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Tyche thanks you for your service to humanity's future. Dedicating one's life to exploration and discovery is one of the greatest sacrifices an individual can make.

You wouldn't have taken the job if you had any other choice. It isn't the sort of commitment sane people make, isn't the sort any person not driven to hell's edge in desperation would even consider. But - they knew you well. Dredging secrets you tried to hide, or promises of safety from a situation you had no hope of escaping. Maybe you had nothing to live for to begin with. Whatever the case, they wove the net, and from the moment you saw the embossed T on the envelope in your mailbox your future was sealed.

Twenty years trip. Not round, mind, that's twenty there and back. Near-relativistic drives can push spacecraft far, but even they have their limits, and Atys lies at the very edges of the galaxy that humanity has touched. You'll sleep for most of the trip, at least, but it's a firm guarantee any life you had left on Earth would be gone by the time you return.

It's a good thing they ensured you had nothing left here to live for, isn't it?

At least you wouldn't be alone. This was a team expedition, the briefing notes said. You're part of the second group sent out - the first had finished their five-year stint, and you and your soon-to-be coworkers were going to be their replacements. It was just basic observational work, too. Data entry, spectroscopy, frequency observations. A bit vague, but they promised more details for when you arrive.

Good luck, candidate, and rest well.

Είθε να βρείτε τη λογική στο φως.


Character Dossier




Team Role:

Technical Background:

Psychological Assessment:


Personal Affects: You're allowed three small sentimental objects in transit. Choose wisely.
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Character Dossier

Name: Sabel Aronowitz

Age: 38

Gender: Female

Team Role: Physicist, Data Analyst

Technical Background:

MSc in Physical Sciences, PhD in Theoretical Physics w/ Minor in Astrophysics

Worked as a Fellow at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, with a main focus on recording and analyzing the interactions between cosmic radiation and non-baryonic phenomena. Credited with assisting in the development of a refined model for observing and estimating the properties of non-baryonic phenomena based on the absence of observable EMS radiation in the vicinity, as well as the gravitational affect on EMS radiation in the vicinity. She worked as an assistant professor for the Institute's post-graduate theoretical astrophysics track for two years.

Psychological Assessment:

Dr. Aronowitz has been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (Severe) and Major Depressive Disorder (Moderate). While this has had some impact on her professional life in the past, she has been able to manage her symptoms with alprazolam and alcohol. She has been described by her peers as a fastidious worker, obsessed with punctuality, and incredibly detail oriented. She has a heightened sense of ego regarding her intelligence and accomplishments. The students in her post-graduate course saw her as passionate about her material, but oftentimes condescending. She was subject to litigation for making multiple unwarranted sexual advances on male students outside of class. She was described to be under the influence during these events, either assumed to be high on self-medicated doses of her prescription or inebriated.


Personal Affects: An unlabeled bottle of pills, an ornate wooden fountain pen set with a well-chewed end, a well-worn leatherbound journal.
Tyche IRIS version 0.94a
Atis Station Distribution
IRIS kernel 20809 [build 20809 OEM 8eXD]
Running IRIS as current module . . .
Press DEL to run Setup
       _    _        _           _             _       _    _      
      /\ \ /\ \     /\_\       /\ \           / /\    / /\ /\ \    
      \_\ \\ \ \   / / /      /  \ \         / / /   / / //  \ \   
      /\__ \\ \ \_/ / /      / /\ \ \       / /_/   / / // /\ \ \  
     / /_ \ \\ \___/ /      / / /\ \ \     / /\ \__/ / // / /\ \_\ 
    / / /\ \ \\ \ \_/      / / /  \ \_\   / /\ \___\/ // /_/_ \/_/ 
   / / /  \/_/ \ \ \      / / /    \/_/  / / /\/___/ // /____/\    
  / / /         \ \ \    / / /          / / /   / / // /\____\/    
 / / /           \ \ \  / / /________  / / /   / / // / /______    
/_/ /             \ \_\/ / /_________\/ / /   / / // / /_______\   
\_\/               \/_/\/____________/\/_/    \/_/ \/__________/   
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PIN Accepted . . initializing Startup
Accessed Disk 0E


Directory of E:\ATIS


Please specify inquiry:

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888     d88P" "Y88b      d88888 888  "Y88b  888   8888b   888 d88P  Y88b                            
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88888888 "Y88888P" d88P     888 8888888P" 8888888 888    Y888  "Y8888P88      Y8P      Y8P      Y8P 

given name: Paweł Kowalczyk

age: 53

gender: M

team role: Master Systems Engineer

technical background: Lead Systems Director for Clydesdale Aeronautics (now defunct). 25+ years of external station maintenance and design.

ht: approx. 5'8"

wt: approx. 86 kg.

