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Hard Nox

Sinead raids with her tits out

[div style="text-align:center;"][font face="trebuchet ms"][font size="5"]PIRATES OF THE HARD NOX

Season 01[/font][font size="2"]
Prologue ................................................ [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/14340/thread[/URL]"]01[/a]
For Fate and Fortune ................................. [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/14420/thread[/URL]"]03[/a]
Reinforcements Arrive ................................ [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/14477/thread[/URL]"]06[/a]
Dead Men Rain ......................................... [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/14527/thread[/URL]"]09[/a]

[font size="5"]Season 02[/font]
The Good Captain ..................................... [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/14555/thread[/URL]"]11[/a]
Calm After the Storm ................................. [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/14642/thread[/URL]"]15[/a]
The Real Fight Begins ................................. [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/14704/thread[/URL]"]18[/a]
The Treasure Room .................................... [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/14808/thread[/URL]"]23[/a]
Back to the Hard Nox ................................. [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/14859/thread[/URL]"]26[/a]
Freefall ................................................. [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/14987/thread[/URL]"]31[/a]

[font size="5"]Season 03[/font]
Path to Allegria ........................................ [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/15136/thread[/URL]"]36[/a]
Shopping and Bathing ................................. [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/15201/thread[/URL]"]38[/a]
Mutiny at the Blue Lagoon ........................... [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/15386/thread[/URL]"]44[/a]
Festive Evening ........................................ [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/15486/thread[/URL]"]49[/a]
Last Day in Allegria ................................... [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/15662/thread[/URL]"]54[/a]
Under Attack ........................................... [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/16214/thread[/URL]"]74[/a]
The Battle Shifts ...................................... [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/16384/thread[/URL]"]79[/a]
Aftermath .............................................. [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/16516/thread[/URL]"]82[/a]

[font size="5"]Season 04[/font]
The Ice Lands Beckon ................................ [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/16713/thread[/URL]"]87[/a]
Parties and Pregnancies .............................. [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/16926/thread[/URL]"]91[/a]
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All That Glitters ...................................... [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/post/17231/thread[/URL]"]100[/a][/font][/font][/div]

[font size="5"]SUMMARY[/font]
(by Volt, click a chapter to expand)

[font size="5"]Season 01[/font]
{ - Prologue (01-03)}

We meet the crew of the Hard Nox en route to Fen Manor, a small town whose tax stockpile they intend to raid. Caleb casually aims a gun at the back of Sinéad’s head, which she spots in the reflection of an hourglass, unbeknownst to him. This causes her to ask Lucien to keep an eye on Caleb, should things turn mutinous. Ciarán, Emer, and Sliocht all express misgivings over the coming raid. Soren brings food up to bolster the crew’s strength, while Caleb and Alys fly off to scout ahead, much to Sinéad’s chagrin. Lucien offers Nessa a drink, blood to liven her up. Alys fires the signal flare, and the raid begins.
{ - For Fate and Fortune (03-06)}

Sinéad dons her raid attire, two copper coins over her nipples, and orders the crew to prepare for descent. Fen Manor is in the middle of tax collection when the ship drops below the clouds, alerting the guards. Caleb draws first blood, taking out a guard sent to get reinforcements. Soren and Juniper leap off the ship, landing towards the back of the defending forces and beginning to attack. A small goblin girl batters at Soren, calling him evil, while Alys and Caleb continue to clear the guards, bantering and showing off for each other. Juniper tries to comfort the child, but before they can help her, Lucien shoots her in the head and drains her blood, admonishing the two, with Sinéad agreeing.

Soren points out the captain of the guard, attempting to return to the manor to call reinforcements. Juniper burns him to a crisp, accidentally setting some buildings alight in the process. Sinéad eggs them on, telling them to set more buildings on fire to force the guards through a narrow space. Juniper agrees, and channels their anger, grief, and conflicted feelings into a devastating wave of flames, draining them. Nessa successfully sneaks off, narrowly dodging a couple bullets and stealthily makes her way into the apothecary.

Meanwhile, back on the Hard Nox, Mal wakes from the rough landing, sitting with Emer to wait out the raid before starting repairs. They hear a noise coming from within the ship and find Fionn, who entered through a hole and is busy repairing it. Mal begins to haul him back to Emer, intent on interrogating him, with Emer trying to calm Mal down somewhat.
{ - Reinforcements Arrive (06-09)}

Lord Fen’s personal guard arrives, each targeting a specific member of the Hard Nox. Crow, a spellsword, engages Sinéad while Brandon, a heavily armored giant, takes on Soren. Juniper is attacked by Poppy, a satyr druid who loathes the fires they have just created. Juniper tries not to fight, pleading and apologizing to Poppy, only using their fire to try and break free of the vines she keeps conjuring. Poppy gives in, wrapping Juniper in vines before watching Soren rip Brandon, her best friend, in half, taking heavy injuries as he does so.

Caleb is hit by a boulder thrown by Mate, a swamp troll who doesn’t want to fight and only wants to protect his home and garden. Mate tries to convince him to leave, while Caleb tries to harm him. Eventually Caleb understands what Mate is trying to say and begins to leave. Meanwhile, Alys is confronted by smiling shadows, asking her to play with them. She shakes them off before she sees a vision of a motherly fae woman, disappointed in her. She gets fed up and tries to stab the woman before the illusion fades, her blade slicing Caleb’s front, causing him to fall to the ground.

Ciarán loses some of his men to an archer, Beck. He has the rest provide him cover as he moves up to take her out, not realizing she’s lying in wait with a dagger. They scuffle, and Beck has Ciarán on his knees, a nocked arrow pointed at him. Lucien engages an old man clad in full plate, Torven, who wearily fights the vampire. Rain begins to fall, and Sinéad calls that it’s time to go. Crow blocks her exit, turning down her offer to join the crew.

