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An antler and a jewelry box were outside the Diamond when Lapis stepped out at five am. They were in the same place that all of the presents had been over the last two weeks. She smiled and sighed as she looked at them. She had received an assortment of antlers, different flowers, boxes of jewelry, and even a few handwritten poems. At first, she had laughed. He never said anything about the gifts, even though she had visited him several more times in the cabin.

Well, at first she had laughed. But now, now she thought it was… almost sweet. She walked over to the little gifts and picked up the box. She opened it and smiled even wider at the lapis lazuli necklace inside. It was shaped into a flower, and she could tell by the flecks of calcite and pyrite that it was just as real as the rest of the jewelry he had been bringing her. She had no idea where he was finding so much of it. Lapis lazuli wasn’t exactly a common stone, nor was it a particular favorite in terms of jewelry making.

Lapis picked the antler up and took the necklace made of her namesake back inside, walking up the stairs on the side of the building up to the front door of their home. She wasn’t sure if Connor knew that she started her days early enough to find the presents, or if he just assumed she would receive them somehow. She had no idea when he was leaving them either, or really how he had found the Diamond to begin with. All she knew was they had started showing up like clockwork.

She sighed as she set the antler on the shelf with the rest of them, now growing into a small pile. She took the necklace and removed it from the box, hanging it in her jewelry box. Alongside the two other necklaces from Connor, her collection of lapis lazuli jewelry was growing.

This left her in a peculiar position. She could continue to not address the presents. Honestly, that seemed like the best idea. Just pretending they weren’t happening, just pretend she didn’t find them endearing. After all, she was going to move on soon. While the sex with him was good, and Lapis had never spent this long with someone before, she couldn’t imagine staying too much longer.

Instead, Lapis pulled her phone out of her pocket, and pulled up Connor’s information. She looked at it for a second, then hit “Message”.

Hey there, big guy. Want to get dinner with me tonight?

She hit send and bit her lip. There was no guarantee he was awake this early, no guarantee she’d get an immediate response. But still, she stared at the phone and waited.​
Connor lounged at the edge of a large boulder which jutted out of the earth, from where he sat he had a decent view of Pittsburg as the sun began to rise over it. Absent-mindedly, he gnawed on the leg bone of a buck he'd felled that morning. There was a lot on his mind, but he chose to ignore it, allowing himself to enjoy a moment of quiet and peace. That was until his phone buzzed. He never expected the thing to ever get much use, but he'd been called and messaged more times in the last few months. He pulled it out and looked at the screen, he froze and dropped the bone he was gnawing on. There was Lapis' name, wasn't the first time she's messaged him, usually it was just telling him she was on her way, or that he should stop whatever he was doing to come... well do her. But that wasn't that.

Hey there, big guy. Want to get dinner with me tonight?

Connor's whole body bloomed with heat and his heart felt like it was going to burst, it was like he had just spotted a prime prey target, but rather than hunger, rage, and anticipation. This was excitement, nervousness, happiness. He nearly dropped the phone with how quickly he went to reply, smashing his fingers into the buttons to reply with a "YES"

He spent the next few moments practically bouncing up and down waiting for her reply, he didn't have to wait long before she replies. "Okay, great. Meet me at the Diamond at 6. Don’t be late". Connor quickly replied with an "OKAY"

Connor hopped to his feet, he couldn't help the smile on his face and the manic energy which filled him. He took off running in the woods, running all the way back to his cabin and sprinting circles around it. This was different, so very different, this was... a date, a real date. Not another addition to a long series of one-night stands. Connor slowed down to a stop, but the excitement didn't leave him. This feeling was unknowable, he didn't know where it came from or why he felt it, it was almost scary. But right now he didn't care, he just wanted to be with Lapis, and this... this was confirmation that she wanted to spent time with him too.

He'd been about to immediately start running off towards Diamond before Connor paused and looked at the text again. In a moment of clarity, he realized that Lapis didn't mean 6 in the morning, which was an hour from now. She likely meant 6 in the afternoon, which made a lot more sense for dinner. He tapped his foot rapidly on the ground in anxious anticipation, before an idea came to his mind.

