Expo Project Lachesis

Ban Bean

Beatrice was more than familiar with the labs of Waters Pharma. She had basically grown up in them until her parents died. There was something to the sterile and organized perfection they exhibited. This was no mad scientists lair. This was a lab with purpose.

The lab itself used to do research developing anti-hypertensives and Cardiovascular drugs. That’s where the profit was. People who needed a constant prescription from their doctors to keep themselves healthy.

When she was little she had dreamed of becoming a doctor. At ten she had all figured out. She’d become a doctor, and her parents would have another child that ran the company. They’d work together.

At eleven years old she didn’t have it figured out anymore.

Beatrice set her backpack down, glad to be free of its weight. Not that it was heavy, it simply contained the rough draft of the public announcement she was going to make when the pain from her attack dulled. Her left arm was still very damaged and in a sling.

Dr. Gavin Karr, was waiting, going over some paperwork, “You wanted to see me, Ma’am?”

She’d never get used to being called maam by people twice her age. Beatrice spoke softly, yet trying to project authority,“Yes, I came to discuss the samples we’d get for Project Lachesis.”

“You found a consenting Meta!” Gavin exclaimed. “This changes everything. We can move forward with the project as planned.”

Beatrice nodded, “Yes I found a consenting meta. What samples do you require?”

“Blood, saliva, skin, CSF fluid if they consent…whatever they give us. What are their powers?”

Beatrice sat down on the stool and rolled up her sleeve, preparing her arm for the needle before reason took hold again, “We’ll start with blood then.”

Gavin stared at her for a moment, confused, eyes widening in stupid shock. But he was a smart man and recovered quickly. “You?”

Beatrice nodded, “Yes?”

“I have so many questions…will you let us do a spinal tap? An MRI? EEG? There’s a battery of tests we can do-“

“Let’s start with blood,” Beatrice said sharply. She had chosen Gavin for his enthusiasm but she had no intention of being a lab rat. “You aren’t studying me, we’re looking for a potential universal cure.”

“Think of what we could discover.” Gavin said, prepping the needle,

Beatrice had also chosen him for how easy it was to intimidate him. “You signed a NDA. You tell anyone about where you got this blood, I can make your life a living legal nightmare and you’ll never work again. Understood? We’ll…we’ll start with blood.”

Gavin nodded, and pierced her flesh with the needle. Beatrice forgot to ask how much blood he’d need. Not that it mattered. Blood had started this when the Mustache Man attacked her. Blood would finish it too.