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Edit changed name to try and make more clear. Old one I liked but it didn't explain anything necessarily

The Pitch

What happens when quite possibly the strongest woman in the world becomes possessed? Can a beloved hero be saved? Is it worth the challenge? And even if that solution is desired is that time one has? The hero Oni-girl of the old forums comic setting is now the weapon of hell. And what does Hell want? Well that's a mystery but every moment the death toll will get higher and chaos will be growing.

The Oni-Girl changes over the time skip are she is now almost eight feet tall. Her strength got higher each year older in previous lore and she's now twenty five. She's considered as "continental" in strength. I'm going to try and leave some wiggle room there for selling though. But she is easily one of if not the heaviest hitters around who's casually smashing buildings. Who can move casually like a rocket, she isn't graceful about said movement she isn't a speedster necessarily.

So some ground rules I was thinking on the matter.
1 This is probably a one last ride scenario keep that in mind.
2 Keep it fun. This is open to crazy destruction and "high tier" powers but not "solve all" powers. Earth busting super strength, being leagues above faster than light speed etc these might take away the fun.
3 Time has passed but box went unused. Its a time of relative peace the push for advancment may not have been there. Keep any changes respectful of this, power creep should be natural or none at all. Nobody became a billionair off screen or built a army of seven story tall mecha when originally had only power armor. This is a kind of fast and loose rule but still want it said. If there's a difference make it clear what they are.
4. You do not have to know lore of old box or use a character from there but it may help.
5. I'm back to writing and I'm aiming for momentum. Try and be able to have posts in a couple days. No set post speed but want that hype

If the interest is there, I'll drop the opening post. It's already written. Want to read before the rp goes live or incase never does? Well nows my chance to shill you can find it HERE
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If there's enough expressed interest of course I'll gladly do so

Test thread I linked at bottom now also has the old Oni cs. Div is murdered however lol
Yeah mine is quite dead as well I knew I should have figured out how all this stuff worked. Never did... from what I've noticed so far [div] of course still works but there seems to be some new commands/coding as well or at least new ways of making it work

「The Unconquered Sun」

What’s a superhero with a chip on her shoulder supposed to do without bad guys to beat the tar out of? Find inner peace, I guess. At least, that’s what I did.

Having bad guys to hit was a real source of catharsis for me, I’m not going to lie. But, well, eventually the world ran out of ‘em, or so it seemed. That purple creep Surgath never showed up again. Gawain never crawled out of his hole. Even Aurum got bored eventually. A few of the low-level punks stayed active, but they were all so fragile that I couldn’t even swing on ‘em without worrying about separating their heads from their shoulders. And that turned out to be a real problem for me.

Turns out, all that anger didn’t go anywhere when the usual outlets for it vanished. And I’d kind of cut all the ties I had, in favor of pursuing more people to punch. I dropped out of college, stopped texting Kelly back, and even moved into a space station just to get away from other people. The closest thing I had to a friend was Mettle, for god’s sake. While there were still superpowered serial killers like Gawain running around, I could at least pretend I’d sacrificed all that for a good cause, but once they were gone, I realized how little I had left.

Of course, the idea of getting a regular job was pretty much immediately out- I’d never bothered to hide my identity, and nobody wants to risk hiring a woman who can incinerate them with a glare, even if they’re one of the good guys. And even if I had picked up a job waiting tables, all that anger would have still been there, just simmering under the surface. So I decided to go deal with it.

I had plenty of reasons to be angry, don’t get me wrong. Back when I was just a teenage cape called Power Princess, I got messed up pretty bad by a group of supervillains seriously out of my weight class. Not the sort of thing you can just forgive and forget. But really, I was never that angry at them. Hurting people is what they do. It’s in their nature. No use hating them, any more than you’d hate a hurricane or an earthquake. Nah, I was mad at myself, for not being strong enough. And instead of trying to forgive myself, I decided the solution was just to get stronger, and to beat on more bad guys, all so I could feel better.

When you’ve got trauma that deeply rooted in your brain, it’s hard to get out. Eventually, after a few months of meditation and breathing exercises with no luck, I decided I had to do something drastic- break myself down and build myself back up at the most basic level. So I decided to do some sunbathing.

