RP PotHN: Buzzing wings and swords


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"Alys, what are you- AAH!" Ronan screamed, instinctively stepping aside when the fae swung her sword in their direction. It didn't take long for Winter to pull out a sword of her own, that had been hidden inside her cane all along.

"This is unnecessary, stop this!" He said through a trembling voice. Ronan didn't want to die, but he didn't want them to kill each other either so against his better judgment, the johtunn stood in between the two women, arms outstretched. "Stop!" He tried again, one sword swing away from pissing his pants.
Her blade connected with the cane, Winter’s delicate neck untouched - such a shame. Alys grit her teeth and held back a scoff - her immediate reaction towards the remark.

This was not for Sky.

Winter couldn’t stay, even if she were locked up in the brig. Another mouth to feed, and for what? What could she possibly have to offer? Apart from the possibility of her accomplice coming back to rescue her? An unlikely scenario, even if they were working together - the Sky she knew simply didn’t give a fuck. But it was a possibility nonetheless.

She couldn’t just walk off either. Ronan had proved how utterly mindless he was; who knew what he’d told her?

This was the option that brought the least amount of damage to the Nox.

Both women had their swords drawn, with Ronan stupidly placing himself between them, despite Winter’s awfully considerate warning.

Alys raised her sword and pointed it toward the giant. “Get the fuck out of my way.” She wasn’t going to repeat herself.
I think you need to work on how you treat those trying to help you.” Winter said, taking a step back from the giant, and closer to the gangplank. She held her blade at the ready, a midline stance seemed fitting given the angles of approach the fae woman had open to her even with Ronan in the way. The remainder of her cane, Winter tapped against the deck of the ship.

Clik. Clik. Clik.

How long would the other woman remain busy? That was something she didn’t wish to get caught unawares by, but there wasn’t much for it other than keeping an ear open.

It is fine to step away, dear, it’s clear that this woman has no desire to listen to reason.” Another step backwards. “No need for you to face a blade too.
Ronan didn't know Alys long enough to know what she was capable of, but he had seen her swing her sword at Winter's neck, and it didn't take a genius to know what would have happened had the blind woman not lifted up her cane. She was going to kill Winter. Hell, she was going to kill him if he didn't listen to her and got out of the way, and all because he didn't ask for permission to bring someone onboard.

Somehow through all of this Winter kept a level head, telling him to step away while tapping her cane on the wooden deck, helplessly. She had her sword in hand, but how would she defend herself without being able to see? Alys was going to kill her and it would be his fault. Ronan was a big guy, but his stature meant nothing to the much smaller, much deadlier woman flying in front of him. His stature was also all he had in his favor. Without much thought, he looked at a point behind Alys' back.

"You! Let go of that treasure!" He shouted, hoping Alys would look back or at least put down the sword pointed at his face. He then jumped as high as he could, wrapping his bigs arms around the fae in an attempt to tackle her to the ground. "WINTER, RUN!"

Mouthy bitch.

Alys wondered just how the woman might fare without a tongue to accompany her lack of vision. She’d already considered bursting her eardrums with a proximal shot of her pistol, but that’d likely do more harm than good. Caleb had paid someone for their presence, and as much as Leimor had been a disappointment thus far, the fae had shit to do.

Ronan’s pathetic attempt to distract her did nothing; her gaze remained on the looming giant and the tiny figure behind him, inching closer to plank. Fuck. She needed to get there first - make sure the only way off was to jump into the water.

But the giant leapt forward, howling for the woman to run. Demonstrating just where his allegiance laid: with someone he’d met an hour ago.

The sword remained pointed at the giant, set to impale him, and then suddenly it wasn’t. What the hell was she going to do with a dead giant? Wait for someone to come along to help her toss the body overboard? Have a Leimor official spot it?

Instead, Alys shot upward, her wings sending her above the giant, but she wasn’t fast enough to escape his massive reach. Two hands wrapped around her calves and dragged her down, sending her sprawling against the wooden deck. She twisted her body, wings tucking in sharply against her back, shoulder taking the brunt of the impact to protect her head. A groan escaped her lips, head bouncing off her tensed bicep. The cutlass clattered against the deck, sliding out of reach.