personal effects:
- Victorinox "Master Craftsman" Swiss Army knife
- CuraPrint Desktop 3D Printer
- Sony Handycam Hi8 Tape Camcorder, 10x Hi8 tapes

psychological assessment: Stable. Older male; humble, based on interviews, and generally softspoken. Light smoker; reportedly sober for 11 years. Highly adaptable, based on performance reviews recovered from defunct Clydesdale archives, though also described as possessing issues with strict management styles and micromanagement. Independent worker, highly driven to find and solve issues in efficiency and automation.
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Name: Rosalind Nygaard

Age: 38

Gender: Female

Team Role: Tyche Liaison Officer/Security

Technical Background:
Chief of Security aboard Huygens Station for eight years prior to Tyche IA investigation and subsequent transfer.

Previously Hydrus Risk Control, graduating the junior officer program at eighteen and serving her contract across the Sol system within their merchant marine branch. Scouted and offered contract through Tyche's security division as a warrant officer - challenged for position as XO, which she earned on assignment aboard the TCN Barkeith. During her time on Huygens, a number of officers within her administration were dismissed or requested transfers within the first 18 months of her tenure, allowing her to assign roles as she saw fit. Huygens Station was lauded as one of Tyche's safest and efficient stations within the local system. Company records list her time between Huygens and current assignment as sabbatical.

Psychological Assessment:

Relatively stable, opens up only as far as needed by her superiors. Anti-social deviations within acceptable ranges for someone with her background and position. Earth records are sparse and clean - taken as ward of the state at the age of eight, enrolled in HRC academy at fourteen. Instructors applauded tenacity, but noted issues with self-esteem and anti-social tendencies. Harshly chastises underperformance, and often believes overachievers seek to undermine her. Responds well to reliable and quiet subordinates who adhere to schedule, but is not adverse to input - so long as it does not make her appear inept.

Overdue for reevaluation.


Personal Affects:

Mateba Model 6 Unica, chambered in .357 with satin-nickel finish.
For Whom the Bell Tolls (Hemingway, 1940) dog-eared heavily.
Rolodex of polaroid photos.

Navigator / Communications Technician
13/05/2013 | 5'10" | 173.6 lbs | AB+

Technical Background
Ahvo Häkkinen has a degree in astrodynamics and communications engineering, as well as extensive technical experience piloting spacecraft and managing communication systems in deep space operations. Attached below is an abridged version of his Curriculum Vitae.

Communications Officer - Kosmicheskie voyska Rossii (KV)
2036 - 2041
  • Managed and maintained communication systems.
  • Coordinated radio and satellite communication during various military operations.
  • Honourable discharge.

Navigator - Dzhokharov-Skirrata Mining Conglomerate
2041 - 2051
  • Piloted mining crafts in the challenging environment of the Asteroid Belt.
  • Conducted routine maintenance checks on navigation and communication systems.
  • Trained new recruits in navigation techniques and safety protocols.

Chief Foreman - Nnamdi Azikiwe Salvage Station
2051 - 2055
  • Oversaw salvage operations, managing a team of technicians and ensuring efficient extraction of resources from derelict spacecraft and space debris.
  • Maintained safety protocols and procedures to minimise risks during salvage operations.
  • Maintained and repaired salvage equipment to ensure optimal functionality.
Psychological Assessment
Ahvo Häkkinen’s preliminary psychological assessment reveals signs of an undiagnosed anxiety disorder likely stemming from extended periods of isolation experienced during spacecraft navigation and the repeated cryo cycles associated with prolonged deep space travel. However, further assessment indicates high adaptability and a strong sense of determination despite his condition. Personality-wise, Ahvo is known among his coworkers for his friendly and approachable personality. He goes out of his way to foster a positive and collaborative atmosphere within his workspace, and his calm demeanour and easygoing nature make him a person others feel comfortable approaching. Ahvo values teamwork and recognises the importance of a cohesive and supportive work environment, though his approachability extends beyond professional matters, as he is genuinely interested in getting to know others on a personal level.

His friendly disposition does not seem to diminish his professionalism. Ahvo maintains a high level of dedication to mission objectives and understands the significance of everyone fulfilling their roles efficiently. His ability to balance a friendly persona with a focused work ethic contributes to a positive and productive working atmosphere—a major contributing factor to his most recent assignment as Chief Foreman of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Salvage Station.