A good few weeks inside of the sun will do wonders for your health, if you can take the heat. I had some trouble, at first. In fact, my entire body was almost instantly torn apart, reduced to less than ash. But it wasn’t enough to kill me. See, the sun is where my powers come from. I’ve got a direct link to ‘ol Sol. His living avatar on Earth, in fact. So breaking down my physical body was less a highly elaborate form of suicide, and more a rebirth. Baptism by fire.

The human brain is a funny thing. Certain memories stick with you for your entire life. Sometimes they’re good ones, but mostly, they’re bad. Those are the ones that will keep you up at night- moments of pure terror, humiliation, and shame. It’s not just psychological, it’s a problem with the ‘hardware,’ so to speak. Moments associated with intense, and often negative, emotions are the ones that remain the most vivid. So when my body turned to dust on the solar wind, and I was reconstituted as pure energy, it did something interesting to my mind.

Where once my memories, my personality, everything that makes me ‘me’, was stored on a three-pound chunk of gray meat animated by electrical impulses, they’re now captured in a photonic array. They’re all made of light. I can access any memory with perfect accuracy, but they’re no longer weighted unfairly based on the quirks of a human brain. For the first time, when I close my eyes, I don’t see that little monster’s smiling face, and hear the whirring sound of a buzz saw. Those memories are still there, but they’re not the driving force behind my every action.

That all happened in the first few seconds. But what happened next was more interesting. I rebuilt myself from the ground up, with deliberate intentionality. Where my core motivation had once been based in fear, shame, and rage, I instead substituted values like selflessness and altruism- all the things I thought I’d been fighting for, because I was too blind to see what was really going on.

If you’d asked me what I believed in before, I would have probably told you some crap about ‘justice’ and ‘peace,’ when the truth was that I’d been fighting for myself the whole time. Being a hero was really just about venting my self-loathing and rage on the few people in the world who could take it. Now, I believe in something better. Truth without compromise. Thought without error. All things for the betterment of the whole. The code of a Solar.

Practically speaking, my power suite isn’t very different. The short version is this. I have a single power, called dynakinesis. From the Latin: dyna, meaning power, and kinesis, meaning movement. In other words, I control energy, in all conceivable forms. I can absorb, project, and otherwise manipulate heat, electricity, radiation, and even force. Like I said, I can incinerate somebody with a glare, but I can also put out a forest fire by sucking the heat out of the blaze. I made Chernobyl safe for human habitation a couple thousand years ahead of schedule. I can even freeze someone solid, by draining all the heat from their body.

The slightly longer version includes all of the less obvious things I can do. Flight, for one- my powers let me mess around a bit with gravity, which both allows me to levitate (and propel myself telekinetically), and cancel gravity in small areas around me. In theory, I could probably also intensify gravity, but the consequences of doing so would probably be pretty dire, no matter how limited the scope, so I haven’t experimented with it much.

Manipulating force- or, to be more precise, kinetic energy -means that I can punch you from across the room, or lift weights without having to put my hands on them. All it really involves is applying force with my mind, rather than my body. This used to require some pretty intense concentration, but I’ve improved on that significantly since my sojourn into the sun.

Within that purview, I’ve also developed a new technique- creating ‘echoes’ of myself. Essentially, this is just using telekinesis to make a construct shaped like my body, then giving it a glowing aura so that it’s visible to other people. Nothing I couldn’t do before, except that maintaining such a complex construct used to require all of my attention. Now, I can split my attention between at least ten different simultaneous tasks- including controlling one of these echoes. They aren’t autonomous in any sense, but if you saw them in action, you probably wouldn’t believe me. I can maintain their coherence within a radius of about ten miles, and control them perfectly within that range, all while my physical body is occupied doing something else. This is mostly useful for crowd control and the like, but if necessary, I can use them to engage multiple opponents at once.

Physically speaking- well, this is where things get tricky. My body isn’t flesh and blood anymore, but it’s still there. I look basically the same, and you can still hit me, though I wouldn’t advise it. Hell, if you’re strong enough, you can even hurt me. I’m not physically invulnerable- at least, not by default. But I can make my body hyperdense, which would mean that taking a swing will only break your hand. I can even go intangible, although letting an attack pass through me risks it hitting someone behind me, so that’s an option I rarely exercise. Somebody sufficiently strong could tear my body apart, and it would take a while for me to reconstitute myself, but it wouldn’t permanently kill me. The only thing that can do that, as far as I’m aware, is tossing me into a black hole. And there aren’t many people on Earth who can make that happen.