It took most of the day to get what he needed, but eventually Connor was either able to find or steal the flowers he needed. Eventually he had a large bouquet of flowers. It consisted of Asters, red Carnations, Daffodils, a healthy amount of Lime Blossoms, but an even greater amount of Narcissus', Red Roses, Peony, Gerberas, and Coral Rose. He wrapped this carefully after considering each flower choice, deciding to cut down on the Lime Blossoms and adding some Blue Orchids. He wrapped them in parchment and carefully kept them in water until he was ready.

He had also spent some time scouring local shops for new clothing and was able to make away with a pair of jeans that were black and sort of looked like dress pants, a flannel shirt that was mostly white in pattern, he even found deodorant that didn't offend his nose. He spent the hours leading up to the time carefully washing himself in a river more thoroughly than he ever had in his life, his soap that he'd gotten smelt of sea salt and eucalyptus. Likewise, he scrubbed until he couldn't smell any of the wet dog smell, and he then scented himself with his usual combination of aromatics. After that, he spent a long time brushing his hair and beard until they shined with a glossy quality, but he couldn't quite get his hair to lay flat like he'd seen other men wear their hair. He eventually gave up.

Mac and Brian stood off staring at Connor as he got dressed, he'd made sure no blood or dirt was still on him, even his boots he'd cleaned. He looked up at the dogs, both of whom stared at him with tilted heads.

"Do I look okay?" Connor asked. Brian wagged his tail, but Mac gave a concerned yip.

"You have no taste," he waved them off dismissively and picked up his bouquet. "You two don't wait up!"

He got into the car that Todd had lent him and took off at a speed that wasn't legal in most of the lower 48 states. He got to Diamond around twenty minutes before six. Connor got out, meaning initially to just go right up, but he hesitated. The anxiety of the situation hit him then, he tried to reason against it. He'd seen Lapis naked almost a dozen times now, a dinner shouldn't be weird. Why would it be weird? He wasn't weird. It wasn't as if he didn't distract himself, in his thoughts wandered to her at every waking moment and also in his dreams. It's not like every time she smiled or laughed, it made his heart ache. Why would this be weird they were just... what were they, the word Mate floated into Connor's mind again. The animal thought of her like that, but what did he think, what did she think? It had seemed like they would only see each other as bedmates up until now... but this was different, that was scary, different was scary. But also exciting.

Connor realized he had about six minutes left, so he grabbed his bouquet and made his way up to the staff door, he'd been leaving gifts for Lapis. Swallowing back his fear, he knocked in the door and waiting, trying not to fidget with his hair.
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Lapis did not open the door. Instead, a small woman– still taller than Lapis– dressed in a soft pink kimono top and white pants. Her dark hair was pulled back away from her face in a tight bun, a few stray pieces falling into her face. Her skin tone and nose suggested heritage in the realm of Pacific Islander. She looked up at Connor, her brow furrowing. Then, realization dawned on her face, and in a pleasant and deep voice, she exclaimed, “You must be Connor! Come in, Lapis is still getting dressed right now.”

She stepped aside for him to walk into the house. She waved him in, her face lit up with excitement. She practically vibrated with good energy, welcoming energy. Just beyond her, sitting on one of the chairs in the living room was a taller young black man, his hair in thick locs that were pulled away from his face. He had startling green eyes, and he rose to meet Connor near the door.

“Connor, brotha, welcome! Lapis has been talking abou’ you.”

While Hemie and Rhody welcomed Connor into the house, Lapis was upstairs, finishing getting ready. She had decided to wear the newest of Connor’s gifts alongside an almost matching pair of earrings. They matched her deep blue cropped blouse, the off-the-shoulder puff sleeves leaving her shoulders bare and most of her tattoos showing from the low neckline. She had paired it with a black, skin-tight short skirt, a pair of diamond fishnets, and a black leather jacket. She was double checking her moody makeup, complete with swirls of eyeliner beneath her eyes that spread away from them like butterfly wings when she heard the door open.


She grabbed her purse and hurried down the stairs. She had just reached the bottom of them when she finally looked up and saw Connor standing in the doorway. He wasn’t only clean but dressed nicely in clean, neat clothing. Something strange happened to her chest then, an energy almost nervous in nature settling there. She had no idea what it was. She chose to ignore it in favor of sauntering over to the shoe racks situated near the door, grabbing a pair of strappy and tall black heels while she spoke.