Personal Affects
  • Military Photo
    • A folded and worn photograph of Ahvo's military unit - the 24th Signals Company, Tatsinskaya - during his service in the Kosmicheskie voyska Rossii (KV). The company, clad in their dress uniforms, is captured in a moment of frozen unity, standing in front of a spacecraft with the KV insignia displayed prominently.
  • Pocket Recorder
    • The compact recorder holds a dozen precious messages from Ahvo's wife and daughter, made to accompany him through the long trip in deep space. The messages were recorded before Ahvo embarked on his journey to Atys.
  • Prayer Rope
    • A string of intricately crafted beads, well-worn. As a practising Orthodox Christian, the prayer bead holds deep spiritual significance for Ahvo.
Character Dossier


Camilla Lucas



Team Role:

Technical Background:
PhD in Microbiology with minor in Biochemistry

Out of university, Camilla worked with a research team studying extremophiles and the theoretical limits to life’s ability to thrive in hostile environments. Further research was conducted into the areas of Earth where life could not be detected, and prior to her termination Camilla was applying her expertise to a team charting exoplanets that could contain some form of microbial life.

Psychological Assessment:
According to interviewed parties before the accident, Camilla was a dedicated researcher and personable with her coworkers. Those who knew her from this period noted that Camelia took a keen interest with newer team members to help them better integrate and help them feel, as stated ‘at home.’ Following the death of her father to cancer, and an automobile accident which claimed the lives of both her husband and son and left her with several broken bones, Camelia became socially withdrawn.

Following her leave for recovery and bereavement, Camilla’s work saw a noticeable decline. Interviewed parties note an increase in time spent at work and instances of skipped meals, both leading to an expected increase in the number of errors in Camilla’s work due to exhaustion. Around this time Camilla is noted to have become highly agitated with colleagues, leading to a series of verbal fights. The record of her termination referenced a fire caused either by negligence or Camilla passing out from a lack of proper rest and nourishment which led to the destruction of several specimens before being put out by the lab’s fire suppression system.

Camilla has been seeing a therapist for her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and has been taking medication to help manage stress.


Personal Affects:
-A stuffed animal in the shape of a Sauropod
-A flashlight with a laser pointer, adjustable beam intensity, and a black light
-A pocket microscope with her name engraved on the side in flaking gold letters
Character Dossier

Name: Isla Clark

Age: 36

Gender: female

Team Role: medical professional

Technical Background:
May 2040: BSc. Biology, Cornell University, graduated with honors
May 2044: MD, Yale University, emphasis in surgery, graduated suma cum laude

June 2044 - September 2050: Doctor of Medical Surgery, Oncology Department, Alliance National Star Hospital, Connecticut - emphasis on tumor removal and reconstruction
October 2050 - March 2055: Doctor of Medical Surgery, Neurological Department, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota - emphasis on spinal reconstruction

Present: Contracted Surgical Professional (MD), Tyche Corporation, Atys Mission

Psychological Assessment: Dr. Clark possesses what is generally termed a "Type A" personality. She is extremely driven and competitive, and concerned with living up to her full potential as well as ensuring that those around her live up to their full potential as well. Areas of concern include a lack of bedside manner, as is common in many surgeons. It should be noted that Dr. Clark requested to be assigned to the Atys mission specifically following the selection of Ella Clark, biological sibling.


Personal Affects:

Rose-gold Patek Philippe Aquanaut-series watch
Visconti Medici Viola fountain pen
Card - handmade, construction paper, with cut-out hearts: "Happy 15th Birthday Big Sister"

Character Dossier

Name: Ella Clark

Age: 27

Gender: female

Team Role: cargo supervisor

Technical Background:
May 2046: High school diploma, Williams West Central High, Ohio

August 2046 - October 2046: driver, FedEx (Columbus, OH)
December 2046 - February 2047: driver, UPS (Columbus, OH)
July 2047 - October 2047: warehouse worker, Aspiration Freight (Columbus, OH)
October 2047 - June 2048: warehouse worker, DirectION Electrical Supply (Columbus, OH)
June 2048 - October 2049: senior warehouse staff, DirectION Electrical Supply (Columbus, OH)
December 2049 - driver, FedEx (Indianapolis, IN)
January 2050 - March 2050: warehouse worker, UniWay Shipping (Indianapolis, IN)
March 2050 - August 2051: senior warehouse worker, UniWay Shipping (Indianapolis, IN)
August 2051 - present: warehouse supervisor, UniWay Shipping (Indianapolis, IN)

Psychological Assessment: Stable. Areas of concern are that Ms. Clark has a tendency to jump from one thing to another, often with little planning. Commitment to a full 20 year voyage may be an issue for her. It should be noted that Ms. Clark applied to Tyche specifically, and one of her cover letter remarks was "Atys seems like a good distance from my sister."

Subsequent application by Dr. Isla Clark was also accepted, as voluntary medical professionals are in short supply. Some friction is expected over this decision.


Personal Affects:

A plush toy in the style of "Snoopy" dog from Peanuts comics. Well-worn.
Two small amethyst earrings, both usually worn in the left ear.
Small (3"x5") family photo, silver frame, displaying Ella age 15 and her parents.