Approved Surface Team: Hocus Locusts

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[div align="center"][div style="font-size:30px;color:#000000;"]STL/RH-IX-S: Hocus Locusts

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Base Location: L-9

Founded in July 2018 under the newly-minted Councilman SV-5 "Strings," STL/RH-IX-S is a specialized team that focuses in both Left- and Right-Hand tasks, depending on what is needed at the time. The team has an emphasis on the occult, with most members having a background or focus in that area.


{+ STL/RH-IX-S-01: Gail Weber, A-Class-E, "Duet"}
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Female, DOB 6-6-1986, black hair, dark brown eyes. Native American (Kaw Nation) heritage, matrilineal.

Standard Additional Equipment: briefcase containing 8 sheets parchment (biological, non-human), 3 sheets parchment (biological, human), 2 sheets parchment (biological, anomalous), 3 fountain pens (wood, metal, glass), 1 quill (raven), 1 quill (anomalous feathered entity), 3 vials standard ink (black, blue, red), 1 vial ink (biological, squid), 2 vials blood (human), 2 vials blood (biological, bovine or porcine), 2 vials ichor (anomalous eldritch entity).

Foundation History: Gail Weber earned the interest of the Foundation due to her involvement with the "Suns of Darkness" GoI in 2014. Ms. Weber was at the time employed by the group as a contracts lawyer in an attempt to bind and control a demon. [Note: Agent Weber adds that she thought it was a load of crap at the time but it paid well. Also note: Agent Weber adds that "Suns of Darkness" sounds like the sort of name that was thought up by a bunch of edgy teenagers].

Despite Ms. Weber's disbelief in demonology, she proved to be very good at contract law, and ended up binding the demon quite thoroughly. The Foundation stepped in at that point to avoid this event causing further issues. Most members of the Suns of Darkness were amnesticized and sent on their way, but Ms. Weber had at that point contractually bound herself to a summoned entity, and was thus remanded into Foundation custody.

She showed remarkably little difficulties with the demon, being, as it turned out, extremely good at contracts law. Ms. Weber joined the Foundation as a security personnel and quickly achieved note for her methods of dealing [contracting] with extradimensional entities. She was tagged as the leader of STL/RH-IX-S when it was created, and may have been partially or largely responsible for its foundation. She is definitely responsible for its designation.

{+ STL/RH-IX-S-02: Joshua Seimar, R-Class-D, "Leech"}
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Male, DOB 9-9-1989, light brown hair, blue eyes.

Standard Additional Equipment: First Aid Kit (standard, non-anomalous), jar of leeches (eldritch, designation ACF-4722), surgical equipment case.

Foundation History: Dr. Seimar joined the Foundation in 2009, a second-year biology student at Loyola University at the time, after an experiment in the advanced biology lab went very wrong. He proved resistant to amnestics after the event, and was invited to join the Foundation, where he would finish his degree in biology and complete a medical degree, with his specialization being using outdated medical procedures via anomalous means.

For his research topic for promotion to class-C, Dr. Seimar was able to prove that bloodletting is an effective method of medical treatment, provided that the spilled blood is used in a blood sacrifice ritual whose goal is the healing of the patient. Shortly after his assignment to the Surface Team, Dr. Seimar acquired ACF-4722, which he is able to use to assist in curing his patients of less standard ailments.

He was convinced to join STL/RH-IX-S when it was formed by Agent Weber, with the understanding that if a medical personnel was required, it was going to be someone who understood occult natures and fit in with the team mentality.

{+ STL/RH-IX-S-03: Cait (Caitlynn) Corby, A-Class-C, "Ghost in the Spell"}
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Female, DOB 12-31-2000 or 1-1-2001 (accounts disagree, Foundation suspects the latter may be more accurate), white hair with blue tips (dyed, non-anomalous), blue eyes.

Special Additional Equipment: Variable, often includes crystals, salts, candles, additional occult material as required.

Foundation History: Caitlynn's mother owned an occult shop in Charleston, South Carolina. The occult shop was not anomalous in any way according to Foundation checks, and sold a variety of materials of "occult nature," primarily to tourists and gullible people. Most materials were determined to have been manufactured in China and have no anomalous connections whatsoever. Foundation personnel marked the shop for occasional inspection in case something of anomalous nature did find its way there.

