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Mary was humming a song as she walked home at the end of the day. She had an amazing day. It started with opening the fridge this morning and finding more bacon and eggs than she thought she had the night before! Score! Then, as she left her home, she found a $100 bill on the ground! Unlucky for someone else, but great for Mary! Two cats had approached her on her walk to her job site and, obviously, you pet stray cats.

Then, at her job site, everyone had gone home for the day because of the rain! How awesome! She didn't even have to bullshit a reason for her to be hanging around, she was able to rip out all of the electrical wires without any issues or trouble! After that, when she went to her favorite recycling center, the Chinese couple that ran it had hired some random white kid to weigh the scales for copper. He didn't even know what the current going price was as Mary tipped the scale with her foot, netting double the scrap price for the wire!

Now, pocket full of money, she was headed home after a wonderful, amazing, happy fun day.

Cicatrix had hated every second of it.

So, without Mary realizing it, Cicatrix lead Mary down a new path home that day.

A path that would flip that smile upsidedown.
She was on, for better or for worse, patrol.

There were better uses of her time. Too many cases went cold in this city, cold by way of cold feet over lack of evidence. Besides - there was still the matter of the underlying reason for why Pittsburgh had so much more activity than anywhere else in the nation. DHS wanted answers, answers that, at least for now, she couldn't provide.

"Robbery in progress in Homewood West. Car-jacking in the Strip, too."


"Probably not, so you get your pick. Police response times are running on twenty minutes today."

Basilica sighed. She had a job here, but the more she tried to do it, the more she felt like she had a hundred other jobs as well. She wasn't - wait.

"No response on either, leave it to the PPD. I have something I need to follow up on."

Speak of the devil. She wasn't exactly surprised. Not in a place like this. But - she was still a little angry. It was hard to forget a face when you last saw it getting hit by a train. Especially with all the paperwork that came with it.

"Excuse me. Mary Martinez?"
Mary should've been smarter, especially after her botched robbery, but that was one of the unfortunate side-effects of not remembering dying- you just don't learn. So when someone said her name, she instinctively turned to look at who was attempting to get her attention. At first, there seemed to be no one on the street, then, she looked up. Mary was so stupid.

But she wasn't incapable of learning.

Smiling, she responded, "I'm sorry, same last name! Very common 'round here ya know? Don't know no Mary tho-!" And, without hesitation, turned away to continue walking. She had recognized the flying bitch, even if she looked a little different than last time. But who else wore that gaudy costume and fucking flew.

Mary could do without getting arrested today thank you very much.
Could be a relative. Could be a sister, cousin, niece. Would look bad, to be pushing on the family member of someone who could very easily be spun as a casualty of the justice system. But - she had a lot of experience with kids being bad liars, and this really felt the part.

She lighted on the ground beside the girl, walking quickly beside her.

"Miss Martinez. Care to explain? Are we going to have to add resurrection to your sheet, now?" Basilica reached out with her good arm, trying to rest her hand on the girl's shoulder.
Mary kept walking, her mind racing as the fucking metacop landed beside her and matched pace. An innocent, or as innocent as she could manage, smile kept on her face as she shrugged in response. Sticking her hands in her jean pockets, Mary responded, "Nah, ain't sure what I'm needin' to explain to you's. Seein' as I dunno who you's is. Course, whoever you's lookin' for, not sure if resurrection is illegal yet!"

Then, unable to stop herself, Mary added, "Knowin' you pigs, you'd find a way to make comin' back to life illegal. Arrest fuckin' Jesus and hold Him for bail cause you think God's a commie, right?"

Something was off though, why was she talking about resurrection? Mary had made a clean getaway, didn't she? She had bolted for the treeline after the robbery, ran for the train tracks, then, then... Then she was, home? Her face twisted as she thought about it, confusion obvious.
"Resurrection isn't illegal, no. Robbing a bank, however, is."

She obviously had no liking for authority figures. Probably had good reason to. She was young, poorly dressed, likely robbed the bank more out of necessity than anything else.

"Mary, please. Can we stop and talk?" Basilica flew ahead, landing in front of Mary, blocking her way. "Just a talk."
Mary crossed her arms as the cape landed directly in her path. It would seem this pig wasn't going to let things go. If things had to get violent, well, Mary really hoped they didn't. She seemed to want to talk, just a little talk. Though Mary knew you could never believe anything a cop said.

"Alright, talkin'. I can do it, but I ain't doin' it in the street. You's wanna bend my ear? Shell it out, I want food."

Mary wasn't admitting to anything, not even her name. Whatever this cop thought she had, she didn't have enough to make an immediate arrest. Cops didn't hold back on the whole arresting thing, if they thought they had anything at all then they'd throw you to the ground. Sometimes, they'd do it just to do it.
Basilica gestured at a nearby McDonald's.

"Alright. Whatever you'd like, my treat."

Definitely necessity. Food was the first thing on her mind. The inside of the McDonalds was dingy - most tables sticky, a few tiles missing from the floor, and the bathroom permanently propped open with a mopless handle. After ordering - true to her word, whatever the girl wanted - Basilica moved to sit a distance away from anyone else, careful not to lean her arms on the table.

"I'm going to be honest, Mary. You need to give back the money. I can't stop the bank from pressing charges, as things are, and we already know where you live." She paused. "Where all of you live."
Mary walked with Basilica to the McDonald's, she was never too picky about free food and McDonald's was as good as fast food could get. After ordering, four catering boxes of chicken nuggets, four large fries, and an extra large soda, she made her way to sit down at the table with the hero. At Basilica's words, Mary laughed,

"Honest now? Honest-! Ha! Next you's gonna tell me you's ain't a cop!"

She laughed again at her clearly hilarious joke before continuing, "Now listen, I dunno who this Mary you's think you's talkin' about is, but if'n I did know her, maybe she'd give you a talkin' to about this hypothetical bank robbery. Maybe she'd remind you's that she didn't even get to the vault, that the bank didn't lose ANY fuckin' money, and that the petty cash she got outta the poor sod's wallets could only pay to fix the tires a certain 'hero' crapped out on her van!"

The food arriving, Mary smiled and started enjoying herself. Halfway through a bite of nugget, she asked,
"Why the fuck you's care anyway? You's don't look like the bootheel suckin' type- or, maybe you's is?"