Still- on a good day, I don’t have to use any of these powers except flight. I try to avoid cutting loose on anybody these days. Especially if there’s a chance any innocent person might get hurt as a consequence. But don’t get me wrong- ‘Zen Alex’ is still more than willing to throw a punch if need be.
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Oh Shit!!! Imma work on my div a bit more probably make a few more edits to this bio but want to gather you're thoughts Azra.

Sex: Male

Age: 827

True Name: Hugo

Brief Bio: Bran is an 800-year-old wizard who went against the established norms of his time to obtain power by working with the nobility. Instead, he became marked as a warlock when he made his first deal with the Summer Fey. He would find a group of like-minded mages and they would begin to make deals with many extradimensional beings but only one found the path to immortality. Bran made a deal with an entity of death to attain immortal life but civil war erupted with his fellow warlocks being defeated and himself becoming trapped in his decaying body. His soul wouldn't escape until the modern age when he would find a new body to continue with his life and wonder about the disappearance of magic itself.

Current Deals:

Lady Mab of the Winter Court: Serves as the Winter Courts' only active agent on this Earth. Has vowed to not kill Septimus Neir the Nosferatu for his role in the death of Esca the Pixie. Must recruit new agents for the Winter Court.

Yog-Sothoth Eldritch God of knowledge: Has vowed to visit other realities that it can't reach and bring back the knowledge for him. Has brought back knowledge from the Feywild


Prosthetic Right arm: Alien tech used to replace an arm lost in battle against a great foe.

Staff of the Geas: A staff given usually given only to the greatest agents of the Winter Court. Reclaimed from a museum in Chicago by Bran (Esca also died during this mission) who also questions why this was put into the collection there. The bladed staff serves as a focus for Bran's magic and a melee weapon if it comes to it not to mention its true magical ability. The staff enables him to cast a magical spell known as the Geas which allows him to override a person's will with his own will infused with his own magical energy(hasn't been used yet). The staff has also had four gems embedded into it recently each connected to the four elder elementals: the Phoenix, the Leviathan, the Tempest, and the Zaratan. If you hear him calling forth their element's you shall soon understand its power. Need to do more with these gems I'll describe them in the next edit

Dragon Glove-Made from the dragon scales gained from a murdered dragon in Providence. This glove is extremely durable and resistant to many elements the foremost among these heat and fire. This glove also contains a tooth from a dragon that can slide out and disrupt magic. Having been treated with dragon blood during its creation this glove can burn various summoning and magic circles into the ground or in thin air.

Boots of Flight: Enchanted boots that allow Bran to take flight

Runestones- a pouch Bran carries has a set of specialty containment stones of his design and several explosive rune stones

Spell's- Bran knows many magical secrets but not all of them can be cast during battle.

Eldritch Blast- The simplest of battle magic

Chaos Blast- a blast that will combine with chaos energy to create something truly special

Misty step- creates a fog that allows him to teleport a short distance away

Telepathy- a spell to allow him to communicate or read the minds of others

Grasping tentacle- summons an eldritch tentacle to hold or drag an opponent

Darkness- Summons magical darkness to envelop an area. A total deprivation of light forms around a chosen target. Only dispelled

Probably gonna replace this Hypnotic lights- summons three orbs of light that change colors rapidly to distract opponents

Banishment-send an opponent to a different dimension or location. To be able to use this spell Bran will have to get his opponent into a circle or get up close and personal.

Mage armor- uses a small amount of magic that will help protect him from attacks large and small.

Heal- a simple healing spell

Telekinesis-Able to move things with his mind. Larger objects may take more effort.

Eye of Yog-Sothoth- A terrifying eye of Yog-Sothoth opens and grants it's mortal a “great boon”. All feel the gaze of the Eye. Unblinking and omniscient. One eye of this eldritch God shall strike you with fear.

Summon Fey- summons a creature from the Feywild. Usually a magical animal long extinct on Earth such as a dire wolf. Pixies in a group can also be summoned. Finally with a lowborn fey warrior renowned for their finesse and speed more than actual strength.

Summon Elemental- Elementals tied to the Elemental Planes of Earth are summoned. These entities are quite mindless, so while chaotic, they usually rush at what is directly in front of them. There are four types fire, water, air, and earth.