Meanwhile, in the apothecary, Nessa encounters an old man, Rupert, whom she orders to strip and help her fill the bag with their supplies. He agrees, but his son bursts out of the cabinet, threatening Nessa. She makes the more intimidating figure, and father and son both help load up all the medicine as Nessa slips away. On the ship, Fionn insists he’s just trying to offer his services in ship repair, while Emer tells him about the crew of the ship he’s trying to fix. Mal searches his tools and steals a chisel they like.

As the crew is making their retreat, another ship appears from the sky, three times larger than the Hard Nox, clad in wood and bone. It’s the Truth Teller, an undead ship captained by the necromancer Solomon King. It fires upon the Nox, hitting it with a shot as skeletons leap off the ship, intent on taking the rest of the stockpile.
{ - Dead Men Rain (09-11)}

Alys realizes what she’s done and tries to help Caleb. Nessa sees the attack and comes over, helping Alys get Caleb onto the ship. Sinéad orders everyone back onto the ship, as Torven rallies the mercenaries to protect Fen Manor. Soren throws both halves of Brandon at Poppy, running to save Juniper as Ciarán offers to take Beck back with them, promising safe passage for her and the other mercenaries. She refuses, telling him to run back to his ship and providing him cover. Poppy, having just had parts of one of her closest friends thrown at her, snaps, creating a giant hedge of vines and thorns that ensnares Soren before collapsing. Juniper, Poppy, and Soren are all surrounded by skeletons, falling into a deep sleep.

As Torven is rallying his allies, Lucien stabs him in the neck, leaving him for dead before heading back to the ship. A figure in white breaks into Solomon King’s office, stealing some things before abandoning ship, making her way towards the Hard Nox. Sinéad notices her, and allows her to board, letting Lucien take the rear. Back on the ship, Fionn introduces himself and asks if he can check the damage as Ciarán bursts in, holding one of his injured men. Emer begins working on them as Caleb is brought in by Nessa and Alys. Sliocht enters the clinic as Emer’s second pair of hands as they work to save members of the crew.

Soren wakes up first, in a dirty and unfamiliar cell, his magic not working and his weapons taken from him. He sees a boy chained to a pole outside the ship, demanding to know where they are. Poppy wakes briefly, watching two white-cloaked figures appear and drag two of the prisoners away. The boy, Leo, tells Soren that they are prisoners, and he is probably going to be killed by King, letting them know that they are aboard the Truth Teller.
[font size="5"]Season 02[/font]
{ - The Good Captain (11-15)}

On the Truth Teller, Soren tries freeing Leo while asking him for information. Juniper wakes and has a tense conversation with Poppy. She gives them a bit of energy, but reminds them that they will never be friends. Food is thrown into the cell, and a large lizard man begins to collect small bits of food from the rest of the prisoners before giving it to the newcomers, asking for their cooperation in escaping. He is Baron Emryk Vakaan, and he has a couple of different escape plans. He lays them out over their meager meal, and the assembled give their input and own ideas. Leo grows tired of the conversation and begins howling and pulling at his chains.

In the Hard Nox clinic, Alys denies knowing how Caleb was injured and informs Emer of those who didn’t make it back. Nessa helps with tending to wounds and unloading her stolen supplies, all while fighting a losing battle against her hunger. Emer realizes this just as Nessa runs out, sucking on her own cloak for the traces of Caleb’s blood. Lucien finds her in this state and forcibly escorts her to his chambers. He gives her some of his personal store and berates her for her lack of restraint and rejection of her vampiric nature. Emer and Sliochet continue working to save the crew, thanking Alys for her help. She leaves to find Ciarán, and they both return to his cabin to drink the night away in camaraderie.

Meanwhile, the figure in white introduces herself as Hester Falmouth, one of King’s necromancers. She brought two items with her, the more important of which is a compass that can point to the Truth Teller. They move the conversation to the mess hall, where Hester reveals that the compass points to the strongest magical signature in range. She details how Solomon King found it, and the cost it took. Fionn enters, seeking employment, and Sinéad gathers the rest of the crew, informing them that tomorrow night they shall board and attack the Truth Teller to take back what’s theirs.
{ - Calm After the Storm (15-18)}

After a night’s sleep, everyone aboard the ship is anxious as they approach the Truth Teller. Sinéad goes to the clinic to talk with Emer, asking after the status of Torrel, the injured villa, and informing her of the coming raid, Emer voices her concern, but Sinéad dismisses it before telling Emer that Hester will be helping in the clinic for a while in Nessa’s place after the previous night’s incident. Emer leaves to find Nessa, apologizing for putting her in that situation and asking after her conversation with Lucien the night before. She fears Lucien’s advice has ulterior motives, and offers to let Nessa feed on her blood when the hunger gets too bad. Nessa agrees, on the condition that it happens sparingly, and Emer never gives more than enough to take the edge off.

In the girls’ cabin, Hester is dragging a corpse to a chalk circle. Caleb finds her and helps, with Hester explaining its purpose as her construct begins to hammer nails into certain spots. The resulting nails can block the magic of a necromancer if embedded within them. She tells Caleb how she found the enchantment, and he pushes for information before Hester reveals that Solomon King uses the souls of prisoners to power both the ship’s engine and the invisibility spell around it. She also instantly decays the corpse, causing Caleb to run out and throw up in a barrel before coming onto the main deck, informing Sinéad of the information he just received.