“Sorry for the wait. Had to grab a few things, but I’ll be ready as soon as I get these heels on- Oh!” Lapis stopped and looked at the bouquet in Connor's arms. It was massive, and full of color. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and looked up. The nervous feeling fluttered through her chest again. "You can... You can set that down on the coffee table and I'll get in a vase before we leave."

Connor wasn't really sure what he was expecting when it came to the rest of Lapis' 'family.' but the immediate air around the woman was... good, warm, it put him at ease. For some reason, he'd been imagining a pack of wolves, or perhaps jackals, yipping at snarling at the newcomer. Instead, he found... people. He didn't know if that was better. But it was new.

"It's uh, it's good to meet... you, yes, I'm Connor," Connor paused, just catching what the man had said. Lapis... talked about him, to other people? To her family? She openly admitted to spending time with him? What did she say? Was she making fun of him? Praising him? Oh, God, did she tell them details? Connor felt his face start burning up. He was desperately trying to find something else to say when Lapis appeared, and he nearly dropped the flowers.

She glowed, she practically radiated light, which brought warmth that flooded through his whole body. The curve of her cheeks, the arch of her brows, the shape of her lips. It commanded his gaze and dominated his heart. Like a light shining in the darkness when all his life had been nothing but shadows. Her eyes captured his like a hypnotic being from the other world, made of silver and starlight and set alight with wings of ink. All his power, all his strength, tossed away and useless before her. She commanded him totally, and oh, oh dearly, how he wanted her. Want. Want was all he could know, desire and want. He wanted to pounce, but he didn't know if it was to tear her clothes off or tear her flesh off, or to hold her gently like the most precious treasure in all the world so she could be safe forever. It was maddening. It was amazing. It was too much. It was never enough.

"No... no worry, I just got here," Connor said, breathlessly, his face was bright red. He did as he was told and placed the flowers down. Never breaking hi gaze on her. He watched Lapis start to bend over to put her heels on, and Connor stepped forward, driven my an instinct he couldn't recognize. He gently took the heels from her hands and knelt down elegantly, unlike his usual movements. He took one of her legs in one hand, as gentle as he would glass, and carefully placed the heel on her foot. He repeated the same with her other foot before standing up slowly, standing very close to her and hovering over her form, just like he did the first night they met.

"You look gorgeous," Connor resisted telling her she was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. Suddenly he felt awkward, and scared, oh what was he doing? Suddenly he felt absurd, unwelcome, like this was against his nature and he shouldn't be doing this. Why was he... going on a date? He didn't do that, he didn't date. This wonderful, beautiful woman, why was she here? Why was he toying with her?

Connor stepped back after a long pause and an awkward as he did his best to hide his panic, but when he looked back up at her face, oh how he couldn't help but smile and feel better already.

"Uh, are you... ready to go?" he asked.
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When Connor knelt down in front of her and took her shoes, she was too shocked to really do anything other than let him. She stood there, sucking in a sharp breath as he took each of her legs in his hands, slipping the heels onto her feet, working the straps up and over her calves. She was quiet as he did so, stunned like a deer in the headlights. Her mind went completely blank, and a flush rose unwanted to her cheeks.

When he was done, she stood and blinked, her eyes wide. Then, in a quick motion, she moved forward, caught his jaw in her hands, and pulled him down into a kiss. Her mind stayed blank while she did it. Her lips moved against his, soft and slow, as opposed to the normal way she kissed him. Then, her brain caught back up to her, and she broke away just as quickly as she had started.

She stared at him, her cheeks flushed as her brain started to process what she had just done. She took a big step back, her heels clattering on the ground. There was a moment of silence, then she looked past Connor to Rhody and Hemie, who were standing together, whispering. She blushed darker and grabbed Connor’s hand and started pulling the mountain of a man toward the door.

“C-come on, we have a reservation.” She pulled him toward the door, which sat open behind Rhody. The older woman stepped out of the way and smiled knowingly, which left Lapis feeling… uncomfortable. She wasn’t entirely sure why.​
The kiss felt different, it wasn't a hungry taste of desire and lust. It was soft, gentle, it stirred something in Connor's chest, a curious and warm feeling. Suddenly the embarrassment didn't seem to matter, and his whole body relaxed, all tension leaving it. Even the beast seemed to be tamed for the moment. Connor released a soft sound involuntarily from his throat, now a growl per se, it was a pleasant sound, a soft low rumble of pure contentment. He was taken aback by it, because he'd never made that noise before.

