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When you open your eyes you find yourself on a small boat, sailing through a silver sea. You may be the first to arrive or there may be others ahead of you, just as oblivious to the circunstances as you are. A table with foods and drinks, some that are familiar to you, others you've never seen before is set by the beach, with the same amount of stools as the amount of contestants. You may look for answers, but you're not gonna find any. Not yet.
The waves rock her boat like a cradle and Lula is fast asleep up until the boat docks itself at the beach. The jostling startles her awake and she rises in a flailing tangle of limbs and hair. Knobby, who has spent the better part of the last five minutes tugging ineffectively at said tangles of hair, pecks her ear crossly. She shoos it away.

Lula props her goggles on her head - had she been wearing them while she slept? Ow - and takes a look around. “Well, this isn’t the arctic.”

Blobby side-eyes her from the bow of the small boat.

“Hush, don’t give me that look.” Her wings feel cramped when she stretches them out, but she flutters up a little falteringly and collects her birds. Wobbly is still asleep in the pocket of her overalls, and she decides to let it rest. Knobby hunkers down on her shoulder and Blobby flutters up into her hands to be deposited on her other shoulder.

With that settled, she’s famished. Figuring out the oddly colored sea and the mysterious disappearance of her own boat can come after she’s sampled each and every one of the strange foods available on the table.

She wastes no time in flying over and selecting a roll of some sort, raising it to her mouth for a generous bite.
Cicatrix sat quietly in the small boat, staring into the sea. This was not her first time waking up on a strange boat in a strange land with no memories of how she got there. Unfortunately, this was her first time waking up on a strange boat with no memories of how she got there that she herself didn't directly cause. So, that was new! She liked new things!

Screeching like an unhinged animal, she flapped her little insect wings out of the boat and toward the shore. She had seen another being with wings and was making a bee line toward it. However, before reaching the other being and the table of food, something else caught Cicatrix's eye. It was there and she had to have it!

Snatching up a conch shell from the beach where she nose-dived, Cicatrix screeched once again, this time with joy. "THE MAGIC CONCH! WE HAS IT! LOOLOOLOOLOOOOOO~!"

If she was going to start the day in confusion, by god she was going to continue it for the rest of the day.

Moving toward the table while cradling her shell, she half declared half asked, "Hello new friends we is great and powerful! Cicatrix! Great and powerful! Who is you?" Addressing the winged woman and her birds.
Her boat rocked gently as the waves pushed it to the shore, though that did not seem to awaken the vessel’s only occupant. The young woman laid half curled on her side, her lips parted and her chest rising and falling with each slow breath. She wore a white sundress which fell just below her knees, with ruffled trim around the neckline and loose straps that hung off the shoulder. A wide brimmed straw sunhat sat on the bench above Yume’s head, and her long loose hair raced like black vines down her body to her hip.

She didn’t stir when her boat ran itself aground, save for a faint murmur escaping her lips. It’s hard to say how long she would have slept left to her own devices, but a loud exclamation of joy caused Yume to wake with a jolt. Her gray eyes fluttered open, and she pushed herself up into a sitting position. Her muscles felt stiff as she moved, so with a wince Yume stretched her arms up over her head as she tried to make sense of the bizarre scene. Silver waters, a few other boats like her own, and a beach set for a banquet. A dream perhaps, though she didn’t feel like it was.

Yume pulled in a breath before she stood, she stretched again before scooping up her hat and putting it on. She stepped over the edge and felt soft sand crumbling under her sandals. She approached the two who were also on the beach, the one who held a conch was boldly giving her greetings to the other with birds perched on her shoulders and a roll of bread in her hand.

Pardon the intrusion.” Yume said with a bow of her head.I am Furostomi, Yume, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” She glanced back at the boats, her lips dipping into a faint frown. Three boats and three people.

I do not suppose either of you remembers how we arrived here?” There was a measured touch of hope in her voice.
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Lula barely has time to rip a chunk out of the - really rather delicious - roll before a demonic screech draws her attention beach-wards. She sets her feet on the sand as she sees the source of the screeching barrelling towards her.

Her hand steals up to offer a bit of bread to Blobby, and it politely pecks at the roll even though it doesn’t have a digestive system or the need for food. It’s always a good sport. Knobby hops off her shoulder and onto the table, picking its way between plates of food to investigate further.

Regardless of the unusual circumstances, she’d be a fool to ignore the overtures of friendship! Especially from a creature of such exquisite design. “Lula. Lula Torres. Is that shell really magical?”

She tears another piece of bread off the roll and pops it in her mouth while eyeing the conch shell, her crosshair pupils thinning as she focuses on it. She loses interest quickly when she realizes it likely isn’t, and sets to studying the insectoid woman before another voice interrupts.

“Nope, no clue!” Oh, she’s still got a mouthful of roll. Whoops. Swallowing quickly, Lula returns the little bow and glances around the beach. “Doesn’t seem too bad of a place to end up, but I’ve no clue how that ‘ending up’ happened. Other than the boat, but it isn’t my boat so either we’ve all been kidnapped by a very particular type or this is all a dream.”

She smiles widely, not seeming too concerned about the troubling implications of her words. Knobby returns with some kind of meat in its beak, dropping it in Lula’s hand when she extends it to the bird. “At least there’s good food! Try it, it’s still fresh.”