On the Truth Teller, Poppy begins siphoning energy to heal everyone, which Soren refuses to accept. Once she’s done, she and Juniper have a conversation about why Juniper is a pirate, with Poppy explaining that they can go somewhere and start over. Juniper disagrees, seeing themselves as a danger to everyone. Leo is freed from his chains and inspects everyone, yanking an arrow out of a sleeping Soren, causing him to wake in a violent rage. The two fight brutally before Emryk intervenes, telling them both to do better as Soren slips into unconsciousness.
{ - The Real Fight Begins (18-23)}

The Hard Nox approaches the Truth Teller, the crew watching as it appears from nowhere. The attack begins, and cannons loaded with grapples fire from the front of the ship, binding the two together. Sineád leads the charge, and most of the crew follow. King is informed of the attack and attributes it to Hester. He orders the death of all invaders and takes two large necromantic abominations with him to the treasure room to wait for Sineád.

Alys and Caleb head below, looking to find and free the prisoners. Alys tells Caleb how he got his injury, and they’re joined by Ciarán and Sliocht. They find a dining room where two figures are waiting for them; an ogre with a staff, and a blonde woman with a whip. The whip-wielder lashes out at Alys, wrapping the spinal whip around her wrist. Sliocht severs the whip, but the cut part latches around his throat, choking him. He pulls out an earring and jams it in his throat, opening his airway for the time being.

Hester leads Lucien, Nessa, and Sineád towards the treasure chambers, with Nessa being tasked to steal a map from King’s pocket. Sineád gives orders on roles and treasure prioritization, but they run into a child clutching a skeletal hand. She’s Pris, another necromancer who Hester has a soft spot for. Hester tries to get Pris to leave them alone before another figure, a blonde vampire named Naveen, steps from the shadows. Lucien engages him in combat as Hester attempts to use her cursed nails, and the rest of the group heads towards the treasure room, with Nessa trading cloaks with Pris.

In the brig, Juniper realizes the shudders are the Hard Nox coming to rescue them. A cultist enters, accompanied by several undead, and they begin taking prisoners, including Poppy. They begin their escape, overpowering the undead and the cultist, an albino snake person named Sapphire. Another cultist enters, a painfully thin man named Sorus Khai, swinging a dead rat he calls Emma, who screams with a human voice. Poppy charges Sorus, impaling him on her horns as he laughs, bloodless, and pierces her face with several iron nails emerging from his stomach. Juniper goes into a rage, becoming engulfed in their own flame as they burn Sorus Khai, melting the nails that are embedded into his body and reducing him to slag. The brig begins to catch on fire, and Emryk pulls Juniper out of their rage by reminding them that they’re burning Poppy’s body. Leo finishes off Sapphire as the group prepares to exit the brig.

Meanwhile, on the Nox, the Truth Teller returns fire, blowing a hole in Emer’s clinic. She and Fionn begin to move supplies into the hallway as an undead firbolg makes its way onto the ship, charging at them.
{ - The Treasure Room (23-26)}

Fionn grabs the firbolg and holds it at bay as Mal appears from the shadows, stitching their hand to its back. Emer puts a blanket over its head and tries to reach out to whatever humanity is left. Mal scoffs at her efforts, shoving it to the ground and slicing its head off. Emer asks for sympathy for the undead creature, pointing out the similarities between them and the creature and asking for their help in removing the body.

Pushing ahead, Leo happens upon a ritual chamber, with a runic circle inscribed on the floor. He begins scrubbing it out of habit, while Emryk asks Juniper to take Poppy’s body. He asks them not to look down at it, and directs them to find Leo. Meanwhile, he grabs Soren’s body and carries it out of the brig. Juniper calls out for Leo, and they end up looking down. They break down and begin to cry as they see Poppy’s mutilated face. Leo hears this and comes back for them. He covers Poppy up, asking their name as Emryk joins them, feeling Soren die in his arms. Emryk orders them to go ahead, but Leo refuses to leave him. He scouts ahead, informing the others as Emryk adjusts Soren’s body. He begins to charge forward, not planning to stop until he hits the main deck.

Alys continues fighting the woman with a whip, named Helen, taking a brief pause to get the portion of whip off of Sliocht’s throat. Caleb and Ciarán take on the ogre, Snot, as he releases a powerful wave of force, sending everyone and everything in the room flying. Ciarán undoes his false hand to reveal a hidden cannon and fires it at Snot, eviscerating him. Emryk crashes through the door, barrelling into the room and knocking over Helen. Leo finishes her off as Caleb draws his gun, interrogating Emryk about the body. Juniper intercedes, and Caleb scoops up Sliocht, the group looking to return topside.

On another part of the Truth Teller, Lucien fights Naveen and loses. Naveen, who is also a sorcerer specializing in ice magic, encases Lucien in ice and taunts him before heading towards the treasure room. Lucien struggles against the ice and enters a rage, using his pain as fuel to break himself free. He charges after Naveen, driving his rapier through his chest and furiously attacking him. Before Lucien can finish the job, however, Naveen summons a spiked shield of ice to dislodge Lucien, creating a hole in the ship and running away, taking Lucien’s rapier with him.

Sinéad and Nessa reach the treasure room, where Solomon King waits, flanked by two 9 foot tall necromantic monstrosities. He offers to discuss things with Sinéad over tea. Nessa hangs back, pulling the hood up on her cloak before slipping inside, disguised as one of King’s cultists. King seems not to notice her, telling Sinéad the history of the tea set he’s using before she smashes it, flipping the table and drawing her weapons. King simply laughs, noting her distaste for the fae aristocracy. He reveals his plan, to get rid of the fae empire and take over the Floating Isles, and asks Sinéad if she would consider joining him.
{ - Back to the Hard Nox (26-31)}

Leo leads the group above decks as Ciarán offers his condolences for Poppy and takes her body from Juniper. Leo clears a path for them, earning several wounds before he reaches the main deck, stunned at the prospect of being in the sky. Emryk follows, lugging Soren’s body. He still thinks the jotunn can be saved, and as he reaches the top deck he sees a hole in the Hard Nox. Believing that it’s a clinic, Emryk charges forward and leaps from the rail, clutching Soren’s body and hurtling towards the hole in the ship.