Briefly disoriented, Alys blinked quickly and laid eyes on the small figure now more than half a deck away - a figure who was escaping. She groaned again, feeling Ronan’s weight on her lower body. Squirming, she edged away until a leg broke free. “Get off me,” the fae hissed, tucking her knee towards her chest and then extending, aiming to slam the bottom of her boot into his face.
Hearing the clanging of Alys’ sword falling out of her reach was a relief, turned bittersweet at the sound of her groan.

“I’m sorry, are you hurt? I- Ouch!” Alys’ kick to his jaw hurt as hell, but it wasn’t enough to push him away. Despite not being a skilled fighter like she was, his genetics made him strong - and heavy - enough to pull her leg down and hold onto both her arms, pinning her down on the floor. It wasn’t polite to do that to a lady, but in a matter of life or death it was plainly necessary. “I’ll let you go in a little bit, I promise just… Don’t kill me, please.” He said, avoiding looking her in the eyes. If she looked up at him she’d notice his reddened cheeks.
She couldn’t help but have a soft spot for fools who mean well, and Ronan was certainly that. Still, she wasn’t one to let an opportunity slip from her grasp, so Winter turned away from the scuffle behind and to her means of escape that didn’t include a swim. She moved with a hurry, it wasn’t quite a run but faster than one might expect from her, coming to a pause at the top of the gangplank. The sword returned to its scabbard, and Winter tapped it against the top of the railing three times, before looking back.

Thank you for the walk Ronan, I hope wherever you end up next will be better than here.” And with that, she vanished over the side.
Don’t kill me, please.

He should’ve thought about that before tackling and pining her down to the deck, allowing someone who wasn’t trustworthy to stroll off the ship.

Alys continued to struggle beneath the weight, fuelled by the anger and outrage she felt for Ronan and Winter, and with herself, for not gutting him moments earlier. Her weapons were too far away, and without being able to move her limbs, she felt utterly useless. All she could manage was to rotate her arms and begin to dig her nails into his wrists, clawing and scratching. “I’ll consider it if you let me go right now,” she responded harshly, sarcasm dripping from her words.

But when he didn’t, and when Winter began to clear the plank, she began to still, her chest lifting and descending as she caught her breath, blue eyes staring up at the overcast sky, waiting for him to release her.
A consideration was the best he was gonna get, and based on the anger in her eyes… Ronan had enough reason to be scared. He didn’t let go of Alys until he was sure Winter was far enough away, and as soon as he did, he raised his hands up in the air, like he’d done that day in the cave.

“You don’t know her, but she’s a kind woman. I’m sorry, I couldn’t let her get killed because of me.” He said, tears beginning to form at the back of his eyes as he thought of how short his life outside the Ice Lands had been.
The weight that kept her pinned began to shift, releasing her from a state of helplessness. Alys scrambled away and was on her feet, pistol in hand within seconds. Ronan remained kneeling, his trembling hands raised in surrender, providing an excuse that did nothing to help his case.

A kind woman - how fucking naive.

Her own hand, the one holding the pistol, trembled as well, but certainly not from fear. She levelled the barrel in front of his face and glared down at him, the urge to release her anger stronger than ever. But she had the crew to think about now; gunshots and dead bodies so early in their stay would not go unnoticed.

Alys had more than a few choice words for the young giant, but it was clear that it’d be hopeless; there was nothing going on behind that freckled forehead. So she kept it brief. “Get up and do exactly as I say. Or I swear on whatever fucking gods you believe in, I will blow your brains out and dump what’s left of you in this miserable city.” And for the first time this morning, Ronan did as he was told.

The fae left the ship within the hour, having gained a microscopic level of comfort knowing that a loose cannon was chained to the depths of the Nox. But that did little to calm her true worries; Sky and Winter were still out there, having been on the ship, and armed with whatever information they’d managed to extract.