In late 2014, during a standard Foundation check, it was determined that Caitlynn had managed to use the materials at hand to rig an effective occult barrier spell. Questioning by Foundation personnel led to her being remanded into Foundation custody as an intern with special interest in the occult, where she was immediately assigned to L-9. Caitlynn's mother was given amnestics and has no memory of her existence.

Agent Corby completed training and was designated as an agent in October of 2015, but was not permitted to join surface teams until January 2018 due to her age, despite putting in applications to do so every 3 months. She spent some time interning with a few other teams before being pulled for STR/L-IX-S when it was drafted in July of 2018.

She is especially good at rituals and ritual magic, and is able to do a great deal of things given the proper lead time to set up. Agent Corby is the primary Left Hand agent in the strike team, and often sets up rituals to do things like alter concrete composition so that it looks like poor material quality was the culprit in anomalous events rather than anything out of the ordinary. Her strengths require time and concentration, but give the team a great deal of versatility in establishing things that didn't happen.

{+ STL/RH-IX-S-04: Brian Connor, A-Class-C, "Tech Wizard"}
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Male, DOB 7-7-1997, red hair, green eyes, Irish heritage (patrilineal)

Foundation History: Agent Connor delved too deep in the mines or Moria, or at least in the backwater of the internet. He managed to come across some things that he really shouldn't have in late 2010, and from there it was a straight path to joining the Foundation. His interest in computers and technology persisted, and while many technologically-inclined personnel seem to have a knack for getting computers and printers to work, it was noted that Agent Connor seemed to have a knack for doing the opposite, especially when an untraceable network outage gave him an extra two hours to sleep in.

Agent Connor handles the technical side of things for STL/RH-IX-S, editing or altering files to fit the narrative as required. He excels at untraceable insertions and getting computer systems to do what he wants them to be doing, particularly if he wants them not to be doing the right thing. Agent Connor doesn't fix things so much as ensure that they are broken in the right way.

Unlike most of the other members of the surface team, he is not actually mystically inclined in any manner, just very, very good at his job. He joined the team when it was inducted in 2018 at the extremely firm insistence of the newly promoted SV-4.

{+ STL/RH-IX-S-05: Nic (Dominic) Gutierrez, A-Class-C, "Damsel"}
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Male, DOB 5-5-1995, brown hair, brown eyes, notably large build (not anomalous). Many tattoos, which the Foundation recommends not looking at for too long.

Special Additional Equipment: ACF-1949, "Demonlitions Rig"

Foundation History: Agent Gutierrez joined the Foundation in 2018 after an amnestic accident wiped his memory of everything but the anomalous event he had witnessed. Having a sharp memory of the Breach and nothing else, he firmly decided that he intended to be a security agent to stop things like that from happening again, using whatever force was available at the time, regardless of whether or not it was necessary.

Agent Gutierrez is the only member of STL/RH-IX-S who was not with the team when it was formed - he joined in October of 2019 following the death of Agent R. Emery. STL/RH-IX-S-03 was particularly insistent that the team have five permanent members. Agent Gutierrez had only recently completed his internship at that time and had been looking to join one of the FCRTs, but his relative incapability of doing things quietly led to Foundation personnel thinking he might be better off elsewhere. Agent Weber requested him specifically once discovering this information. [Note: the phrase It will be fun is believed to have been spoken. It is not entirely certain if Agent Weber was in her left mind at the time.]

The tattoos on his skin are almost entirely done by Agent Weber, and provide contracts with various entities that Nic is able to summon at will. If Agent Corby is the group's Left Hand specialist, Agent Gutierrez is the primary Right Hand agent. He is quite effective, but not at all subtle.


Assigned Anomalies:

{+ ACF-4722: "Seer-Sucker"}
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A jar of leeches. No one has been able to count them accurately, though it is generally agreed that there are at least 5. Each leech is black in color, and has a single eye that occupies most of its body space, or perhaps the leech is just an eye with a sucker on it. The leeches are attuned to whichever dimension or plane they are currently in, and can absorb anything that is not native to that plane. They are used primarily by Dr. Joshua Seimar in curing possessions or extradimensional ailments.

{+ ACF-1949: "Demonlitions Rig"}
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ACF-1949 is a device that appears mechanical in nature and is approximately the size of a standard pack of playing cards. When activated, it functions much in the way of a block of non-anomalous C-4, but seems to do so by summoning demons of destruction within a radius of 13 meters. The demonic explosion lasts 3.14 seconds, and then the device is rendered inert for a further 66.6 hours. It is not recommended that personnel look at the explosion when it occurs.


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