Once Juniper and Ciarán reach the top deck, they take Poppy’s body from him. They set her next to the rails, removing both cloaks and setting aside the green one. They offer a silent apology before dousing her body in fire, cremating her and setting her ash adrift, returning Poppy to nature and freeing her from the Truth Teller. Ciarán comforts them as Leo grabs a random member of the Nox crew, determined to be more than a killer. All of them cross the chains and return to the Hard Nox, with Leo passing out on the deck once the injured crew member has been delivered.

In the treasure chamber, Sinéad rejects King’s offer, and they argue back and forth. King realizes that Sinéad was fae, and reiterates that he wishes to destroy the Floating Isles, not rule them, and that he will be able to do it after his next mission. During this time, Nessa manages to steal King’s map and slip away. Outside, Hester is dying from overexertion and lies to Pris that she’ll be right behind her as Pris’s skeletal hand construct, named Lady Fingers, pulls her along.

Emryk crashes into the clinic and Emer tries to save Soren, to no avail. She then takes care of Emryk before Caleb enters holding Sliocht. Emryk provides an extra pair of hands to help take care of him while Caleb goes to get stitched up by Mal. Once finished, Emer instructs Emryk to find Sinéad and tell her that she vouches for him and suggests wearing Soren’s clothes. Alys goes to the mess hall to clean her wound, and Ciarán and Juniper wind up there as well. Caleb gets his stitches fixed by Mal before rushing topside, ordering the crew to pull back the chains.

Meanwhile, on the Truth Teller, Lucien is about to chase down Naveen before hearing the noise from the treasure room. He composes himself before entering, taunting King about the effectiveness of his vampire. King makes one last offer to Sinéad before she refuses, attacking King and one of his constructs before beginning to leave. King is unharmed, and whispers to one of his acolytes to let them go as Lucien distracts the other construct. Nessa grabs Hester on her way out and drops her in the clinic. When she wakes, Hester is distrustful of Emer, who eventually stops prying into her background and connection to Pris.

Sinéad and Lucien run to the deck, with Sinéad choosing to be the last off. She orders Lucien to take Pris, and he grabs her and carries her across the chains. Sinéad grabs the last chain as it’s being pulled back, telling Caleb he did a good job as she’s hauled on deck. Both of them know that the other is aware what transpired, and she gives him orders to sail eastward.
{ - Freefall (31-36)}

As the Hard Nox sails away, Snot’s body is turned into a necromantic mass of rot that’s fired from one of the Truth Teller’s cannons. It strikes the Hard Nox and begins eating away at the sail, sending the ship plummeting to the ocean below. Caleb rushes to the helm to try and keep the ship steady as everyone is thrown about. Leo is thrown overboard, crashing into the water and grabbing onto the anchor chain. Once settled, Sinéad begins barking orders: Mal and Fionn are to fix the hole in Emer’s clinic, Juniper is to dry the deck out, and everyone else is to bail water or help Emer set up a secondary clinic.

Emryk ventures abovedeck after the crash and hauls the anchor up, helping Leo back onto the ship. Sinéad interrogates them, and both introduce themselves to the captain, explaining their captivity on the Truth Teller. Sinéad gives them until they reach the next port to decide if they wish to join the crew or not. She then asks about their skills, during which Leo accidentally propositions Sinéad. Emryk covers for him, and she dismisses them both before heading below.

Lucien goes below to chart a course for the nearest harbor, and Nessa brings him the map while Sinéad is busy. He figures out that the map leads to a cluster of mountains in the Ice Lands along the southeast shore. He gives Nessa a bottle of his blood mead for a job well done, and relays the information to Sinéad when she appears at his door. Meanwhile Pris at some point finds Mal and introduces herself as a stowaway, much to their chagrin.

Down below, Ciarán starts straightening out the mess hall as Caleb arrives with the intent to get drunk. Alys goes with Juniper to dry the deck as Emer enters the kitchen, joining Caleb and Ciarán for a bit of company. Caleb purposefully tries starting a fight with Ciarán, and the two nearly come to blows before Emer steps in and restores order. Emryk arrives, now dressed in Soren’s clothes. Introductions are made and he thanks both men for their aid in his rescue.

Back above deck, Alys asks Juniper about their time on the Truth Teller, as well as their opinion of Leo and Emryk. They discuss Caleb’s injury and Soren’s death, and the conversation turns to Poppy’s death. It becomes more heartfelt, with Juniper sharing their feelings about Poppy and their guilt for her death. Alys responds with a story of her own friend that she lost. She offers to be a listening ear if Juniper wants, which they accept, just not right now.

Leo gets lost trying to find the men’s quarters and finds the women’s quarters instead, and cleans the remnants of Hester’s ritual as best he can before heading to the deck to stare at the stars. Later that night, he finds himself in Emer’s clinic, searching for cleaning supplies. Hester, still in Emer’s cot, shouts at him for the racket, taunting him about the bottles beating him. Leo dubs her the Bottle Witch and smashes one to prove they’re weak before sniffing another and passing out.

