Approved Siren

[div style="margin:auto;background:white;color:black;text-align:left;padding:10px;text-shadow:3px 3px purple;width:95%;font-size:42pt;"][font face="verdana"]Siren[/font][/div][div style="background:black;color:white;box-shadow:8px 8px purple;"]
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[/td][td style="vertical-align:text-top;padding:10px;width:60%;"][font face="verdana"][font size="5"][div style="padding:10px;text-shadow:3px 3px purple;" align="right"]Profile[/div][/font] Name
Katerina Kutsuki


Late twenties


102 lbs

[font size="5"][div style="padding:10px;text-shadow:3px 3px purple;" align="right"]Powers[/div][/font] Enhanced Senses
Katerina possesses superior hearing and vision to the human baseline. She's capable of hearing a moderate distance outside of the typical frequency range, as well as lower volumes than normally possible. Her night vision is a step above normal, as well. She can pick out fine details in her environment, and is especially attuned to movement. This comes with a tradeoff - while it's harder to slip things past her, she's also far more sensitive to sonic and light-based disruption. Also, her sense of touch is numbed compared to the baseline, leading to a heightened resistance to pain.

Enhanced Physicality
Athletic and lithe, Katerina is able to match olympic levels of acrobatic prowess, and seems to tire at a far slower rate than a normal person. While her physical ability is generally only at peak athlete levels, when it comes to fine motor control, her skills reach superhuman levels, granting her reflexes and balance that, under heightened circumstances, allow her to perform feats like shooting accurately from on top of a speeding bus or narrowly dodging incoming gunfire.

Chemical Secretion
At the core of Katerina's skillset is her ability to secrete powerful chemicals that give her her namesake power of suggestion. Ranging from hallucinogens to sedatives to stimulants to outright deliriants, the chemicals are transmissible weakly through touch and strongly through bodily fluids, such as saliva. The most potent catalyst for her secretions is blood.

Other Skills
Katerina is fluent in English, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and Russian.

[font size="5"][div style="padding:10px;text-shadow:3px 3px purple;" align="right"]Gear[/div][/font][/font] Purse
- Colt Anaconda chambering .44 magnum rounds
- Box of ammunition
- Makeup bag
-- Mirror compact
-- Black mascara
-- Black eyeliner
-- Matte flesh lipstick
-- Liquid foundation
-- Folding comb
-- Clippers
-- Brushes
-- Lotion
-- Perfume
- 2' long aluminum garrote
- 6 oz tube capsaicin spray
- Black leather gloves
- Tampons
- Lip balm
- First aid kit
-- Disinfectant
-- Hand sanitizer
-- Gauze
-- Scissors
-- Needle and thread
-- Medical tape
- Powder deodorant
- Penlight
- Tissues
- Hair ties
- Smartphone
- Prepay flip phone
- Spring-loaded angel blade
- Chewing gum[/td][td style="width:200px;overflow:hidden;"][img src="[MEDIA=imgur]ltjLYaU[/MEDIA]" alt="img" style="max-height:100%;"][/td][/tr][/tbody]