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Ban Bean


"Yeah, class has been fine," Beatrice assured her uncle, holding the phone close to her ear with her shoulder as she walked down the sidewalk. "I know it's late, I'm heading back to the dorm now before it gets dark...I haven't gone to any parties, Uncle Amos. I need to catch a bus now- yes, I love you too. Bye."

Beatrice was fond of her uncle, who had practically raised her since she was eleven, and actually wished she could have spoken to him longer. He was the only one who knew about her abilities, which caused him great worry. Part of the reason he agreed to let her go to university outside New York was the promise of a daily text or phone call to keep his mind at ease. Originally he had wanted her to utilize a private driver, but she refused. Beatrice enjoyed living a relatively normal life. No one on the bus knew who she was. Here she could just be a normal young woman.

She finally made it to the stop as the last people were loading onto the bus. Beatrice dug around in her jacket pocket, panicking slightly as realized she had left her transit card at home.

Motherfucking shit cunt.

Beatrice put on an award-winning smile and pretended to tap a plastic card on the bus's fare machine.The bus driver wouldn't know the difference. She usually didn't use her powers to get stuff for free, or for any petty use really, but she made an exception only because she was tired, and wanted to get back to campus. She'd pay extra next time, or leave a good tip. "Thank you!"

She took her seat.
Cain was trying to distract himself from what was already distracting him. It has been a while since he'd had a night that left him feeling a tad dirty and shameful, he figured a lot of people had those nights from time to time. But this one made him feel particularly tainted and vile, he had returned to Saturn's new Pittsburg headquarters as if he held a dangerous secret. In reality, sleeping around, even with targets, was not something new for Cain and not something any of his crew would have commented on had they known. They expected no better from him, and that simple fact drive the shame even so, sharper a blade into Cain's stomach.

He found himself unable to clear it from his head, he'd think a lot of Ethan over the next week or so. Grinding his teeth in anger and hatred as he thought to how he had tried to suck the very life from Cain like the parasite he was. Cain would mull over the vileness of the monster, and yet, and yet these thoughts were so oven overrun by the memory of Ethan's lips, pressed against his own, the feel of his flesh, of-

Cain didn't want to be horny on the bus.

This was the less exciting part of his long term contract here. Pittsburg was a hotspot for meta activity, thusly it was figured that the high profile metas would attract others to slip in thinking they could go unnoticed while everyone focused on the big names. Cain took a degree of pleasure in assuring that they were never truly safe, so he had started casing out the major bus routes. Metas were outcasts typically, a lot of them low income, so a busway was a good place to start. Even if Cain didn't find one, it was a good way to put his hand on the pulse of the city, to understand it's 'vibe' as the kids said. Once he understood that, he could spot the abnormalities, the outliers, the prey.

He'd already grown familiar with this route, and was starting to get bored. Until he saw one of the regulars step on, an average looking girl really with nothing denoting her as different. Every day he got on the bus, every day she tapped her card - except she didn't do that, he made the motion, but there was nothing in her hand. The bus driver made no comment. Cain went over every time he'd seen this girl, she'd paid every time, and this bus driver was always very strict with folk paying properly. This was abnormal, something in Cain's mind latched onto this small detail. Perhaps he was bored, and looking to be distracted from his thoughts, but he’d been doing this a long time, and he's learned no detail could be ignored. So, perhaps out of amusement, he decided he would observe this girl further. If nothing else, it would help establish his grasp of the city better.

The bus route was only twenty or so minutes, but she spent a good chunk of it irritated at herself for forgetting her bus card, simmering in her seat. Beatrice knew she had to be smarter than that. Not only was she being a bit petty toward herself, she found herself hating public transportation more and moBeare each passing day. Once the bus pulled to a stop she grabbed her bag and exited the bus, stepping back out on the street as the sun began to set, casting shadows over the city. Even so she kept her sunglasses on and began to walk back to campus. It was only a block or two away.

You wouldn't have to use the bus if you learned how to drive.

Beatrice shook the thought from her head. Of course, the normal response would be to get a license but she couldn't bring herself to get behind the wheel since the accident that killed her parents- the sudden screeching of tires, the spinning...and the sharp scream from her mother before the glass shattered and everything went black.

It was always worse this time of year when it had happened. Beatrice gently felt for the thin silver chain around her neck, and continued walking, letting herself indulge for a moment, thinking fondly of her parents, even if it was difficult. They had been extremely patient considering how difficult she had been as a child. Beatrice supposed taking the bus was the least she could do.

Momentarily lost in her thoughts, Beatrice barely realized the clopping of hooves and the gentle breathing beside her: a white-tailed doe keeping pace beside her. Like an omen of loss haunting her steps.