And somewhere, in the depths of the Truth Teller, Solomon King finally realizes that his map has been stolen.
[font size="5"]Season 03[/font]
{ - Path to Allegria (36-38)}

The journey to the nearest port, Allegria, takes three days. During that time, Caleb splits the treasure taken from Fen manor and the Truth Teller amongst the crew. [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/thread/1353/pothn-slight-complication-1x1[/URL]"]Emer meets Pris[/a] while scrounging around the kitchen and gives her sweets and blankets. Leo cleans the ship and [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/thread/1354/pothn-patchwork-cleaning[/URL]"]encounters Mal[/a] whilst cleaning their workshop. Emer also gives Nessa her [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/thread/1349/pothn-gift-1x1[/URL]"]first feeding[/a] under their new agreement, which turns into an impromptu therapy session with an unintended audience: Hester, pretending to be asleep. Emer knows she’s awake, though, and after Nessa leaves they discuss what she just heard.

After the three days, the Hard Nox docks on the coast just south of Allegria. It’s a tourist town that they don’t raid, in exchange for the people turning a blind eye to their presence. Almost the entire crew plans to head into town, with Emryk helping Emer make a list of needed supplies for the clinic and Caleb packing a bag so he doesn’t have to come back as often. Sinéad leads the crew into town as they talk and make plans. Leo thanks Alys for his freedom, and she gives him a piece of sea glass she finds.
{ - Shopping and Bathing (38-44)}

Leo discusses Lucien with Alys before the crew arrives into town. Sinéad suggests that she and Emryk should talk soon and everyone splits. Emryk goes shopping with Emer, accidentally directing her to a flower booth before they find an apothecary, gathering the necessary supplies and chatting the whole time. Both of them are flustered and flushed, with something greater clearly forming between them. As they’re about to return to the ship, Emryk spots a strongman game and wins, breaking it in the process. He gives the prize, a bracelet made of antler, to Emer. They try to look for something to eat, and Emryk wishes to know more about her people, her family. He pushes too far, eventually causing Emer to bid him good night and start to return to the ship.

Leo and Caleb go to a blacksmith, where Caleb buys an ornate dagger and offers to buy a blade for Leo., who picks a dull, raw, half-finished blade. Lucien enters, ignoring the two, and begins discussing blades with the blacksmith. After throwing insults (and one sheathed blade), Caleb and Leo leave. They run into Emer, who just wants to return to the ship. Leo notices Emryk’s absence, and Caleb tries to convince her to join them out on the town. They eventually accept her request to be alone and Leo runs off to find Emryk while Caleb heads to the Blue Lagoon.

Nessa and Juniper go to a bathhouse, haggling for the price before Sinéad and Alys enter. Once all baths are paid for they enter, taking a moment to relax and discuss plans before Sinéad enters the conversation, letting them know of King’s desire to have her help take over the Floating Isles. Juniper questions this, while Alys is uncomfortable being the only winged fae present.

We meet Lula Torres, an eccentric fae jeweler who also specializes in artifice. Her stall has a large air cannon that attracts attention, while also distracting people from the mechanical birds running around, picking pockets. She spots Emryk and calls him over, noting how shiny his scales are and asking if he’d part with them.
{ - Mutiny at the Blue Lagoon (44-49)}

Alys is uncomfortable with the anti-fae conversation in the bathhouse and leaves on the pretense of shopping. In reality, she begins trying to find Caleb in taverns. Nessa, Juniper, and Sinéad continue discussing King’s proposal and Juniper’s time on the Truth Teller. Sinéad suspects something is going on between Alys and Caleb, but doesn’t say what. They all part ways, with Juniper offering to meet up with Nessa later and Sinéad telling her about a bottle of Lucien’s blood mead in her cabin.

Lucien purchases a new rapier from the blacksmith, Seamus Greyhammer, who gives his word that if the weapon fails, he’ll replace it. Lucien reveals his vampiric nature and ties to the Hard Nox before leaving and returning to the ship, terrifying the blacksmith into considering moving.

Leo loses himself in an alleyway, finding a group of people who offer to let him make money with a card game. He bets his boots and loses before using his sword as a second wager. Before he loses the second time, his opponent slips up, revealing that they’ve been cheating. Leo runs after the cheater, reclaiming his sword and running into a large man who points him in the right direction. As he runs off, the man shifts, revealing himself to be both the cheater and a changeling before vanishing into the crowd.

Emryk introduces himself to Lula, receiving a little broach that bears her logo before returning to the ship. Hester has been out getting supplies and almost doesn’t notice a small bird, Knobby, that snatches a few coins before running off. Hester remembers the air cannon and decides to investigate Lula, while Knobby runs away and hides in Lula’s lap. Mal shows up at Lula’s stall, curious about the air cannon. Leo spots another bird, Wobbly, collecting coins and chases it. He loses sight of Wobbly as he runs to Lula’s stall, but spots Mal and ends up there anyway.

Emer returns to the ship and makes tea, watching the sky on the deck. Emryk decides to leave the supplies in her clinic and doesn’t notice her as he boards the ship. Emer stops him as he tries to leave, explaining that family is a delicate matter for her, and that she would like to not be strangers with him anymore. Emryk echoes Emer’s previous excuse of feeling unwell and goes to bed, leaving her alone.

Alys finds Caleb in the Blue Lagoon, the shadiest tavern in Allegria. They have a tense discussion about Alys stabbing Caleb, and he offers her the dagger he had purchased as a gift. She agrees to join him in the mutiny, and they make plans to avoid suspicion, including a signal with their wings. With the mutiny another member stronger, Caleb leaves the tavern to find Leo.
{ - Festive Evening (49-54)}

As Sinéad leaves the bathhouse, she hears a familiar voice call to her: Crow, the spellsword from Allegria. He’s no longer on Fen Manor’s payroll, and offers Sinéad a dance. They dance and flirt before Crow ends the dance with a kiss as fireworks go off, and the two retreat to a brothel to spend the night together.

