Angelica Prosper

New member
To: Jupiter, SV-3
From: Agent Angelica Prosper, A-Class-D

Date: 8/10/2023

Per request, I have compiled all files and documents pertaining to ACF-1003. All files and transcribed logs can be found attached to this document.

Despite knowing you have access to and have likely listened to the transcripts of these meetings already, I have included the audio logs for Dr. Redd’s interactions with ACF-1003 on 6/X//23 and 7/X/23. I have also included all the documents, images, and audio logs pertaining to the incident with 1003-D on 7/X/23. I am aware these have been readily available to yourself and your teams before now, but in the name of thoroughness, I have chosen to include them anyway. Having all of the pertinent information compiled in one, easy-to-access space seemed logically a good thing.

On 7/28/23, ACF-1003 was introduced to Dr. Elizabeth Krasniqi, ACF-7823. This introduction was facilitated by Dr. Redd, who was present for the duration of their interaction. ACF-1003 seems to have taken well to Dr. Krasniqi, and saw her again on 8/07/23, whose report can be found below. Her progress with both researchers has demonstrated radically new behavior for her. Dr. Redd’s synergy with ACF-1003 has proven to be a positive turn of events.

Further developments took place on 8/1/23, when Agent Cotta spoke with Agent Corby and Dr. Krasniqi. Dr. Krasniqi managed to reproduce a sketch of 1003-D on minimal description. She and Agent Cotta then deduced that Dr. Krasniqi’s dimension she uses to hop between spaces was actually the very same dimension that ACF-1003 claimed to be a goddess in. Dr. Krasniqi then identified that image of “Annihilation” as a denizen of the dimension. Dr. Redd was brought in to consult. It was also discovered at this time that Dr. Krasniqi came to the realization that she had absorbed the vestiges of the counterpart to ACF-1003, who for the time shall be referred to as “Dead God”.

An additional audio log that might be of interest is that of 03/07/21, taken by Dr. Krasniqi and the Lepidopterists, in which they discussed ACF-1003 with some of the denizens.

Finally, regardless of your presence at the time, I have also attached the report from Dr. Krasniqi of your outing yesterday.

Agent Angelica