Approved Tethys Kyriri, Jedi Fool

  • Name - Tethys Kyriri
  • Profession - Smuggler(Jedi Fool)
  • Age - 34
  • Appearance - >
  • Abilities -
    • Extensive knowledge of lightsaber creation
    • Weak and under-practiced skill in Djem-So
    • Weak Force connection/Abilities
  • Equipment -
    • Old robes
    • Beskar shoulder pauldrons
    • Beskar gauntlets
    • Beskar boots
    • A modified Vibroblade
    • A (broken) yellow lightsaber with a 40-centimeter hilt
    • A Delaya-class courier
    • A refitted T1-P3 astromech(Tipee)

  • Brief character bio -

The Force can do terrible things to a person, terrible, terrible things.

As I walk through the temple on Coruscant, I am lost in thought. His face is etched into my mind, his face, Merruk's face. He was my brother. The Jedi aren't supposed to form deep attachments, and when you leave your family for the Order you're supposed to forsake them. But Jedi aren't forbidden from marriage, and Jedi who marry Jedi tend to have Jedi children. So it was with me, so it was with Merruk. And his face, his cute little face, with the bluest eyes you ever did see. I told him all the time how much I liked his eyes, how pretty they were, how jealous I was of them. I wasn't, jealousy is not an emotion permitted to the Jedi, but I told him I was because it made him feel special.

I cross the room of a thousand fountains, their water still in reverence to the fallen. I wonder if they'll ever flow again. And his face, I can't get it out of my head. He was training under Master Kav'ii Morra, a Mirilian Jedi who never smiled and always spoke her mind. She was supposed to be a good fit for him, for Merruk. His light brown curls were always stuck to his face with sweat after training with Master Kav'ii, she made sure he worked just as hard as she made him study. Master Kav'ii was going to make him into a Jedi Knight, like me. Merruk was always talking about how he was going to be just like me when he grew up.

I enter the Jedi training room, it is empty. I'm heading to my workstation, the lightsaber assembly room. As I walk I cannot think of anything but Merruk's face. His face, forever frozen in fear and terror, as he laid dead in my arms. Master Kav'ii was trying to talk to me, trying to explain why she had to kill him, but I couldn't hear her. I can't remember what she said, even now. All I can remember is his face, my little brother's face, he was only twelve. Master Kav'ii was trying to explain but he was only twelve, he was only twelve-


"Miss Kyriri? Who was only twelve?"

Huyang speaks to me, the ancient lightsaber architect droid looked at me with an expression almost resembling concern, if droids could even do that. I cannot smile at him to disarm his worrying circuits, I have not smiled in five years. I have not smiled since Merruk died and today I cannot get his face out of my mind. Patting Huyang as I pass, I sit down at my station and begin working on my lightsaber.

"It's nothing, Huyang. Don't worry about it."

"If you say so Miss Kyriri, do be careful thought with the new parts. I have just finished organizing them for the new younglings!"

I pause in my work, he's talking about the younglings. I cannot think I cannot get his face out of my- no. I must focus, I must tell Huyang the truth. He needs to know so he can move on.

"There are no younglings, Huyang. There haven't been in years, and there may never be any again."

"Is that so? Well, I'll head down to the storage area and activate low-power mode. I will return in another year to check on the new group of younglings."

He doesn't understand.

"This is already your fifth reactivation check, Huyang. There were no younglings before, there are none now, there won't be any next year. The Jedi are dying out."

"Yes there will, the Jedi do not die out. The Jedi always-"

I scream.


... Huyang is silent.

"Huyang I-"

"I will reactivate next year, Miss Kyriri, as this is my purpose. I do hope to see you again with the new younglings."

He doesn't understand.

He can't see Merruk's face.

And I can't get it out of my mind.

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