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School for the day was all nice and wrapped up, but it wasn’t yet time to go back to her dorm. This wasn’t strange to Ayane, really, there were plenty of things that she would get held up for. Most of the time it was for magical girl related reasons, training usually, but that was sort of true for today too wasn’t it? She had a new partner to meet, which was very nice, she always liked meeting new people, and it would be good to have a partner again.

The table was set with the sort of snacks and juice that seemed to be standard for these little meetings. From the assortment Ayane had picked out a few cookies and a can of peach soda which caught her interest. She didn’t eat it, it would probably be rude to do so before the other girl arrived. Probably. Instead, Ayane had a sketchbook laid out, in which a girl sitting beneath a tree was taking shape in slow curving lines.

Ayane yawned into the back of her hand as she sat up, looking too the door at the sound of footsteps.

Sei arrived at the academy not very long before the agreed meeting time with her new partner. Walking around in a school at her age felt strange and a little unnerving, but the occasional older "student" that passed her by reminded her of its second purpose as a training ground. Reaching the arranged meeting place took a few minutes and a second look at the floor plan, leaving Sei at the door of the meeting room on the agreed time instead of a minute or two early. That was fine, it was what the extra time was for, anyway; it was the actual meeting she was worried about. She was never able to fully quell the nerves of working with new people, but she straightened her new uniform and put on a brave face as she knocked on the door before letting herself in.

Knock, knock. Knock.

Opening the door, Sei Shirogane tried her best to look proper. Stand up straight, customer service smile. She couldn't help but worry that her bangs, which she had just about coaxed into a presentable sort of messy, would make for a poor impression. Her new partner had already been sitting there waiting for her, and, by the looks of it, had already made herself comfortable. Sei bowed, and remained standing as she introduced yourself.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Sei Shirogane. I hope we'll be working well together from today onwards."