RP PotHN: Cabin Confrontation [1x1]


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Leo had some fight left in him, defiant even as the vampire’s hand was wrapped around his throat. His words rasped out, a firm hand clasped around Lucien’s wrist. He began to pull, and although Lucien did not fight to keep his hand in place, he left his claws embedded, angry red lines decorating the pup’s neck. Lucien’s fury ebbed as the pup rambled about his history and death and proving people wrong. It was the same tired drivel he had heard from countless others he had trapped in his clutches.

As his words turned back towards Lucien’s Captain, however, the fire roared back to life as he listened to this boy’s implications, his accusations. A snarl died in Lucien’s throat as the pup lashed out, his head slamming into Lucien’s with a sickening crunch. Lucien’s head rocked backwards, more in surprise at the pup’s sheer audacity rather than pain. Where a crimson tide may have sprayed forth from other, more mortal men, only a faint line of red emerged from Lucien’s shattered nose.

His claws snapped out, hand tangling in the mutt’s hair as Lucien lifted Leo’s head off the floor, dragging him upward until he was close enough to smell the iron on Lucien’s breath. The vampire’s pupils were merely pinpricks in the sea of crimson and amber that glared down at Leo. His gaze was murderous, and the hand that held Leo’s hair shook with rage.

“You do not get to say that.” He hissed, flecks of blood-tainted spittle flying towards Leo before Lucien abruptly slammed his hand down, forcing Leo’s head into the floorboards. He yanked the pup’s hair hard, pulling his head back up before slamming it back down.

“She. Meant. Everything! To! Me!” Each of Lucien’s words was punctuated with a hit, their strength increasing with his volume. He should have put the mutt’s head through the floor then and there, should have sought to investigate how little brain was truly in that thick skull. But something held Lucien back, a familiar gaze boring into the back of his neck, an invisible leash being tugged, a dog being brought to heel.

Lucien’s grip slackened, Leo’s hair and head slipping free. He did not turn around to meet her gaze, because he knew what he would find, what he would see. “She meant everything to me.” He muttered again, quietly, a faint reminder to himself.
It was odd how Leo could hear every word that Lucien spoke, his very breath as black edged into his vision and threatened to swallow it whole with every blow. He could taste iron in his mouth, a sensation the Navigator likely would have relished were their roles reversed. His ears were ringing, a high toll of endless screeching that disturbingly gave way to Lucien’s repeated whisper. It took several moments for Leo to recover, but the moment his vision cleared he levered himself into a seated position and spat spat a vacated molar to the floor.

”And King-“ the words came through ragged, bloodstained breaths. ”King took her from you. He took everything from you.” More levering and he was standing, stumbling a bit as he crossed the distance to Lucien with stubborn focus. ”It’s your turn to take everything from him!”

He spat the words as he leveraged his strength and balance into a solid kick at Lucien’s chin. It wouldn’t matter if he made contact, or if he did any damage. Leo fell backwards with the satisfaction of knowing he was proving a point here, even if that point were his last.