Approved Red_Rook4721, Raveneye

Name: Cameron “Cam” Marie Santiago

Aliases: Red_Rook4721, Raveneye

Age: 17

Appearance: Originally from Spain, Cameron has dark, olive skin and chestnut brown hair. Her almond shaped eyes are a deep and vivid green and framed by thick, dark lashes. Though considered extremely lovely Cameron’s face is not as well known as her accomplishments, both academically as Cameron Santiago and online as Red_Rook.


Powers/Abilities: Cameron is not a meta. She doesn’t know any martial arts and cant really fight, has never picked up a weapon or fired a gun in her entire life. Cameron isn’t very good at sports, or running, or anything physical beyond the exercise she gets at the gym to keep healthy. Even then she is well known for being clumsy and extremely accident prone.

Cameron is practically famous for her mind, however.

Orphaned before she could speak Cameron was raised in a orphanage in Spain where she immediately drew attention. By the age of three she had already learned to read and to write of her own accord, and by six she had developed an astounding grasp of mathematics and science. Where she truly excelled, despite being a genius in nearly all academic applications, was in the field of computer technologies. She had learned to read so that she could learn about computers, a passion she would claim started from birth.

Cam has nearly completed a doctorate course with MIT, nowadays, and moonlights as a hacker known by the username Red_Rook4721. Linked to over ten thousand known security breeches in government organizations such as the FBI, CIA, FDA, and a whole slew of other impressive letters Red_Rook is has revealed the corruption of over a dozen politicians and perhaps twice as many businessmen without ever being caught. Most consider the hacker to be nothing more than a rumor, though the evidence of her work can be found in jailhouses across the United States.

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