The crowd at Lula’s stall grows, with Hester arriving to ask questions about the birds, Leo asking about jewelry making, and Caleb arriving to talk with Leo. Lula juggles the customers and questions as best she can, but once too many people ask about the birds she runs away, smashing her air cannon to make it smoke before fleeing the stall. Hester steals a bracelet, and Leo steals some wire before returning to the ship as Caleb returns to the festivities.

Alys, Juniper, and Nessa all run their own errands before eventually reconverging for dinner and drinks near the music. Lucien returns to the ship to grab some of his mead and his bloodletting kit before going out to scan for targets. A couple of the girls are asked to dance by fairies. Alys dances with a guard, Isaiah, and they both flirt through the night before slipping off to a tavern together. Lucien offers a dance to Nessa, and during it they talk about the causes of their vampirism. Lucien apologizes for Nessa being burdened with the curse, thanks her for the dance, and slips into the night.

Juniper dances with another guard named Connell. While they start off flirting, their lies build up and, after saying the wrong thing, they run off and stumble drunkenly through the crowd. Caleb spots Juniper and takes them to the inn he’s staying at, where he takes care of them for the night.

Ciarán also goes into town and runs into Beck, the archer from Fen Manor. She reveals that a lot of Fen Manor came to Allegria after the raid. They have a short time together, with something blossoming between them, ending their day with a commitment to see each other the next day. On the Hard Nox, Emer and Emryk watch the fireworks, and Emryk agrees to stay until the next port.
{ - Last Day in Allegria (54-74)}

Juniper wakes up hungover and runs into Alys slipping away from her hookup. She gets the wrong impression about Juniper and Caleb’s night together before returning to the ship. Juniper and Caleb get breakfast and meet Mate, the troll from Fen Manor, once more before going their separate ways. Leo talks with Alys about trust and friendship before they both head into town.

Sinéad left Crow in the early morning to return to the ship to sleep. Phantom pains wake her up, so she spends her time making false copies of Solomon King’s map. Emer joins her, and the two discuss Emryk and Pris over tea and oatmeal. Emer leaves and Emryk enters to talk with Sinéad. She returns his journal to him, as well as the gem hidden within, before letting him go see Emer.

Juniper goes to Emer to find a hangover cure and asks her to repair Poppy’s cloak. This turns into a [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/thread/1366/pothn-loose-threads[/URL]"]therapy session[/a] that ends with Emer pushing too far into Juniper’s past trauma, causing them to have an outburst and leave. Caleb meets with Sinéad, discussing their new recruits and the Ice Lands. She orders him to tell the crew that they plan to leave at midnight.

Leo and Alys enter Allegria, and Leo unknowingly gets too close to Alys’s wings, causing an outburst. They get Leo new clothes, and he chooses to stay there and make some money. Ciarán meets Beck once more, and they resolve to spend the day together. She kisses him briefly, and he returns with a more serious kiss as they head to the market.

Juniper changes their appearance and heads back to Allegria. They end up bumping into Friend, the man who conned Leo the previous night. They’re also a changeling, and they have a deep conversation with Juniper before they leave. Meanwhile Crow meets with the captain of the Allegrian guard, Quinn Alastair. He had a raven follow Sinéad after she left and wants a reward for their location. He and Quinn dance around the issue before she gives him a blank medal to sell. Crow turns and robs his escorts, killing one and telling the other the location.

Emer and Emryk go for a swim, resolving to at least be friends. Juniper and Alys return to the bathhouse, where they detail their respective evenings, clearing up Alys’s assumption. They spend some time at the beach before returning to the ship. Caleb goes hunting to clear his head, while Lucien and Leo nearly come to blows at the bathhouse before each returning to the ship.

The surviving guard runs to inform Quinn, but she’s in the market instead. She spots Sinéad, and the two have a tense discussion. Beck spots them, but says nothing. Ciarán offers to let her stay on the Hard Nox for the night, which she enthusiastically agrees to.

Caleb returns from hunting and Nessa finds him in the mess hall. Leo and Juniper join them before Caleb heads down to check on the storage. Alys finds him there by accident and fills him in on her progress in converting Leo and Juniper. She asks why Caleb hates Sinéad, and he responds that she’s no better than Solomon King, and that she holds something over all of them.
{ - Under Attack (74-79)}

Sinéad suspects something after her conversation with Quinn, so she makes preparations around the ship to leave. Ciarán brings Beck to his quarters, intent on letting her stay there for the night. Quinn informs the guards that they’ll attack the ship at sundown. She orders that Sinéad should be captured alive, but everyone else is to be killed, and the Allegrian guard swarms the ship.

Alys hears the first shout and starts alerting the others. Sinéad calls her crew to get the ship airborne and repel the boarders as Ciarán leaves back and rallies the crew to fight. Juniper, Alys, and Leo fight their way up to the stairwell, with Juniper taking a small cut to the forehead and Leo taking a bullet to the chest. Juniper sends fire darting up the stairwell, clearing a path to the deck.

Lucien, Nessa, and Caleb all arrive on deck. Nessa lets a bit of her vampiric side out, fighting with her claws and a kitchen knife, shrugging off a sword slash across her back. Caleb rushes to Sinéad’s side, urging her to get to the wheel. Beck grabs her bow and heads topside to protect Ciarán as Lucien starts killing blindly, brutally executing a soldier even as he gets a knife stabbed into his cheek. Sinéad drops her sword and runs to the aileron wheel, and the Hard Nox begins to rise as Quinn watches the attack.

Connell, the soldier who danced with Juniper, goes to the clinic and attacks Emer. Emryk is already in there and stops the blade, disarming and stunning the man before bringing him abovedeck and heaving him into the water below. He asks Juniper to keep Emer safe in his absence, and they agree, rushing back down to the clinic.