Summon Abomination- summon an eldritch abomination. Most of these entities are unknown with names unpronounceable by mortals and other types of extraplanar. Most have two things in common tentacles and a terrifying presence.
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Both approved! Not that I'm likely to not approve most cs but still. Here for the magic, and love the time skip elements shown for Daystar

Name: Carmen Nevidmal
Alias: ONI-GIRL!
Age: 666 minus like 641 so 25
Hair: Black as the ABYSS
Weight: RUDE! But like 666 pounds but it's 99.666% muscle don't at me! IM A LIKE TREE OF A LADY OKAY!
Height: 8 ft tall
Skin Color: Red as BBLLOOOOOOODD


Super Strength: Oni has largely been known for two things strength and durability. On her birthday she seems to double in natural strength, which has slightly been helped by a body that would have been almost exclusively muscle by default and is altered more by work out routine. At this point her striking power is casually akin to the potency nukes. A monster of physical might who can lift nearly anything already. She is at this point no planet breaker, but believed likely abke to tremble entire states at a leisure. She is classified as a continental threat. With this incredible strength she additionally can move up to the speeds to surpass rockets. It is to dangerous in her mind but she believes she could likely sprint from coast to coast in minutes . She's not built for being a speedster though its important to note this is more reaction speed trying to run consistently at such a rate is best done in a straight line. It'd be to explosive otherwise.

Super Durability: With all this incredible might comes resilience. It's hard for her to get exhausted, her love of a challenge helps her rise to occasions that do hurt. Really though it comes down to simply being a devil of massive physical ability. One should use actual ordnance as opposed to conventional weapons to phase her. The towering devil is the kind of woman who could weather Airstrikes like a boxer does punches. That was the saying in the past, now it likely is even more. The blood of hers runs hot she likely wouldn't care about cold at least in terms of climate. Powers may impact this differently. Heat however she's basically just resistant to.


After a spar with her friend Kore and Noctua the Oni slowly began to learn of chi. That inner working power of the body, it seems to change depending on the user but for the Oni it exists for two things. Potential and Regeneration! Potential, is the ability to try and contain or tap into the raw energy the devil usually tries to withhold or locked inside. In a brawl with Dayman she learned how to draw on that devilish might!RIts allowed her to flex the titanic power she has in full, though most focus is on containing area of effect. Knowing how to strike with more of her power and MAYBE not leveling a bunch of property along the way. The upper limit of where she can go is unknown, it's rare to find a challenge that calls for it. At Carmen's core though she was meant to level any foe come the apocalypse and with he practice she can taste where she's meant to be. Regeneration the most trivial of chi use, it helps her recover as she rests. That's about it really letting her come back in a few days for another round if the damage actually does stop her.

Gear and Skills:
A Champion Boxer, skilled wrestler, and confident in Tahtib (weapon focus being on sticks in this Egyptian martial art). In the more quiet times she's looked to learn Karate, jujitsu and recently wing Chun. She's still learning these but understanding ways to fight helps her contain the devilish impulses.

Durable Phone Case, the Bunk3r v3 is last years Bunker phone case model meant to help a phone survive being used by a superhero. It's incredibly durable, and Oni's has a mix of devil related key chains on it.

The Oni Girl Costume!: After a fight with Aurum the devil had obtained some chunks of hail turned gold. Some of them went to having a outfit to change into!...Its lovingly made and has no additional properties. Most of the money went to a warranty to repair it as needed.

Dragon Fang!: A oni sized claymore and kanabo made of a dragon tooth. Durable as all hell and sharpened to a pretty keen edge it can cut through a lot! And if it can't well it can withstand the Oni might enough to cleave anyways! While honed edge on one side the other is more stylized like the club known by samurai and well Oni.

History in Past Few Years

It has been simple. Study other ways to fight to help stay composed, and help teach others. Shes known as a sort of mentor trying to help other metas develop their skills and push themselves. To help others in Duskburg know how to defend themselves. A eight foot tall devil isnt everyones go to but good will and a desire just to help, aided her be who she wanted. When not a student or teacher in fighting shes focused on smaller things.

Be a good member of the community volunteer work and the like. Really though it's just been aiming to be a good daughter, sister, and girlfriend. The Hellcat is a devil in the ring but age and scars add up so the devil has tried to help more. Kore has plenty going on always and that best friend viewed as a sister would always have Carmen in her corner. And the monster of muscle could be a damn support beam like no other. And lastly just try and be a good partner. Wherever that relationship might eventually go Carmen would strive to be everything hoped for. A woman who just tried to provide for others.

