Approved Obsidian

“I have a job opportunity for you. How would you like to be part of a revolution?”


Energy Transference- Obsidian’s primary ability is that he can absorb energy from the human body. He can absorb roughly 5 Watts a second. Extended contact leaves people feeling tired, and then weak. Eventually, they pass out. He can completely drain all of the energy from a sleeping body at rest over the course of 20 seconds of continuous contact. It takes longer if he has to let go and reattach multiple times, or if the human is active (a human body in action can produce up to 2,000 Watts, and people who are awake but at rest produce 300 Watts), as they output more watts, and as the human body slowly replaces energy over time. This ability works by targeting the body’s storage of energy, starting with heat, and finally absorbing the energy needed to keep the heart pumping and the brain working. This is actually what kills his victims.

He can also do the reverse. He can pump his victim full of watts, artificially raising their heart rate and their brain’s functionality. This can eventually overload a human, especially if he’s recently absorbed enough watts. His favorite form of torture is to drain a body to the point of unconsciousness, then pump them full of energy so their body goes into shock.

He needs to consume energy from others, or he dies. His body produces none of its own energy. He usually substitutes this with actual electricity if he can’t acquire a victim for the day. He cannot do anything with the energy, other than store it and transfer it via touch.

Achluokinesis- Obsidian can create, shape, and manipulate absent energy, or the absence of energy, specifically heat and light. They can increase or decrease the absence of energy, and even erase energy, making it so that things simply do not have much, if any energy. This, in simple terms, means he can create areas of shadow and cold, specifically bound to his body. He uses the shadows to obscure his face and exposed skin, and the cold to cut back on excess energy usage. This is an extension of his primary ability and usually manifests as a shadowy cloud he uses to obscure his face and skin.

Enhanced Speed- While he may not have a healing factor or super strength, what Obsidian lacks in those departments, he makes up for with speed. He has above-human speed, lending to his reflexes and ability to weave in and out of combat.


Equipment– He wears only a Level II ballistic “soft armor” vest for protection, as he avoids combat where possible. He wears a pair of black leather gloves at all times. He owns a Jaguar XKSS, with a dark blue paint job (he definitely stole this). This is his personal vehicle, and when performing a job, or other illicit activities, he sources nondescript vehicles.

Manpower- Obsidian arrived in Pittsburgh with five meta-humans, although one is recently deceased. Most of his manpower was left back in Philadelphia, although he could call upon several more unpowered individuals to come to the city.

Firepower- Obsidian is currently in the illegal arms trade, so he has a range of weapons to choose from, but he declines to use them. Instead, he prefers to use his own personal firearm. At all times, Obsidian carries a Dan Wesson DWX, chambered in 9mm. This is the only gun that he trusts, as he cares for it personally on an almost daily basis.


Meta-Human Recruitment- One of Obsidian’s primary goals for being in Pittsburgh and not Philadelphia is the concentration of meta-humans. Obsidian seeks to lead a meta-human uprising, after his harsh treatment at the hands of “those undeveloped and pathetic excuses for people”.

Arms Trade- Although small-scale, Obsidian makes his money by selling illegal arms. They offer untraceable and scrubbed weapons at a fixed price to gangs and drug dealers and has started to make a name for himself due to the reliability of the weapons he sells. He prefers to stay in his lane, which is of course domestic terrorism and the supplying of others who are like-minded.​
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