Lucien throws a dagger through the wing of a fleeing fairy, and Sinéad stands over the body, protecting it from Lucien, drawing the line at wing mutilation. He kills the fairy and goes to Nessa’s side as Ciarán gets hit in the shoulder. Leo takes a lot of damage in the fight, and Caleb orders him to go to Emer’s. Leo obliges, collapsing as he reaches the clinic. Emer gets the bullet out and asks Juniper to cauterize the wound, showing that their fire can help instead of harm.

Lyeni, one of the guards, starts dueling Alys as her dance partner/hookup, Isaiah, duels with Caleb. Caleb disarms him, but he punches Caleb’s bad eye and they switch to melee. The fight shifts into Isaiah’s favor as Caleb falls to one knee.
{ - The Battle Shifts (79-82)}

Quinn shoots one of her fleeing soldiers in the wing, watching him fall to his death before flying up to the Hard Nox. She and Sinéad continue their flirty taunting before Sinéad shouts the order to either toss any stragglers overboard or slit their throats. The crew oblige, with Alys slitting Lyeni’s throat. Quinn fires a shot at Sinéad in response, but grazes her arm.

Isaiah stands over Caleb, taunting him before trying to knock him out, looking to capture and hang him. Before he can, Ciarán charges over and slams into Isaiah, beating him to a pulp as Alys comes to help Caleb, who requests to be taken to his room instead of to Emer’s. Alys obliges and starts to help him clean up before he says he can handle it and takes over.

A soldier sneaks behind Beck and starts choking her, but Emryk comes to her aid, incapacitating the soldier and kicking him overboard. He starts to direct Beck to the clinic, but Lucien slips out of the shadows, threatening to kill her if she doesn’t explain herself. Emryk backhands Lucien, putting Beck under his protection and ignoring Lucien’s following threat.

Down in the clinic, Juniper finishes sealing Leo’s wound and Emer stitches up theirs as they have a conversation. Back above, Quinn attacks Sinéad as Lucien jumps to her side. Sinéad blocks the blow and orders Lucien to kill Quinn any way he likes, as the Hard Nox sails away from Allegria.
{ - Aftermath (82-87)}

Alys cleans up from the attack and meets Pris in the mess hall, who is cooking fried potatoes with Lady Fingers. Nessa runs into a drunken Caleb, all cleaned up, while she’s doing her rounds and looting bodies. They strike up a mostly one-sided drunken conversation as Nessa guides him down to the mess hall and sets him down at a table.

Meanwhile, Ciarán and Beck are in Emer’s clinic, with the former getting his wound cauterized. Emryk returns, telling Emer of his meeting with Lucien. She leaves to have a conversation with him that she believes is long overdue. Sinéad enters the clinic and begins to dress her wounds while Beck explains herself, with Ciarán and Emryk both vouching for her. Sinéad offers her a drink, welcoming her to the crew.

Sinéad immediately follows by ordering Ciarán to throw Beck and two other newcomers into the crow cages for initiation. Emryk steps up, opposed to the idea, but Sinéad dismisses his concerns, letting him and Ciarán both know that anyone who chooses not to go in the cages will be let off at the next port: the Ice Lands. Leo and Emryk both volunteer to take the time of others, with Emryk saying it’s cruel and unnecessary. Beck and Leo refuse to let anyone take their time, with Leo pointing out that they already made their choice by staying on the ship.

Lucien knocks Quinn out and locks her in the brig before heading to his room, where Emer knocks on his door. She gives him a stern talking-to about his attempts to influence the crew, to push Nessa and Juniper, and his threatening of her folk. She offers to help him, if only he would accept it. Lucien is unmoved and rejects her pity, slamming the door in her face.

Sinéad enters the mess hall, finding a drunken Caleb. She gets him to his feet and helps him to his room, knowing he won’t remember much in the morning. He smacks a glass of water out of her hand in anger, and she talks with him about being a captain, about how she asks so much of him. She tells him a story as he drifts off to sleep, hoping he won’t remember it in the morning.
[font size="5"]Season 04[/font]
{ - The Ice Lands Beckon (87-91)}

A week has passed since the Hard Nox fled Allegria. During that time, Sinéad and Emer both visit Quinn, one [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/thread/1397/pothn-farther-fall[/URL]"]taunting her[/a], the other [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/thread/1400/pothn-gamehawk[/URL]"]tending her wounds[/a]. Leo and Alys have a [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/thread/1391/pothn-night-lessons-1x1[/URL]"]late-night conversation[/a] where he realizes why Alys got angry with him and apologizes properly. He also believes she knows his secret, so he reveals his past to her: his slavery, his arrest, and his brutalization of the fae noble family he served. Alys says she needs time and retreats. Leo also meets Pris and has a [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/thread/1399/pothn-prisoners-potatoes[/URL]"]nice conversation[/a] about learning. While Leo serves his time in the crow cages, Alys and Caleb [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/thread/1401/pothn-goats-schemes[/URL]"]meet once more[/a]. Alys tells him Leo’s secret, and Caleb puts forward a plan to set the mutiny in motion. A bored Beck also [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/thread/1409/pothn-love-threads[/URL]"]goes to Emer[/a], who teaches her to crochet.

After everyone has done their time in the cages, we find Leo and Ciarán sparring on deck with Juniper and Caleb watching. Caleb makes a bet on the winner, and they discuss his injury and their mutual disdain for the crow cages. Meanwhile, Lucien discusses his concerns with Sinéad about meeting King at their destination. Sinéad assures him that she believes he only had the one copy due to prizing its rarity, and they won’t engage in another fight with the Truth Teller.

