Born sickly and paranoid, Gary Wertz has spent his entire life in a perpetual state of fear, but his genius-level intellect and ingenuity have always been his greatest defense against it. He spent much of his college years trying to develop ways to protect and insulate himself from those around him. This led to his creation: THE BUBBLE BLASTER, a soaker-style gun that is capable of making QUANTUM BUBBLES. Harnessing the power of fixed-point atomics and graviton manipulation, the bubbles this gun creates are resilient, and capable of carrying objects of immense weight. However, there is a drawback -- the bigger the bubble, the easier it is to pop!

Armed with this new device, Gary has taken on the mantle of BUBBLEMAN! He ventures out into the streets of Pittsburgh hell-bent on finding everything dangerous and SEALING IT AWAY FOR GOOD!

The Bubble Blaster has two modes:

Stream mode, which sends out an intense stream of smaller bubbles capable of knocking grown men off their feet, and

Contain mode, capable of making bubbles of immense size around objects, sealing them temporarily at a fixed point in space, that Gary is able to control. The bubbles made in this mode are as hard as steel when around the size of a bowling ball, impervious to bullets, but as brittle as paper when they reach the size of a car, able to be popped with a simple needle.

Beware, Pittsburgh, Bubble Man will come!
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