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Hello, hello! I'm Smiley, and here's my first 'dump-style' RP ad. I've had these ideas floating around for a while and couldn't think of massive walls of text for each one. I plan on editing this frequently as my interests change, so this will be rather fresh.

These plots could or could not include romance. They don't need to, but if that's what we decide on, so be it.

Here's some info on me before I start rambling:

I use she/her pronouns
I'd like to RP with someone 16 or over
My replies are fast, but if the RP does not interest me, I will lose the motivation to write. I will tell you when I get bored, I expect you to do the same.
I have ADHD, and I will hyper-fixate on RPs that I like, talk to you about them, ask you questions about them, and obsess over them. If it gets annoying, let me know.
My replies are shorter, ranging from a one-liner of dialogue to a few paragraphs if I'm really into it.
Bad grammar and punctuation are some of my biggest pet peeves.
I can RP in PMs on RPF or Google Docs.

Anyway, HERE! WE! GO!

In a world much like this one, society is plagued by the existence of demons, foul creatures that feast on human flesh to survive. The only things that stand between the innocent and the bloodthirsty demons are Exorcists, specially trained individuals who kill demons swiftly and efficiently with weapons created to bane the demons.

A demon could corner Y/c, or maybe even in the process of being attacked and devoured by it, when suddenly, an Exorcist (M/c), comes to the rescue, slaying the demon and saving Y/c. Y/c begs M/c to become an Exorcist, and M/c obliges. After all, there has been an outbreak of powerful demons, and a new recruit won't hurt.
Every other year, angels are sent down to Hell to exterminate demons in order to tamp down the possibility of demonic Overlords rising to power in order to rebel against Heaven. One such Cleanse ends horribly at the hand of a Dealmaker-turned-Overlord Amaimon. Y/C, an angel, has been assigned a special mission to terminate him or subdue him in another way. Amaimon, on the other hand, is now turning angels against their good natures, corrupting them into formidable monsters that only make him more dangerous.

Will they succeed, fall under his dominion, or be persuaded to ally with him? The choice is yours.

NOTE: Demons are different in these two plots since they're set in different worlds.

In the big city, two performers decide to put their skills together to make it big. At first, their romance is a facade in order to attract attention, but as time goes on, their feelings become much more real.

For this one, I was thinking it could be a slow burn, but if things go well, things go well, I suppose. We can write our own songs for this or figure something else out.
Our characters have been kidnapped from their homes as children to be experimented on. After such experiments, the subjects gain supernatural powers, then they are sold to the highest bidder. One night, they devise a plan to escape, and they have to learn to adapt to the outside world along with avoiding capture.

Note: BOLDED means I would like to take the role of that certain character.

Demon x Angel
Demon x Human
Monster x Human
x Lieutenant
Villain x Hero
Dragon x Human

The only fandom I will do is Pokemon

Anyway, feel free to PM me if you're interested!
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