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School for the day was all nice and wrapped up, but it wasn’t yet time to go back to her dorm. This wasn’t strange to Ayane, really, there were plenty of things that she would get held up for. Most of the time it was for magical girl related reasons, training usually, but that was sort of true for today too wasn’t it? She had a new partner to meet, which was very nice, she always liked meeting new people, and it would be good to have a partner again.

The table was set with the sort of snacks and juice that seemed to be standard for these little meetings. From the assortment Ayane had picked out a few cookies and a can of peach soda which caught her interest. She didn’t eat it, it would probably be rude to do so before the other girl arrived. Probably. Instead, Ayane had a sketchbook laid out, in which a girl sitting beneath a tree was taking shape in slow curving lines.

Ayane yawned into the back of her hand as she sat up, looking too the door at the sound of footsteps.

Sei arrived at the academy not very long before the agreed meeting time with her new partner. Walking around in a school at her age felt strange and a little unnerving, but the occasional older "student" that passed her by reminded her of its second purpose as a training ground. Reaching the arranged meeting place took a few minutes and a second look at the floor plan, leaving Sei at the door of the meeting room on the agreed time instead of a minute or two early. That was fine, it was what the extra time was for, anyway; it was the actual meeting she was worried about. She was never able to fully quell the nerves of working with new people, but she straightened her new uniform and put on a brave face as she knocked on the door before letting herself in.

Knock, knock. Knock.

Opening the door, Sei Shirogane tried her best to look proper. Stand up straight, customer service smile. She couldn't help but worry that her bangs, which she had just about coaxed into a presentable sort of messy, would make for a poor impression. Her new partner had already been sitting there waiting for her, and, by the looks of it, had already made herself comfortable. Sei bowed, and remained standing as she introduced yourself.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Sei Shirogane. I hope we'll be working well together from today onwards."
Oh, hullo,” Ayane said, looking up when there came a knock on the door and a young woman entered. She was handsomely dressed, her uniform was all straight and proper, though her hair seemed to not have quite the same amount of time put into it. Ayane stood as the woman introduced herself, Miss Shirogane it seemed, and brushed off the skirt of her own uniform.

Ayane clearly had not spent as much time readying her appearance for this, her skirt fell to her thighs full of rumpled lines, and while one of her socks made it to her knees the other had at some point slipped down her calf. Her long hair had been pulled back behind her head, but her bangs escaped from where they had been tucked behind her ears when she too bowed.

It’s nice to meet you Sei, I’m Ayane Shimizu. I hope we can get along.” Ayane said, straightening back up. “Oh, uh, for introductions. I’ve been with the DDC for two years now, I think. Oh, and I’m a painter!” She brightened up a little mentioning that second part.
"Two years, huh? I guess that would make you my senior then, right?" While partially a joke, Sei did also mean it in earnest. She scratched the back of her head, trying not to seem too rude, saying that. "I hear working for Doki-Doki Channel is quite different from my previous job at Majouplex. I'm thankful for a helping hand through this transfer."

Sei reached for a chair near to, but not too close to Miss Shimizu, and sat down. "You mentioned you were a painter, right? Would it be okay if I could see one of your works?"
Oh,” There was a flash of thoughtfulness in her silver eyes as she seemed to give what Sei had said serious contemplation. Perhaps more than the clear joke deserved, but a quick smile crossed her lips. “I suppose that’s right Miss Shirogane, I’m happy to help with whatever you need.” It was sort of funny wasn’t it? At least she was older than her juniors in the art club. There was another spark in her eyes at the mention of showing off her art.

The painting I’m currently working on is in the art room, if you’d like to go see it, but I do have my sketchbook with me.” Ayane leaned over as she slid her shoulder bag open. The bag was much better organized than her uniform, neatly lined school books on one side and notebooks set into the other. She pulled out the thickest one, its outer cover smudged with paint and charcoal, and flipped it open as she placed it down onto the table. On the open page was the sketch of a bird resting on a tree branch.

It’s all things from around the city” Ayane said, chasing off a yawn with a wave of paint stained fingers.
"Oh, that's nice." Oh. Sei feared that she might've invited herself onto a ride that lasted a lot longer than she was comfortable with. Not to be impolite, she admired Ayane's sketch, which was, to be fair, really well done. Wow, she could be a professional artist if she wasn't a Witch, it was pretty awe-inspiring how Ayane could get so good at such a young age. Not like Sei herself was very old, but she wasn't that good at anything, was she? What had she been doing for so long in her life--

If Ayane looked at Sei at all, it would be fairly apparent that she was defocused and worrying about something.
’Ve been painting since I was six, though I don’t know if finger painting counts.” Ayane said, leaning back into her seat. A pleased smile was on her lips, it was always nice when someone asked about something you had worked on wasn’t it? Oh, though wasn’t this meant to be a meeting about magic? Ayane raised a hand and tapped her finger against her lips as she thought for a moment.

It’s part of my magic, painting.” She said, another yawn into the back of her hand. “I can make something real out of paint if someone thinks it’s real, so I have to practice a lot for it. And I’ll be relying on you a lot for help in fights.” She finished the second bit with an almost formal dip of her head, perhaps the effect would have been better if her uniform was less rumpled.

How about you?” She asked, after she straightened.
"Eh-whuh? Um." Sei stammered for a second before straightening herself out. What was she on about earlier? Not now, Shirogane. Focus.

"Yeah, it'd be good. Er, to help you out, I mean. I have to admit though, my magic is a lot less elegant than yours. N-not that that's a good thing, haha." Sei scratched at the corner of her mouth for a bit and smiled, perhaps awkwardly, but she tried to stay friendly. "Though, I really should introduce it, first." Standing up, she held her right arm off to the side. A red sleeve unfurled itself into existence around it, over her uniform. Her hand was half-closed around a glowing light that almost seemed to have a heartbeat, instensity rising and fading with Sei's own breathing. It gathered into the vague shape of a sword, its hilt and handle forming above her grip, leaving her holding the base of the blade.

Looking at it, she couldn't help but beam a little with pride. This, at least, was what Sei Shirogane could claim as fully her own. She pulled Justice close and smiled. "The long and short of it is, I'm good at hitting stuff and getting hit. My old network kinda marketed me as a one-woman army, y'know? So, if you need me to protect you, or to hunt anything down, then I think we'll work just fine together." Sei extended her other hand for Ayane to shake.
Ooh” Ayane said, leaning forward in her seat as she watched Sei create a sword from a mote of light. Were there other things she could make like that? Well if she was a one woman arsenal then she probably could make a bunch of different things.

That’s very pretty.” Ayane said, looking the sword over as it found its shape in the light. Should she have demonstrated painting something herself?

If there’s anything you need me to paint, just let me know” Ayane said, taking hold of Sei’s hand and giving it a shake.