Shoddy Code Test

If not for Wyrton being the only pilot they had on hand, their being in the beating heart of the Republic, and currently standing in a crowded diner, Corre would have taken his head from his shoulders and never thought of him again. Before she quite knew what she was doing, she found her hands balled into fists, one of them reaching for her hip, beneath her shawl. She took a pause when she realized, and not a moment after, Verse spoke.

That distraction was a saving grace, giving Corre something else to focus on entirely. Initially, she watched over her shoulder as Verse gave out the information she had requested. She felt some amount of pride in her, that she had even thought to do this, but would hardly mention it, especially right now. "No, Fondor does certainly have among the best shipyards in the galaxy, but nothing that could produce at this scale, or rate. But maybe they're recruiting shipwrights from there? It may still be worth investigating."

The metal composition, on the other hand, she had no explanation for. For everything to be exactly the same, exactly the same, down to a presumably molecular level... by any normal manufacturing process, to her knowledge, that should be impossible. Corre took the datapad as Verse relinquished it, scrolling through as her sister finsihed her own small speech, though one much more bearable.

"A navicomputer..." Her knowledge of starships, of any size, was admittedly not what it should have been, having not been taught in piloting much to this point. It had been on the list, before Jakal's untimely death, and she hadn't had much time to get lessons. "An infiltration could work, so long as no one aboard recognizes us. By nature, we will already hold authority. We would have to hope that Revan hasn't passed down any orders to specifically bar something of that nature." He likely had, of course, but it was worth testing. Many of the Empire would fear displeasing a Sith of any rank.

Corre set the datapad down, and followed Verse's gaze to the pilot. "I believe getting our hands on a navicomputer, as Verse said, may be our most clear path forward. It would have to hold navigational data from where it came from, unless they regularly purge that information, but if they do, that would likely make maintenance and repair substantially more difficult. If you have an objection, share, but please do make it succinct, I fear my head may split open if you begin rambling agian."
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