Beatrice dispelled the image she conjured with a wave of her hand and pulled her hood up over her hair, continuing on her way, utilizing a short cut down a few more isolated streets.
Cain stepped off the bus when the woman did, stalking someone was all about not trying to look like you weren't stalking them. Cain looked forward, keeping her in the peripherals oh his vision, but not the focus. He made no attempt to remain in her blind spot, or hide in any way, doing so only made you more suspicious. Meanwhile, Cain made mental notes about her behaviour, she was shaping up to not be very impressive so far. Until the deer appeared out of nowhere.

Cain blinked, deer weren't unheard of in Pittsburg, but one casually appearing in broad daylight around a busy street was bizarre. And Cain could have sworn he hadn't seen it appear from anywhere, he had blinked and it was there. He refocused on the woman, who noticed the deer too, she seemed... annoyed by it? In any case, her seeing the doe meant it was there, he considered if its appearance was even relevant when the doe dissipated like mist with a wave of the woman's hand.

And Cain smiled like it was his birthday.

His brain flurried with possibilities, an illusion? Was it physically there? Who knew, but he allowed himself prideful satisfaction at sniffing out this meta. They just couldn't help it, flaunting their powers in public, using them to their own personal gain. Already, Cain began formulating a strategy as he quickened his pace ever so slightly to get nearer to the woman.

Concealed with her hood, Beatrice kept to the alleys and less populated streets, hoping no one had taken notice of her mishap, or that if they had, they wouldn't recognize her. She couldn't risk being exposed- it'd be a nightmare if the press found out she was a meta. It would throw her entire company, her inheritance, into doubt. Not to mention, it would cast scandal on her Uncle Amos.

Paranoia is the natural result of concealing oneself. The moment one decides against being discovered, they begin to feel they are being watched. Only someone unafraid of being known is truly relaxed. Beatrice kept careful for another block, keeping an eye on people, watching for cameras and listening, and doing her best to act natural. She was thankful for her sunglasses which would provide some level of disguise.

But the closer Beatrice got to the university, the more she felt like the danger had passed. Regardless, her illusions did not show up on digital media. No one who had seen the doe would be able to prove anything and would look crazy trying. With only one more street to go, Beatrice started to once again project the persona of a confident, well-adjusted, normal college undergrad.
She was taking the back roads, perhaps because she realized how much attention she could have gathered from her little stunt. It served Cain's purposes just as well. He waited until they both walked into a relatively isolated pathway, nearly an alleyway, before he managed to catch up to her a bit. He popped a cigarillo in his mouth.

"Excuse me," he said politely, tapping on her shoulder. "Do you have a light?"

Beatrice nearly jumped out of her skin as the man tapped her shoulder. She hasn’t noticed him approaching. He was blonde, with an ugly mustache and an even uglier brown suit, She saw the cigarillo in his mouth, and processed his question.

She shook her head, “No, sorry. I don’t smoke.”

Something felt off. Maybe she was still paranoid and he had managed to get close to her without her realizing. Or maybe it was the scar on his face. Or that out of nowhere it was just the two of them…it was disconcerting to say the least.

“There’s a dollar store around the corner if you need to buy one,” She suggested, hoping he would be satisfied enough to leave her alone.
Cain smiled, it didn't reach his eyes. He stepped in a way that blocked her path, it could have been seen as casual and friendly, but it wasn't.

"It was the darnedest thing, I could have sworn I had it, but then this deer appeared, could you believe it a deer right in the middle of Pittsburg in daytime traffic; didn't even seem scared, and then just like that it disappeared... like it wasn't even there, gave me quite the fright, you saw it too didn't you?"

Beatrice swallowed as he stepped between her and the end of the alley, blocking her way forward. She didn't like his demeanor; he was coiled up like a rattlesnake about to strike. Growing up around money-hungry adults, Bea was good at recognizing ill intent, and vultures who just wanted to get close to her for her money. This was different. This man gave no indication he knew she was a Waters, and she was slightly confused until he spoke again.

Beatrice's blood ran cold. He had seen the doe. He knew she was a meta. She feigned ignorance, "Deer? I haven't lived here long. If you have a wildlife problem, I haven't noticed." She continued, lying with sudden inspiration, that someone would notice right away if anything bad happened. "If you'll excuse me, I am running late. I'm meeting my grandparents for dinner, and they're probably wondering where I am."
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"Well you could've fooled me, you looked right at the thing, and than as if by command it was gone; now ain't that just something, you know the news has been a wash with stories lately, metas, folk who are different and often powerful, thinking they can do whatever they want whenever they want with no thought to the simple folk around them. Thats why they called me to this shithold of a city, because I've been hunting metas for about a decade now, and trust me darling. I know when I've sniffed one out. "

Hunting Metas. Like they were animals.
He knows what you are.

Beatrice stared down the man for a moment, wanting to punch his smug face. To beat him so he couldn’t go after anyone else. That’s why she came to Pittsburg, wasn’t it? To be a hero?