Belowdecks, Alys goes to Emer’s to get her wings waxed. During this they have a conversation about the cold and Alys’s apparent growing comfort around the crew. They also talk about focusing on the good in people before Emer finishes and Alys heads to the top deck. On another part of the ship, Emryk is exercising to regain his lost bulk while Nessa practices sneaking in winter wear. He notices her, and they idly chat, with Emryk showing her the gemstone he’s made into a simple necklace.

Ciarán narrowly beats Leo thanks to the latter’s luck, and Caleb calls the next bout, accepting the challenge that Lucin then puts forward. Caleb initially fights defensively until Lucien baits him, reminding him of the woman he loved that Lucien killed. This pushes Caleb to the offensive, and he flies Lucien high above the ship. Leo talks with Juniper about their respective flames, assuming that they’re similar and asking them to teach him pyromancy. Ciarán talks with Alys and she offers to pay him back for the previous drink after she speaks with Sinéad.

The fight comes to a close as Lucien bites Caleb’s hand, forcing him to drop the vampire. He crashes onto the deck below, mostly unharmed, with both men thinking themselves the victor.
{ - Parties and Pregnancies (91-96)}

After the spar, Caleb brings Leo downstairs and gets him to help set up a party for the crew, to ward off the fear of reaching the Ice Lands. Torrel, the wounded Villa, is there playing the lute as Leo and Pris watch the party from different parts of the mess, both fascinated. Alys goes to talk with Sinéad, making small talking before revealing Leo’s secret, assuring Sinéad he hasn’t done anything to her when she threatens to throw him overboard. Sinéad promises nothing like that will happen on her ship, and tells Alys to kill Leo or have Lucien do it if he tries to.

Juniper returns to the women’s quarters and talks with Beck, who’s making a scarf for Ciarán. They talk about her time in the cages, and Beck keeps steering the conversation towards love and Ciarán. Juniper blows up at her, asking why she’s with them, why she chose to be a pirate. Beck affirms that she loves Ciarán and will follow him if this is the life he wants. This sets Juniper off even more due to its absurdity, and Beck storms off in response to go to the party.

Caleb finds Hester at the party, who arrived by accident, and dances with her. He tells her about his bout with Lucien before getting distracted by Alys arriving. Nessa uses the party to practice sneaking around and scares Leo, who awkwardly asks her to dance. She accepts, and they have a brief conversation during their awkward dance before they split. Caleb asks Hester for another, this time asking her questions about Solomon King. She doubts he has another copy of the map, and thinks that whatever lies at the end is incredibly important. She also thinks that King can be killed, but it would take more firepower than the Hard Nox has.

Juniper rants to themself before hearing a noise at the window. It’s Yume, Nessa’s pet bat, returning with letters. Juniper vents to her and Yume diligently listens. They feel better afterwards, and set Yume in Nessa’s hammock before leaving for the party. Meanwhile, Alys and Ciarán get drunk with each other before starting to dance. Pris asks Torrel to play a lullaby she knows, and they recognize the tune and play it, making Pris to want to learn how to play.

Lucien runs into Beck as they’re both on their way to the party, and he questions her about some of the people from Fen Manor before revealing how he brutally killed them. He taunts Beck for her place on the ship before pointing out Alys and Ciarán dancing and slipping off into the shadows. Meanwhile, Sinéad anchors the ship and goes to see Emer, asking for something to help her sleep. She also reveals that, while in Allegria, she purposely got pregnant by Crow.
{ - Treason and Tears (96-100)}

Before Beck can react to Alys and Ciarán dancing, Caleb sweeps her into another dance, trying to get back at Alys. Ciarán notices Beck and feels bad, but Alys brings his attention back to her with a hand on his cheek, reminding him he’s allowed to dance with her. Beck sees this and leaves, distraught, as Caleb gives Alys the meeting signal and heads topside. Ciarán confesses his feelings, in another time with another him, before kissing Alys’s cheek and heading up to get some air. Meanwhile, Nessa heads to Emer’s for blood. Emer hears about the dance with Lucien in Allegria, and tells Nessa not to accept anything he offers.

Juniper runs into a crying Beck on their way to the party, although they forgot their glasses. They try to comfort her, and Beck is convinced Alys is in love with Ciarán. Juniper disagrees, but Beck begs them to make sure they’re just dancing. Juniper relents and sees the kiss before returning, lying to Beck and trying to give her advice. She doesn’t listen and undoes the scarf she had made before going to sleep.

Emryk is in the kitchen, cooking a meat pie. Hester enters, remembering she was looking for food. He gets her a bowl of stew and offers one to Lucien, who appears to ask her questions. Lucien declines, and Emryk leaves them, heading to the top deck. Lucien and Hester talk about Naveen and his abilities before agreeing to work together to take him down, with Hester supplying the necessary curses. Emryk finds Ciarán on the top deck and they share the meat pie, discussing their past, their regrets, and bonding over their role as guardians and protectors.

Elsewhere on the deck, Leo cleans and talks with Caleb while he waits for Alys. They talk about the dangers of women and the heart, with Caleb noticing that Leo is smarter than he thinks. Caleb sends Leo to clean the goat cage before intercepting Alys, pulling her into his quarters. He berates her for her drunken behavior and orders her to stay in his quarters tonight while he leaves to enact the plan. She argues back and he agrees to her demands before slipping out the door.

While Sinéad sleeps, Caleb sneaks into her room. He steals the magic compass and flies off, using it to find the Truth Teller. He meets with Solomon King, accepting the offer he gave Sinéad and promising that he’ll soon be a captain. He ends the meeting by giving King the copy of the stolen map Sinéad had given him before flying back to the Hard Nox.
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