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Previously on the DDC; With the help of a shady manager the girls were brought together! They attended singing lessons after to prepare for their idol debut before Mai ever so slightly embarrassed Khint down in the subway when they got separated by the crush of people before embarrassing her even more by going to a Mai themed restaurant!

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Distant hues of the waning sun painted the sky in vibrant bands of red and orange as the heat of the day lingered close to the street as a pressing tackiness. A not-quite-pleasant breeze wound its way through the city’s streets carrying with it tumbling bits of litter turned ragged by hundreds of pairs of feet. The busy streets slowed, the crush of office workers and tourists replaced by individual men and women looking to pick up fresh ingredients for their evening meals. It was quieter here, though the bustle of the Neon District chased after the wind as a constant thrum of distant motion.

Mai yawned, brushing her fingers across her lips as she watched a man in a rumpled business suit peruse a collection of green onions. A drone buzzed over her left shoulder, not something that was going to be with them all night she had been told but station managers were looking for some transformation b-roll. Which, Mai thought, probably meant that it would be a good idea to let Khint go first. Had to be sure they didn’t just want the footage of the shiney one, right? Or maybe she was just overthinking things.

She pulled her phone out of her pocket and glanced at the time. There was still some time before they both really had to be out on the streets, but her new partner seemed like the type that wouldn’t mind starting a little early. Mai slipped her phone back into her pocket and took a step away from the wall. She looked over her shoulder to Khint and grinned. “Well, we still have some time but it looks like the camera operators are ready, so we can start the patrol now if you’d like. Here’s hoping it gets cooler once the sun goes down.” Mai said with a wink. “They’ll want to get a good angle on your transformation so wait to see if the red light blinks green for you go.