Pending Ryben Shan || Agent of the Jedi

  • Name: Ryben Shan
  • Profession: Jedi Knight, daylights as hired help.
  • Age (exact or approximate): 24 years old.
  • Appearance:
  • Force Sensitive? If trained, list best abilities: Strong in the Force. She has basic Force skills (push, pull, jump, telekinesis, awareness), Pathfinding, Force Shield, and Mind Probe (she has the ability but uses it the least, requiring it only to be used when necessary).

  • Equipment:
    • Weapons: Two blue-bladed lightsabers that represent the loyalty to those she befriends and the Code she once followed. She also carries a Mandalorian assault rifle (picked off of a dead Mandalorian), a Bluebolt blaster, a vibrorang, a grappling hook, and some smoke grenades.
    • Armor: Ryben has traded her Jedi armor for Phobium chest armor, shin guards, and gauntlets.
    • Gadgets: A utility belt containing tools for survival and minor repairs (such as an A99 Aquabreather), a comlink for communication and coordination with the Republic and fellow mercenaries, Some sort of protective gear, perhaps a set of durable armor, to reflect her experiences on the front lines of the war, and a small holocron containing personal messages or teachings from her former Master.
  • Character Bio: Raised on the peaceful planet of Lothal, Ryben Shan's life took a dramatic turn when Jedi recruiters identified her as Force-sensitive. Reluctantly leaving her family behind, Ryben joined the Jedi Order, initially struggling with her weak connection to the Force. A breakthrough during her training turned Ryben into one of the Order's top students, following the path of the Guardian under the mentorship of Dha Usuzz, a strict duelist Kel Dor Jedi Master. Their bond deepened as they uncovered corruption within a village on Rugosa. This led to Usuzz opening up about her challenging the philosophy of the Jedi Code.

    An attack on Dantooine shattered Ryben's world. A simple mistake on her part led to the deaths of many innocents and the subsequent failure of the mission. Consumed by grief, she redoubled her training, seeking justice and redemption. During the upheaval caused by Revan's return and the resulting fracture of the Jedi Order, Ryben found herself at a crossroads. With her master killed and witnessing the abandonment of the Grandmaster and many Jedi Council members, she faced a challenging decision. Instead of succumbing to the apathy that gripped many, Ryben chose to remain true to the Jedi Code and ideals. In the shadows, she continued to work with the Republic, hiding her identity as a Jedi to survive in the changing galaxy. She allowed her family to believe she was killed in battle. Ryben, driven by a sense of duty and loyalty to the Jedi Order, secretly communicated with Grandmaster Kalla Zatoq. Their clandestine conversations centered around the hope of restoring the Order and countering the growing threat posed by Revan.

    Despite Grandmaster Zatoq's attempts at reform, success remained elusive. Ryben became a silent ally in the Grandmaster's struggle to revive the Order. Through covert missions and discreet communication, Ryben opted to serve as an agent for the Jedi Order and currently works in tandem with Zatoq. Ryben's connection with Grandmaster Kalla Zatoq serves as a motivating force, pushing her to navigate the delicate balance between survival and the pursuit of justice. As the Republic faces the encroaching darkness, Ryben's loyalty to the Jedi Order and her secret collaboration with the Grandmaster may prove to become vital threads in the struggle against Revan's forces.

  • It's been a minute since I've made a character sheet, so let me know if anything needs to be fixed! I'm a bit shabby with Revan-era stuff as well, so let me know if anything's off with that LOL