Connor was far too distracted by all that to resist Lapis pulling him out the door, they came outside to where Lapis brought them to where a Range Rover was waiting. Connor stifled a laugh, thinking about Todd's horror at seeing the condition of his when he'd left it at his shop. Motivated by that strange instinct, Connor opened the driver’s side door for Lapis, looking sheepish.

"Better if you drive, I haven't been in traffic in seven years..."
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Lapis gave a small laugh as Connor admitted to not having driven in traffic in years. She climbed up into the SUV, using Connor’s shoulder to balance as she did so. She flashed a grin at him as she settled into the seat, her skirt riding up her legs just the smallest bit, almost as if by design. She closed the door behind her and waited for him to get in the passenger seat. Once he was in and buckled, she started the vehicle up and pulled them out onto the street.

She looked small, sitting in the seat of the SUV. She’d raised the seat and brought it all the way forward in order to drive it, almost like a child. But then, there were children that were taller than her, so it wasn’t all that surprising. As they drove, she kept glancing over at Connor, her eyes wandering over him like she was trying to place something. Then, in a direct voice, with just the hint of her usual flirtiness, she asked, “So, big guy, would you be opposed to cutting that hair back a bit? I would understand if you were, that’s a lotta hair, but I’d like to see that face.”

That statement carried a lot with it. Not only was it the first request she had ever made of him, it was one that implied vaguely a long-term commitment. You didn’t ask someone to cut their hair unless you planned to see them frequently and for a while. And you didn’t ask things of people you didn’t plan to see again. Lapis was, subtly, admitting she was planning to keep seeing him. Whether he got the message or not was entirely on him.​
Connor tensed slightly, she wanted to see his face? More? She wanted to see him more? Frequently? More than they already were? She wanted to be with him enough to see how he'd look with his different? Connor took a lock of his hair between his fingers, curling it nearly into a knot as he mulled over what Lapis had just said. In truth, his heart had already bent to her will and was fully willing to submit to any and all alterations at her whim. This fact was worrying, and strange, though in the same breath Connor figured he wasn't that attached to his hair in any way that would make this a big sacrifice.

"I guess not... I don't cut my hair because I don't really have a reason to... and I don't know how to make it look good... but if someone did it for me I wouldn't mind-" Connor blushed lightly, was he implying something? He didn't even know. But the thought of him sitting comfortably as Lapis carefully ran her fingers through his hair and cut it delicately - he tried on focus on anything else.
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She smiled a little, her eyes staying on the road. Was he suggesting what she thought he was? That she cut his hair? That was… surprisingly intimate and personal. Sure, she cut Rhody’s, Ethan’s, and her own hair, and sure she styled Hemie’s hair, but surely this man wasn’t agreeing to let her come at him with her scissors and sheers?

“I mean, if you’re comfortable with it, I suppose I could do it.” She looked over at him, giving him a subtle side-eye. Then, her eyes were back on the road. Lapis had never offered to cut someone’s hair outside the pack before. She didn’t know why she had offered that, not really. But something about talking to him was easy, and something about him, maybe it was his eyes, made her want to do… something. She wasn’t sure what, but it made her want to do something.​
Connor met her eyes, his face very red. But he didn’t look away, there was a longing there, a desire, different from the physical desires that they’d shared before. This was a want of something else, no less intimate, but in a strange gentle place Connor couldn’t quite place.

”You can do whatever you want to me…” Connor looked away. “…To me hair! Me hair, you can cut it, I wouldn’t mind that at all” as he babbled his voice took on a rhythmic accent tilt as a hint of Irish entered into it. Connor couldn’t look at Lapis as he was sure she had noticed and would think he sounded ridiculous. He was relieved when they pulled into the parking lot of the resturant.
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Lapis smiled wide, a genuine look that she caught almost as soon as it had happened. His accent was cute. This was the first time she had heard it, and she found herself unable to stop the smile on her face. She sighed softly as she listened to him babble. She pulled the Rover into a parking space, parking the large vehicle with ease. She unbuckled and leaned over toward Connor.

A hand reached out and ran through his hair of its own accord. She felt how smooth the hair was compared to that first night that they had slept together. She still didn’t really know what she was doing here. Lapis had never, not in a million years, dreamed that she would ever be giving the wild man who shredded people with a sword the chance that dozens of people before had begged her for. She withdrew her hand and snatched up her purse.