Beatrice backed away slowly from the man, weighing her option. She might be a meta, but she was also not a particularly good fighter, and the man was bigger, stronger. He had the advantage. She examined his face, taking in every detail, so that she would not forget.

She turned and ran back down the alley, away from the man, planning to turn invisible as soon as she was out of his sight, and lose him.
Cain rolled his eyes as she turned and ran, he let her get decently far, just far enough that she may have begun to hope she had escaped him. Then with a flick of his wrist Cain opened his flesh up with the use of the razor blade stitched into the liner of his coat, the blood came free and by whipping his arm Cain sent a spike of red crystal piercing right into the woman's thigh. He watched her topple as he casually lit his smoke and before beginning to approach him, his bleeding arm at his side slowly formic a stalagmite of blood crystal. Long and thin like the blade of a rapier foil, which dragged across the ground cutting grooves into the asphalt.

Beatrice ran as far as she could go, sprinting like a mad woman. For a horrible, hopeful, second, she thought she was free. She didn’t make it around the corner before she screamed in agony.

Bea fell hard onto the street, grabbing at her bloody thigh, breathing hard as she rolled onto her back. She hadn’t been shot, had she? No she would have heard it.

Terror came over her, as she looked up a bit, watching as the man advanced slowly on her, dragging a red crystalline blade against the asphalt with every step, murder in his eyes.

Beatrice desperately tried to get up, but her leg wouldn’t support her, and she was slowly growing weak from blood loss. Her chest rose and fell in panicked breaths.

"Oh now, now, you knew this would happen eventually didn't you? You just couldn't help it, you just couldn't control yourself, maybe you could have mad e difference - you could have learned to use you ability to benefit people, but no, you hide, and you became reckless, who knows how much damage you could cause? Who knows the full extend of what you can do? You see, my daddy used to tell me people're like a garden, and sometimes you gotta pull the weeds." Cain stalked up to the woman, smiling happily. He felt energized, excited, powerful, like he always did when he fulfilled the purpose he had been given, weeding the garden. Eliminating those who threatened the greater whole of society. That was what he was meant for, that was why he was here, that was the meaning of his name. The necessary evil.

Cain brought the blade down piercing into the back of the woman's shoulder, placing his boot on her spine to keep her down in the muck. He aimed to sever vital muscles and nerves to further incapacitate her so he could bag her up and take her back to HQ to then be handed over to Brightheart labs.

“I didn’t…” Beatrice begged. She had kept her powers hidden her whole life. But that didn’t matter, and he wouldn’t care. There was a malice in his tone that terrified her more than anything. He came near with the blade as she desperately tried to stand once more. “Please…”

His boot came down on her back, forcing her back down into the street with a groan.

The white hot, excruciating pain erupted in her brachial plexus, and for a moment she can’t tell if her arm is still attached to her body. Beatrice curls up around her midsection, crying out violently in anguish tears streaming down. Air is forced from her lungs.
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"Hush now," Cain said, slowly extracting his blade from her flesh. "Don't move, and you'll live, going to be a bit of a process, darlin, so sit tight." Cain fished out his fliphone and dialled a number, it rang on and on for a while, with Cain growing more impatient. "Titan, why the fuck do you never answer the damn phone."

Beatrice choked out something that was between half-scream and half-sob as her attacker yanked the rapier from her body. Through the pain and terror, she managed to understand what he was saying.

She would live. He was calling someone. A partner? Was kidnapping a process? If so, this was poorly planned. But clearly he needed her alive.

Beatrice did as he had ordered and didn’t move, staying quite still in the pool of blood. An idea struck her. She was useless to him dead.

She focused, using what strength she had to alter his perception of her breathing, slowing it until he would see that she was dead
He wouldn't pick up, of course he wouldn't pick up. Cain rolled his eyes and was going to dial another number when he noticed the woman wasn't moving... at all. He stored his phone away and leaned down, placing his fingers against her neck. Nothing.


It had been awhile since he'd gone too far, everything with Ethan... well, he was wound up. And now this mark was dead, and it was messy too. Brightheart still took corpses, but they preferred the ones they hadn't seen before to be live. Besides, it would have shown a lack of control on Cain's part, something he was eager to avoid after the small fiasco at the Diamond. He figured it wasn't worth dragging this one back, especially when Titan wouldn't pick the fuck up.

There was a dumpster nearby, and she wasn't that heavy, so the solution presented itself. Cain knew from experience that no one who didn't know him very well could trace the marks of his kill back to him. Besides, she would very quickly decompose in the mound of trash he threw her in. He slicked his hair back, the anger had been visceral, he had lost his cool, didn't think. Recklessness was never a good sign, still, he felt like the release in pressure had done him good. Despite the fact that the whole thing felt... wrong, but he ignored it, he was probably just upset at his sloppy work, this wasn't the first meta he'd slain alone in an alleyway.

It wouldn't be the last.