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Name: Mina Claret

Age: 17

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Gray

Pronouns: She / Her + It / They

Alias: Red

In The Blood

Red has some sort of demons or gremlins or parasites in her blood. It/They eat living creatures.

I think it's something in my blood.

When I was a little girl, I had cancer. I don't remember much of it - everything blurred together. I didn't get to do the things normal kids got to do. Instead, it was all hospitals, doctors, feeling sick all the time. Medicine, therapies, transfusions.

Mom prayed a lot. When I got better, she said that God had saved me. I'm not so sure. I know I was saved, I just don't think it was Him. I think it was something else. Something that got in, somehow, and beat the cancer.

I can feel it in there. It doesn't really feel like much. Just... a pressure, maybe. I think if you don't drink enough water for a while and your veins are kind of close, it feels a little like that. If I concentrate, I can feel where they are. Usually, it's not too much of a problem.

But sometimes it spills out.

When I was ten, I was trying to learn to ride a bike. I'd never had a chance before, and I was finally home and I wanted to do what the other kids were doing. Mom and Dad said to take it slow - they'd help me learn. I didn't want to take it slow, though. I took a corner too fast and fell down hard, scraped up my knees and elbows pretty hard. There was blood on the pavement. I remember seeing an ant crawling through it.

And then... it did something, to the ant. And one wasn't enough. It was like it waited there, for another one to come investigate, and then the same thing happened. It was awful, even if it was pretty small, and they were only bugs. Dad found me before it could happen again and helped me get home. I walked myself - I didn't want to get blood on him. He said I was being silly, but he also had to carry the bike. I bandaged myself up in the bathroom and I guess someone washed off the sidewalk.

I told my parents what happened, but they said it was just the shock.

I tried to believe them, but it never really sat right, and one day it got bad enough that I just felt like I had to know - so I went out in the backyard and found an ant and cut my finger.

It wasn't the shock. There's something in there, and whatever it is, it isn't good. I don't know what to do about it.

Be careful, I guess.
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