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Hello, and welcome to RPF! We're happy to have you here! This thread has introductions to all current staff members.
Hello! My name is Stitches or Ari, and I'm one of your general moderators. I can be reached easily on Discord (Cinnamonbones), but I'm chronically online and will usually respond to on-site messages relatively fast. I'm twenty-eight, I have two degrees (early childhood education and creative writing), and I'm married. I've been part of this community since 2012. I'm dyslexic and I am diagnosed AuDHD. My hobbies include sewing, reading, and playing Nintendo games. My favorite color is orchid purple, like the flower, and I have a terrible caffeine addiction. I'm goth in aesthetics, enjoy all kinds of music, and will happily talk about either for hours. My favorite book is Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

My writing interests are mostly in fantasy, occult, science fiction, and a little bit of romance. I'm always more than happy to join anything in this realm, and I'm also happy to do 1x1s with just about anybody. Feel free to reach out to me should you need anything.

I'm currently active in The Foundation and Metasphere. I'm not good with code, so I won't be much help with that, but I can help with just about anything else. Looking forward to seeing all of you around!
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Hi everyone! I’m Kat, one of the moderators for Metasphere (the superhero subforum). My pronouns vary so you can either ask or just use they/them. I’m active on the Discord as Katpride, and that’s the best way to reach me. I’ve been here since September of 2020.

In the wild you can find me studying for my Mechanical Engineering classes, doing art of my various blorbos, or chatting with my partner in crime, Volt. My favorite book is The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern and my current favorite song is Baby No More by Anjimile (check it out, it’s a bop). My favorite color is blue!

I mainly like to write fantasy stories, but I have been known to dip into sci-fi and slice-of-life. I tend towards smaller group RPs or 1x1s. I’m most active in Metasphere, with a few independent threads outside of it and a character running around in ACF.
Hi, everyone! I'm illirica, I've been around here since early 2018. I will write just about anything and try to keep up with what's going on in the forums, so if you're looking for something to get involved with, I can often try to offer suggestions. You can find me on discord (illirica) or leave me a message on the site. I do a bit of code stuff as well, and while I'm not quite up there with Reyn I can often help out with more basic stuff if you need a hand.

When I'm not obsessively writing on the forums, I like reading - mostly fantasy and sci fi; and video games - mostly metroidvanias but anything with a strong story and characters is good. I like chocolate and jellyfish, but not in the same way.

I like group RPs much better than 1x1s and will join.... just about anything, or just about everything. I like things that are character focused, with stories driven by who people are rather than what they can do. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or just want to chat!
Hey! I’m Micha, I’m the moderator for the Foundation, the SCP-style subforum. The best way to reach me is over Discord (@dumbcat). I’m 24, with three degrees and my sights on a Literature and Philosophy doctorate sometime in the future. In real life I work at a hotel front desk. I’ve been doing RPs with this and adjacent communities on and off for about a decade now, mostly in the superhero, scifi, and fantasy genres.

My main hobby is writing, both here and some fantasy work offsite, but I also play the violin, read voraciously, play video games (mostly Pokemon and Minecraft), and hike when the weather’s permitting. My favorite colors include anything in the realm of purple. I don’t have a favorite song; my favorite artist is The Amazing Devil, but I’ll listen to anything once. My aesthetic is scraps and bits made up of other aesthetics until it suits me.

I’m available most of the time if anyone needs me, here or on Discord. I’m also around in the Metasphere and a few General RPs, but I mostly write in the Foundation, and I’m always open for new threads.

I hope y’all have fun!

I'm Annasiel, the admin of this site. I've been a member since 2015, and a staff member since around 2019. I'm a Comp Sci major currently working in the IT field, though my big passion is creative writing.

My hobbies include writing, programming, and laying in bed for far too long. I enjoy writing pretty much anything genre-wise, though I much prefer character driven stuff over anything else. My favorite book is Gnomon by Nick Harkaway and my favorite song is either Come Undone by the Delgados or Hug the Harbor by Emma Pollock. I play video games, especially Warframe - I'm a bit of an addict - but I also like most platformers, metroidvanias, and simulators I get my hands on.

I'm active pretty much everywhere, and always down to try something new.

If you need help with anything at all, you can reach out to me either in DMs on here or on Discord by the username Annasiel.
Hi ✌️ I'm Reyn, and I'm a backend admin of this cool website- I've been trapped in the RPF servers since 2015, chewing through wires and surviving off crumbs that get dropped through the vent. I'm very active in the Discord.

My favourite ways to put off writing posts usually involve some kind of rhythm game, or a horror movie of some variety, or a pleasant afternoon walk in the good ol' British countryside (I still haven't found a way out yet). I spend most of my time listening to music, and my taste changes fairly frequently- as of writing this, I'm listening to a lot of downy and The Callous Daoboys. My favourite movie is The Thing (1982), and my favourite book is The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin.

I know a few things about BBCode/CSS/JS- so, if you're having trouble getting your code to work, then ping me on Discord and I'll see if I can help. In terms of RP, I'll join whatever catches my interest- there's not much consistency by way of genre, though I do enjoy sci-fi and modern settings.

Enjoy your stay!
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Howdy! I'm Volt, the other moderator of the Metasphere subforum. I go by he/they, and I've been on RPF in one form or another since late 2017. I try to keep up with what's going on in most of the threads, but I'm mainly active in Metasphere or the Pirates of the Hard Nox thread. You can reach out to me either here or on the RPF Discord (HighVoltage), where I'm happy to answer any and all questions relating to RP stuff.

When I'm not writing posts that I said I would get done 3 weeks ago, I'm usually either reading, cooking, or brainrotting about characters with Katpride, my partner in crime. I also do programming sometimes for "fun" or work. Favorite book series right now is the Locked Tomb series, and favorite song at the moment is Tommy-Gun by Royal Republic.

I write a variety of things, and I've dipped into sci-fi, slice of life, fantasy, and other RPs on the site. As long as it's interesting, I'm always down to write. Hope to see you in Metasphere!
Hello. I am Ira, the moderator for the Star Wars, A Galaxy In Flames subforum. I'm a salt-of-the-earth tradesman who enjoys writing and telling a good story. I've been on RPF for a while now, a couple of years at least, and the community here has inspired me to attempt to create better and better stories. My discord name is blacknoise if anyone wishes to contact me, my DMs are open, and I respond fairly quickly to PMs on the site as well if messaging apps aren't your thing.

My favorite distractions include video games, light novels, and science fiction. I particularly enjoy audio-books as I'm able to listen to them while working. The series I'm currently reading is Overlord, the game I'm currently enjoying the most is Stellaris, and my favorite type of music currently is maidcore.

I write primarily Star Wars and dark fantasy(such as ACF). If you want someone to game with or you wish to write star wars, don't hesitate to message me. We will always be welcoming more people into the Star Wars section, so hopefully you'll stop by!