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THE FLAME. Prometheus has been blessed with the power to grant temporary, yet potent, abilities to those that he touches. To grant such power is a conscious thought-- and while it requires little strain upon his physicality, exhaustion from successive instances of empowerment inevitably sets in. The highest number of individuals he has been able to grant power to in a single sitting has never gone above five-- though, in due time, perhaps he could eclipse the record. For him to fully impart his gift, sustained contact is required for a handful of moments.

THE FLAWS. The powers are temporary-- if Prometheus were to grant a man extraordinary abilities at dusk, they will have faded by dawn. Additionally, the abilities are mutative when used and often carry explicit side-effects; a pyrokinetic may not be afforded resistance to extreme temperatures, for instance, or a cryokinetic might have his limbs freeze solid if his powers are used too heavily. Imperfections linger, too, even in the aftermath. Physical deformities remain; damage to the mind and body persists, and withdrawals begin to occur in those who sustain repetitive exposure. Granting power quells the disquiet of the mind and numbs the shock of mutation; oftentimes, these deformities carry with them new avenues to channel their respective gifts. Every successive bestowal of the gift breeds addiction and dependency, with a rush of endorphins accompanying each bestowal and usage of power. Those who are gifted wish to use their gift.

And yet, in every instance, there is one unifying quality. No matter the power used, the ability displayed... there is always pain.

THE ODDITIES. Manifestation of abilities are entirely random and unique to the individual, but never seem to be all too powerful-- what is given can never approach that which has been inherited. The gift seemingly has no effect upon already-enhanced individuals.

However, Prometheus appears to possess a means of self-defense in the form of the Flame weaponized as conceivable energy-- namely, a burst of radiation from the chest that burns and strikes any target with conceivable, unrelenting force. Utilizing this ability seems to instill a great amount of fatigue in Prometheus and, as such, is used sparingly.


COSTUME. A charcoal leather trenchcoat with a black turtleneck; black steel-toed boots. Black cargo pants, and an under-armpit conceal carry tactical holster. A black ski mask and platinum mask veil his identity, and a pair of leather gloves hide fingerprints.

EQUIPMENT. A Sig Sauer P220 Legion handgun, chambered in .45 ACP. A Level IIIA ballistic "soft armor" vest with trauma inserts upon the front and back, protecting against small-arms fire and 12-Gauge. A Mossberg 590 Shockwave, utilizing 12-gauge shotgun shells and equipped with a laser module upon the side.

Other items-- such as job-specific equipment and vehicles-- are sourced whenever available.

MANPOWER. Drug addicts, criminals, released convicts, and similar populations all represent those employed under Prometheus. At a bare minimum, targeted personnel all possess firearms training and a base degree of loyalty. Most notably, all subordinates are unpowered individuals.

For now.
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