Hells Impact

With what is about to happen one can expect electrical interference and rifts to hell. What might it lead to remains a mystery. However Carmen is the flag bearer of Hades, the right arm of Armageddon. Once taken hold of she is meant to bring HELL ON EARTH! So much so there might be demonic intervention if a possession is booted. Carmen could maybe be saved in this, but that doesn't mean Hell's plot is over.


David "Mettle" Leiter





JAN 29 2001





Leiter exhibits a bold interpersonal style and a key lack of anxiety or fear, traits common in criminal psychopaths. He has been identified as a figurehead linked to countless illegal and violent activities; he was instrumental in organizing the METTLE GANG in the early 2020s, who savagely expelled all other criminal organizations from New York City in unprecedented open metahuman street warfare. Leiter is the number one suspect connected with the disappearance of AURUM (SEE FILE Nº R-0069 "AURUM"); Leiter's father was previously in Aurum's employ and is suspected to have been killed on his orders. Leiter is the chief suspect in the brutal murders of over two dozen metahumans resulting directly from clashes accompanying his rise to power in New York City.

Golden cracks permeate Leiter's silver skin, resembling a "Kintsugi" pattern. He has not been seen in human form in the decade accompanying his campaign in New York.

Known associates:

Nº G-9982 "DAYSTAR")


David Leiter inherited the powers of superhero TOTAL EXPERIENCE approximately 10 years ago. He has demonstrated the ability to transform his body into an ultra-durable metal form endowed with superhuman strength, speed, and reaction time. His transformed body has magnetic properties which he can control at will. The internal charge that powers him (perhaps indefinitely) in his transformed state can be violently released in bursts of electromagnetic energy. He has demonstrated the ability to repel and suspend metal objects in mid-air as well as electrify objects in his surrounding environment through touch. These electronic disruptions can interfere with the life processes of those in his surrounding environment and completely fry electronic devices. The internal battery that powers his mechanical body is a dynamo of pure power; as a result, he can move with outstanding speed and possesses exceptional endurance.

Leiter's audio-visual-olfactory acuity sharpens by several orders of magnitude while transformed. His reaction time is augmented.

Leiter has demonstrated a potent shapeshifting ability, something which his predecessor never revealed. He has been observed transforming his arms into extremely sharp bladed weapons. In the mid 2020s he developed the capacity for full-body liquid transformation (SEE FILE Nº G-2786-4 "GYRAS"). He has also been observed to 'split' his form, duplicating into multiple iterations of himself, each apparently capable of independent thought and action, leading to the moniker of the "ONE-MAN MAFIA." This shapeshifting ability is coupled with a potent regenerative aspect that enables him to create more silver 'matter' to work with, enabling him to shift his size with ease and generate additional duplicates.

- From the logs of MIRA.
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Some Metal Cooler sounding stuff there. Approved but no big spaghetti stars trying to leach off the super monkeys got it?!

"A recently regenerated spawn, Lazarus is a class I "Maggot" type spawn. Though other classes may be more productive in combat, none are easier or faster to send. In past excursions, Lazarus has proven to be effective in pulling souls and keeping a body reawakened. Brothers Karka and Kalan are hesitant to send a maggot in an area with contested bodies. However, it is imperative that an eye is put on the situation unfolding, and it will be valuable knowledge to see if these "demons" and "devils" spoken of can be processed along with a soul. May the Maw flourish!"

Rift request, sent by Daughter Kirik, of the intellect caste.

Information on Lazarus

Lazarus is around 30cm (11.81 Inches) in length, eyes are found on the top of the head and sides of the mandibles, and the main carapace is various shades of red. Lazarus is more talkative than most of their type, though this habit is often curbed by the Maw when necessary.

Ability data

Spawn's Defense:

Possession and psychic takeover can be deadly mistakes when an attempt is made on a child of the Maw. The immensity of the mind they're connected to can easily cause psychic damage to those attempting to cut off or control a section. While the metabolism of most spawn can make quick work of would-be possessors, as a soul directly entering one is either pulled to the Maw or directly fed upon.

Hive's library:

With the collected knowledge of the hive available, Lazarus can take time to learn faster than most. Though this requires a period of staying still to process more complex topics like fighting techniques or types of magic. Though the limitations of a body still apply (meaning Lazarus would need to find a body attuned to or connected to magic in order to use knowledge on magic.)

Voiceless Speech:

While not the best emissary of the Maw, Lazarus can at least communicate telepathically. Lesser spawn like them can only communicate in this manner with other species less than 100 meters away (328ft).

