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Put simply, this roleplay will end up establishing what works for a Mutants and Masterminds 3e adventure I plan to run at some point. Whether folks from this will want to join the game or not, I'll try my best to provide a good experience for this and the game.

Hopefully this will also be nice for getting feedback about how I set up the lore or prerequisites for the game. Speaking of the lore, I currently just have the general gist of the setting, and it will be a few days at best before I actually have everything set up and planned for. I'll set a limit of players for the game at five, and the limit for people in this rp at seven.

With that out of the way, here will be the prerequisites and current lore bits.

Your heroes will have freshly joined (or have been "forcefully hired" by) Saint Company.

  • Setting is earth-like, if not Earth itself.
  • Superheroes are regulated, and must first go through a training company or private sector work before becoming a "public hero" (registered individuals, perks include not being marked as a vigilante for hero work without proper paperwork, access to databases on threats, PR handling, and possibly being funded through the state for the city or area they operate in.)

  • "Private sector work", like what your characters will be doing for Saint Company, normally consists of gathering information for public heroes, handling situations in isolated areas where collateral damage or publicity will not be of concern, taking down "low priority individuals" or LPIs (villains or solo criminals too big for police but too small for public heroes), mopping up after major hero work (cleaning up rubble, counting casualties in hazardous areas, tying up loose ends, etc.), among other government contracts.
  • Along with providing contract work, Saint Company will train, house, and assess prospective heroes.
  • Companies like "Saint Company" will usually hide some of the work done by prospective heroes once they are deemed ready to be (and accept being) Public Heroes, unless requested to do otherwise. This is due to some cases where the work is too dirty to be associated with a hero of the public, such as terminating an LPI.

  • Alien life exists but is not incredibly common.
  • Demi-gods and their respective parents exist, but it is not common knowledge. Do with that what you will.
  • Demi-gods are counted as a different species, especially children of gods like Loki.
  • Population is mostly human.
EDIT: things I forgot to mention:

  • Magic and the supernatural are also present, just not commonly seen (similar to demigods and things from their pantheons)
  • Aliens, mutants, and supernatural creatures are usually not given proper rights if found/discovered in populated areas. Working for companies like Saint Company or being Public Heroes are usually the main ways they end up being able to exist without persecution.

Character sheet:
Aliases (optional):
Reason for joining Saint Company:
Intended Hero Name (optional, but should be kept in mind):
Age (16 to mid 30s):
Blood type:
Distinguishing features (optional if image ref is provided):
Powerset (put N/A if you are an unpowered hero):
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