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-----Welcome to Star Wars! In order to have a more balanced and enjoyable Roleplaying experience that everyone must follow. They are the following:

1. My word is law. I will attempt to be reasonable, hear arguments from both sides in disagreements, and be flexible as much as logically possible for characters and threads. However, when an official ruling is handed down, it will be respected. Failure to follow official rulings or consistent disregard for the rest of the rules on this list will result in you being banned from RPing in this subforum.

2. Friendliness is the Golden Rule. We are all Roleplaying in this story together to have the most enjoyable time possible. But no one is an island. We are all working together to build each other up and create better stories with each other. With everything you do, be friendly, be kind. If you are having fun at someone else's expense, you are breaking this rule.

3. Realm of believability. Everything your character does must exist in a realm of believability not just for yourself, but for most people reading your thread and everyone involved in your thread. There is a logical limit to the amount of weapons that can be carried at one time. There is a logical limit to the amount of actions that can be taken in a single post. Make your stories meaningful and your actions believable.

4. You are not a god. Your character cannot be good at everything, your character cannot always succeed. No one likes reading a book about a Mary/Gary Sue, so don't write one with your character. Have flaws, fail, and fall sometimes. These moments of difficulty make your character's moments of triumph all the greater. If you are reported to never fail at any thread you make, always getting exactly what you want and always having exactly what you need, you may lose privileges or items may be voided from you.

5. Advancement must be demonstratable. If you want something, be it a starfighter, a blaster rifle, or a relationship with another character, it must be written out in Roleplay. You can gain almost anything in this universe with effort and time, but the effort and time must be demonstratable to your fellow players. No items can be pulled 'out of the ass.' Additionally, for what you can and cannot acquire through RP, see rule 3.

These rules may be added to at any time.

Not open for further replies.