“Let’s go, big guy. We’re right on time for our table.” Lapis got out of the car, sliding down against the leather seat. She tugged her clothes back into place under her leather jacket after she touched the ground. After giving Connor a moment to get out of the car, she locked the doors and turned on the car alarm. Sulphur would kill her, after all, if she lost this car.

Especially after the last one.​
Connor felt warmth bloom through his entire body as he felt Lapis' touch brush against him and through his hair. This feeling desired more, more of her touch, but not like they had touched before, no it craved that gentle and loving gesture again, and again, and again. He couldn't recall the last time he'd been touched like that, gently, without fear or carnal want. It tamed whatever wild thing lived inside his heart, and commanded him so fully that it was near terrifying.

Connor tried to act normal as he got out of the car and went with Lapis into the restaurant, but he couldn't help his hand trailing over and brushing up against hers. He wanted to hold her, to feel her touch in his hand, but fear stopped him, what if he was misreading this? What if she wasn't feeling the same thing he was feeling. These things swirled around in his mind as they went inside and were lead over to their seats, and Connor had a moment of panic as he realized this was only the second restaurant he'd been to in a very long time. With Sam it was different, this was a... a date. Oh, Oh God. Was this a date? A romantic date? Were they dating? How much food do you order at a restaurant on a date? What utensils do you use? Oh was Connor paying? The man always paid right? It was all Connor could do to not run away at this point, the only thing that kept him there, was the steady warmth of Lapis near to him. Which he realized now, he never wanted to go away.
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As they were seated at their table, Lapis started to feel something in her chest. A weird fluttering sensation. It wasn’t unpleasant, but she wasn’t sure she liked the unidentifiable feeling. She slid into her chair, her legs crossing at the ankles as she did so. She sighed softly as the hostess gave them their menus before hurrying back off toward the front of the restaurant. She needed to spend some time thinking about this, when this date was over.

She opened the menu and started to leisurely glance through it. As she did so, she looked over the edge of the laminated pages and said, “Order whatever you want. It’s on Obsidian tonight.”

Connor didn’t need to know that that was because she’d stolen Ethan’s credit card. She looked back down at the menu, biting the corner of her lower lip. She wanted to ask questions. She wanted to know things. Lapis needed to know things, or she never felt prepared. She was still surprised when the first thing out of her mouth was, “So, where were you born? Your accent gave it away. You’re not American, right?”
Connor blushed sheepishly as the mention of his accent, he couldn't tell if that was due to his usually-under-control accent slipped or that he liked that Lapis paid enough attention to him to notice. He absentmindedly took a lock of his hair between his fingers and twisted it around as he regained his composure again.

"I'm from Ireland," there was more to explain, more to tell, but Connor didn't feel like she wanted to hear everything he'd been through, so he left it at that. But still felt the need to extend the conversation and... he wanted to know more about her, everything, every single thing. He managed to regain her gaze and leaned forward with earnest interest. "What about you? Are you from here?"

The waitress came back, and Connor ordered a whiskey. He gave a glance at the menu, and reassured that he could have whatever he wanted. He frowned, a lot of the dishes has sauces or glazes that he wasn't sure about; they all likely contained garlic or something else he couldn't eat in large amounts and like many restaurant they weren't kind enough to lost every single ingredient. He'd have to stick with just the meat cuts.

"I'll have the 16 ounce ribeye, no side pasta thank you, the... Pat-La-Fr... the tomahawk? the 45 ounce one, two A5 striploins, and a steak tartare... two of them actually, that's it, all the steaks cooked extra blue rare," Connor sheepishly avoided the waitresses wide eyed gaze as she wrote down his order.
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Lapis grinned at Connor’s order and at the reaction of the waitress, who turned to her, her eyes flickering back toward the mountain of a man a few times before finally fixing on her. Lapis ordered an Italian soda in the flavor of blood orange, a plate of Cacio e Pepe, and a plate of Ossobuco alla Milanese. The waitress nodded, took the order down, and then excused herself, hurrying back to the kitchen.

She turned her attention back to Connor, the grin still wide on her face, even as she thought of the question he had asked her. That question came with a lot of baggage. She sighed softly and looked down at the table when she responded, “I’m from Virginia. That’s what that drawl in my voice is. We moved to Philly a few years ago, and we picked Rhody up on the way.”