Carrion Awakening:

Lazarus, and other maggots of their type, possesses the ability to bring a body back to life and control it. This begins with interfacing with the spinal cord while repairing tissue, and ends with restoring motor and bodily functions. In the process, this pulls the being's soul back to the body, into Lazarus, and sends them to the Maw with an ultimatum. Give up their soul, or let some "wretched" creature control their, now living, body with no restrictions. When giving up their soul, the demands a being makes are often honored, and the opportunity to guide Lazarus is given prior to processing. Though the Maw will often forcibly end the agreement if demands or guidance act against Her interests.

Of course, Lazarus can only repair so much. While organs, muscle, and even bone are able to be replaced, eyes and brains can only be repaired. This makes decapitations and complete destruction of the head means to deny Lazarus a body.
It also goes without mentioning that while they can repair the brain, they cannot restore the neuron firing that stored memories. Hence, why souls are offered an opportunity to guide them.

Repulsive Healing:

The bile Lazarus uses to repair a body for awakening can also be used for repairing a live subject. A quick spit can stop bleeding and hasten healing, a handful can make a limb begin regenerating. Though, anything more, or if not applied to an injured area, will easily cause malignant tissue to begin visibly growing, as the microbes within the bile do not differentiate healthy and unhealthy growth well without a "clear task" to perform or a maggot in the body to regulate them.

Maggot's disregard:

While the human mind limits how far the flesh can be pushed in order to prevent damage, Lazarus has no concept of these limits. Since they have no real concept of pain, Lazarus can push a body to its breaking point, and only stop to make repairs.

Vermin's resilience:

Poisons and Diseases within and without a body rarely deter Lazarus, even if they make a body harder to get use out of.
This can prove to be a potent biohazard to others, especially in cases like a carrier of rabies being awakened.

Vile departure:

While Lazarus repairs tissue and awakens a body, time tends to catch up once their time in a body ends. This can prove to be especially hazardous for a body that has been awakened for over a few weeks. Rapid decomposition starts with a body's insides the moment Lazarus leaves, when the last of their repairs cease, and often proves to be too much for a body to handle, spraying an area with bone shrapnel and putrid fluids.

Limitations of the Class I Maggot:

Underdeveloped Carapace:

Lazarus is a type of spawn that is quickly rushed, and this is not without bodily consequences.
Though bludgeoning is often an inefficient way to kill a maggot (a baseball bat for example, would take four or five swings from an average person to dispatch), squeezing, slashing, and stabbing all can easily dispatch Lazarus when they are caught in the open.

Time-To-Awaken Issues:

Class I maggots tend to be quick to awaken bodies, though it takes a few minutes to get used to motor controls. This often means that Lazarus' movements will be sloppy at best.

Child-Like Mind:

Spawn of Lazarus' type are usually quite freshly hatched when they are sent out, as making them mature and molt would yield more specialized forms. Not to mention taking more time. This, is not without emotional and mental consequences.

Death, is not a concept Lazarus knows well. They also tend to be too friendly towards those not immediately deemed a threat to the Maw. Though issues of self-preservation and rationalization of violence are handled by the Maw's hive mind and guidance from a body's previous inhabitant, Lazarus still tends to make "new siblings"(basically any friend will be seen as family by Lazarus) attachments very easily if enough positive or cooperative experiences are had. This, along with not having every thought and action controlled, can prove problematic if a friend decides to drop the harsh reality of their existence or actions on them.

Socially Graceless:

A limitation connected to the prior one, Lazarus lacks many social graces necessary to pass for a normal human member of society in a body.
It often falls upon the previous inhabitant's guidance (if even there) to catch and correct mistakes before Lazarus makes them. As otherwise, Hive's Library can only take Lazarus so far.

Common Mistakes Include...
Communicating telepathically at inappropriate times with strangers
Taking items without asking or paying
Eating items without asking, paying, or having any care for edibility
Attempting to eat live creatures
Missing social cues
Pulling on ties
Pressing any buttons they come across
General disregard for firearm safety
General disregard for traffic laws
Mistaking cars for creatures
Not taking any steps to address connections of the deceased
Not realizing reflection is not another person
Not recognizing faces
Not recognizing the name of the deceased.

and many more

Cold Snap:

Cold temperatures (0 degrees Celsius/32 degrees Fahrenheit) can easily kill Lazarus
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