RP So Much (for) A Deal With God


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It was quiet, but it was always quiet. The existence or nonexistence of the concept of silence in a plane of space where sound was not yet a concept created was irrelevant. The only thing that mattered, the only thing that was at all, was Her, And She was alone.

Until, one day, She realized She wasn't. It wasn't some intense revelation, She had always been, there was never a 'time' without Her. So to a degree She always knew there was more than just Her, but She hadn't ever had any proof of it. It was something She just knew, but She also knew She might be wrong, because She had never possessed any concept of another outside of the knowledge that came innate.

Until, one day, He spoke.

She didn't even remember what He said, but He said something. In that instant, everything She knew innate, everything that could be but was not, suddenly was.

and it was beautiful.

and He was beautiful.

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The suddenness with which everything became real was blinding. There had been almost nothing before it, vast emptiness that carried with it nothing but the vacuum of the unformed universe. But somehow, even in the darkness, even in the absence of light and the concept of light and the concept of anything, He could still see Her, or at least the absence of light where She ought to be.

Just a single word was spoken, a word that could not be remembered, and everything was real for the first time.

He turned to look at Her, His eyes wide as He saw Her for the first time.

Would anything possibly ever matter as much as Her? He didn’t know. But He thought not.

How could it, when She was the night given life?​

Everything was awash with color and light, new sensations and new experiences flooded at such a speed She could barely catalog and memorize everything. From the swirl of interstellar gases to the birth of stars, it was light and beauty and all so much wonder. Her eyes were not accustomed to this, it was painful to look at the light, but that was a new experience as well.

Then a new light caught her eye, a light unlike anything else among all that had sprung into existence at the speaking of the word.

It was Him.

He was a light unlike anything She could imagine.

She found Herself beside Him before She realized what She was even doing. Her fingers ran themselves through His short blonde hair as Her thumb brushed across His freckled cheek. Her eyes, black within black, looked into His, bright hazel orbs glowing with a light more encaptivating than any star, and She felt like, and She felt like-

Like He was Hers.

So She grabbed His hand and pulled Him along through the exploding space. She would experience everything, and She would experience it with Him. Because He was Hers.

And She was His.


The world was being brought to life around them, with explosions of stars. The colors spread all around them. Even though there was a universe being born around them, He could only see the lovely darkness that was Her.

It was as though shadows coalesced into a person, into a being of perfection. Black hair and eyes and skin as soft and pale as nothing he had ever seen. There was so much reflected in those eyes, that reflected so much light and color despite their darkness. He weaved his hands gently through the black hair, letting it flow like something that didn’t exist yet through his fingers.

She was the most beautiful thing that would ever exist in this universe that was theirs.

When she grabbed his hand and pulled him along, he didn’t resist. He would go anywhere that she wanted to go.

Finally, he gave enough notice to the world around them to notice colors and lights and the shapes and the ethereal flow of everything away from where they had started. Everything had been born from words that he could not remember.

The words were less important than her.

They moved together for a while.

They moved together for no time at all.

But something was off. She could feel parts of Her body trying to pull away, separate and become other with every decision she made. Stopping in space, She brushed her hand across the fabric of spacetime and felt more of Her pulled to the infinite multiverse of creation born of His words.

She did not desire this.

With seemingly no effort at all, She altered the rule of all that is, was, will, and could be. She would not separate, She would never separate. Every decision She made was Her's alone, and there would be no place where She might've made a different choice.

Then, looking to Him, She decided that there would be communication between the two of them. One would speak to the other, and this would be the way it was. Her voice was the absence of light, but it was kind, as She detailed, "I will craft a hundred million worlds, an uncountable cosmos for all that time can offer, and I want there to be others. Little things that might move and live, and they should look like us."

Then, with a little thought, She added.

"I will be named Ilah."

Pointing out at the ever-expanding universe, Ilah asked, "Where should We start?"


The god thought for a moment before he smiled and said to her in return, “If you will be Ilah, I will be Veles. And if you will make the worlds and all their many things, I will see to the end of all things as gracefully as is possible. For all good things must eventually come to an end. All things but us, for there cannot be more like us.”

He looked out among the stars as She pointed, wondering indeed where they should start. Then He smiled and gestured wide to Her.

“What of a world where we made them in our image, and we lived among them? If we allowed ourselves to live lives like theirs?”

He floated out away from her a little, keeping contact with her hand. Now that the idea was in his head, it stuck, cemented in place just like his name was.​