At that moment, the drinks arrived. The waitress set them out on the table and stepped away. Lapis took her soda and twirled the straw, mixing the syrup into the fizz. She took a deep breath, then looked back up. There was something sharp in her eyes then, as though talking about her past had brought out an edge to her. “Why move to the US? Ireland sounds like a great place, from all I know. Not bad for metas. I would have stayed there.”

She paused, then flashed a flirty smile and shook her head. “Not that I’m saying you should have. Then we wouldn’t be sitting here, would we?”
Connor stiffened a bit under her gaze, though he did not retreat from it. He hadn't had to think about how he'd come to this place in years, in fact he tried not to. It was a painful and unpleasant thing, though when he looked in her eyes he could only find the comfort and courage to speak.

"I didn't come here by choice," he said. "I was... well, I was taken, not from my parents; they left me on the doorstep of a monastery of nuns, no... I was taken from there, I don't remember how; I was young, and it wasn't by agreement or choice, stolen, brought over here to be sold to someone for some purpose..." Connor caught himself, his voice had begun to waiver with emotion. "I'm sorry, I haven't... spoken about this to anyone in years"
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Lapis’s eyes softened a bit at Connor’s explanation. She couldn’t sympathize with that. Not really. But she could empathize with it. The idea of being stolen at a young age– well anything would have been better than that fucking house. But for him, for him it was traumatic and it was horrible. So she smiled and she nodded her head and she asked, “Tell me what happened. Talk to me about it. It’s not good to keep that kind of thing bottled up.”

Something genuine, a genuine offer. Lapis really wanted to hear him, to listen to him. She wasn’t sure why she was feeling this way, but she was. Maybe she was just in a “human” mood. Maybe she was just feeling kind. Whatever the reason was, she leaned forward on her hands, folding them under her chin as she smiled.​
Connor was able to meet her gaze, and her eyes drew the words out of him, his body relaxing underneath her lashes. She... cared, she wanted to listen, Connor thought back and the last person to show such care was Chaoa. It felt warm.

"I don't... remember much, I only know I was left on the doorstep of a Covent by whoever my parents were, they didn't... want me, but the sisters took me in, they raised me best they could for a while, particularly Sister Sophia... one night I must have been... fifteen I think, I woke up trapped in a box. A shipping container. I don't know how I was stolen, but I was...." Connor shrunk in, as the memories reared their heads in his mind. His fists clenched and unclenched on the table. "Put on a boat, taken across the sea, I think... I think it capsized or something, but I washed up on a beach, in a strange place, strange smells, strange people, who spoke strangely, and they all... everyone saw me for a monster, an animal, and drove me away, into the wilds... Connor stopped and realized he may be saying too much. "I'm sorry... this is not very pleasant to listen to."
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With every word, Lapis felt her smile falling. God, he was being trafficked. That made her so… angry. Although Connor didn’t know yet, Lapis’s main job was working with the shelters that Obsidian’s charity Crystals ran. She worked with young metas and women, and several of them had come to her– to the shelters– with these kinds of stories. And Connor had to deal with that all on his own, without any support.

Lapis’s hand was shaking when she reached across the table and took his hand. She could barely contain her rage behind her strained smile. A deep breath in, a long breath out. Then, “No one deserves that kind of treatment. But you don’t need to apologize for your trauma, Connor. Never apologize for your trauma. I–”

She paused, her voice trembling. It was then that the first round of plates began making their way to the table, the waitress carrying them with some difficulty on a tray clearly meant to service a table of four or five. She dished out their plates and Lapis flashed a sharp smile in her direction. The waitress balked a bit under her gaze before stammering out a quick, “Enjoy.”

She turned her attention back to Connor and sighed, softly. She chuckled a bit and then looked up at his eyes. After a moment of eye contact, she looked down at the table and ran a hand through her hair. She never talked about it. There was no reason to bring it up with him, no matter how gentle he was, no matter how much of his soul he bore to her, and–

“I went through some shit too. I understand a bit about being considered a monster.”
Her hand was electric on his, he felt her shaking and felt her emotions, he squeezed her hand gently and their eyes met. There was a shared pain there, an understanding. Connor tilted his head, he hadn't thought of Lapis as similar to him in any way until now. He frowned, someone hurt her? Someone hurt his gem?

"Tell me what happened," Connor said softly, he completely forgot about the food.
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