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The Roster

Lapis Lazuli
Age: 29

Gender: Female

Abilities: Upon physical contact, Lapis can send signals to someone else’s nervous system that trigger a physical feeling. It only works on touch, and not from any other distance. The sensation fades after contact is broken for a few seconds. She does not physically alter or actually injure anyone that she touches. It only convinces the brain of whatever sensation she wants them to feel. Some people are more resilient to this than others. She must remain in contact with her target for the effect to last. She can create any sensation she chooses, but typically, she resorts to pure pain.

Equipment: Lapis carries only a small switchblade. She doesn't wear body armor.

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Abilities: Hemie can turn any he touches into metal. He cannot turn an object larger than a person into metal, and the only organic material he can change is his own body. Previously organic material, such as wood, is susceptible to his touch. The effect only lasts as long as his concentration lasts. All things touched revert to their previous object state when he ceases to pay attention to them.

Equipment: Hemie carries around a wooden bat with a weighted head. He doesn't wear body armor.​

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Abilities: Rhody’s powers are entirely internal. She has a healing factor that is nearly instantaneous. She can regenerate minor pieces of her body, such as teeth and fingers, and once even an eye. She is extremely fast, just enough to be considered super-human. Aside from this, she has no other power. All the strength she possesses is her own and comes from hard work. She cannot affect other people at all. She cannot regenerate her head or any major organs should they be removed.

Equipment: Rhody doesn't carry a weapon, nor does she wear body armor.

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Abilities: Sulphur’s ability is threefold. He produces gases as a natural part of his physiology that are emitted from unique glands on his body. His first gas is a paralytic, and a few seconds of breathing it in will render most normal people paralyzed. Those with faster metabolisms tend to resist this one well. This gas has a diameter of 10 meters before it dissipates. His second gas is a toxin that renders the victim unconscious and weakness their body. This gas is more condensed and has a diameter of 10 meters. His final gas is odorless, colorless, and undetectable, but only has a diameter of 5 meters. It produces a mist that causes people to be more likely to tell him the truth. It leaves them dizzy and tired after use, a sure sign they’d just been subject to it.

Equipment. Sulphur carries a pair of spiked brass knuckles and wears a level III ballistics vest. He often sources guns as well.​
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