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BBY- Before Battle of Yavin. The battle of Yavin and the destruction of the first Death Star is considered the 'start' of modern history in Star Wars. We are playing in a time nearly four thousand years before that battle. Our history in this roleplay is considered ALTERNATIVE from the traditional history you might find on a wikia site. Please refer to this timeline first before any other sources.

3976 BBY- The Mandalorian war begins with raids in the outer rim. Millions are killed and hundreds of worlds are burned before the Republic finally intervened.

3970 BBY- The Republic finally joins the conflict as the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders get closer and closer to the Republic core, and the fighting begins in earnest.

3968 BBY- Revan begins to campaign within the Order for Jedi intervention, and the Jedi double down on a hands-off approach and dedication to the Code.

3966 BBY- Revan and his followers, the Revanchists, join the war on the side of the Republic. Revan and the Revanchists are disavowed from the Jedi Order.

3964 BBY- A massacre of Padawans is revealed to the Jedi Order to be perpetrated by a 'rogue' group of masters on Taris, roughly 80% of all Knights and Padawans leave the order to join Revan.

3962 BBY- Revan is declared Supreme Commander of all Republic forces by Chancellor Majro Deen, and the fighting increases in earnest.

3960 BBY- Revan achieves victory over the Mandalorians with the death of Mandalore the Ultimate in single combat and the activation of the Mass Shadow Generator over Malachor, killing tens of millions instantly and eradicating 90% of the Mandalorian fleet and fighting force. The remaining Mandalorians surrender or retreat into hiding.

3960 BBY- The Exile, Meetra Suurik, is the only Jedi to return to the council after joining Revan. She is exiled and reported to have had her Force connection severed for her attempt at seeking redemption. No other Jedi return to Coruscant.

3959 BBY- Revan returns with his followers and declares himself the Dark Lord to the Senate and Republic as a whole, war is declared. A bounty is placed on Jedi and Jedi Lightsabers by Revan.

3958 BBY- The Jedi, numbering less than a hundred members, scatter to the seven corners of the Galaxy. The Grandmaster remains one of the only Jedi on Coruscant. The fountains fall silent.

3957 BBY- Current year. Revan is winning the conflict with the Republic, the Jedi are nearly eradicated and hope for a victory against Revan's New Empire seems all but lost.
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