go back to school to leave their jobs, that isn't me. No, I love my job and I'm good at it.

Without people like me, people like you would go around messing with people and do so thinking they can get away with it. Without people like me, wrongs wouldn't be righted, justice wouldn't be served, and people wouldn't suffer the consequences of their actions. Without people like me, you wouldn't be strapped to that chair. Without people like me, your jaw wouldn't be broken. Without people like me, your friends would still be alive, breathing, and laughing around whatever card game you were playing when I paid you a visit. What is Cards Against Humanity, anyway? Is it a good reason to fuck my boss and I over? Is it worth the pain you're going through? Here, let me let you look at the bodies of your friends while I keep answering those pesky questions you had before I shut you up.

I grew up in the streets of LA and I got into a bit of everything. Guns, drugs, burglary, you name it. The tales you hear on the news or from those who get out? It's 90 percent bullshit. But I listen because it's entertaining. And since I can't be entertaining myself right now, you've had to entertain me. Anyway, I got caught in a deal gone wrong and I still remember the words my brother said to me after I'd been shot by the cops. 'Breathe, dog.'

The judge gave me the choice of Iraq or prison and my freedom was everything to me. So off I went into the sandbox. While I was there, I did some things that most people viewed as heinous or illegal. Most of the people I dealt with were animals. They would wipe shit on the glass. They would stack mattresses and set them on fire to start riots. They would attack our people. And so I returned that energy. They made their choices and I made mine but, unlike them, I'm still here to make choices. I hid my deeds pretty well at first, well enough that I got attached to a SF team and I learned a LOT. How the body works, how to stop it from working, and how to keep it on the brink. You thought it would be fun to fuck with us but it isn't fun anymore, is it?

Anyway, I got kicked out in '08 or '09 and I returned to the streets of LA. I fit right back in but I was better. I had more skills. We started winning more often than not and we ended up clashing with some Russians. One of my guys had made the mistake of borrowing over a million from them but he couldn't pay it back. We went to war and they were better than we were. Despite all of that, we hit them with our sheer numbers. After a few tough months, neither side could fight and I don't think either side could safely operate in the city, not while everyone else still thrived. But it was during that realization that I met a really good friend of mine, Carmen. The same friend who you chose to rip off. We worked together and it was tough at first, namely because we realized what the other was capable of, but few, if any, have earned my undying trust like she has. And that's why I accepted her offer to move out here and help her out because you don't say 'No' to friends like that.

But that's me. I think it's time for you to leave, what do you think? No, no, don't talk. Just breathe, dog.

Augustus has heightened reflexes due to his ability to slow down his perception of time. As a result, he can move extremely quickly for his age and size and is able to close the distance between himself and any potential adversaries because he can recognize the twitch of a finger as it begins moving towards the trigger. He is able to do this on demand and at will. Augustus knows his limits and has worked to push those limits as far as possible by working out and otherwise conditioning his body to perform at its best.

Augustus can also utilize telekinesis at will, though this has far more limitations than his enhanced perception and reflexes. While he can grab, move, or push almost anything, the energy it would take to move an object is dependent on the object's size, distance from him, its velocity (increasing the energy needed if he tries to stop an object or decreasing the energy needed to speed an object up), and also his intended effect (nudging a knife slightly off course takes less energy than stopping it outright, though both take less energy than stopping a thrown table). He can lift a car but with a great deal of effort and it would tire him greatly. While conditioning his body and increasing his endurance and strength has certainly helped enable him to use this power longer and with bigger objects, it is still tiring after extended periods of time or after repeated uses in the same day.
Code by Reyn
Art source: WACCA Reverse
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