Approved Non-Player Characters

Known Players

The Jedi/Republic

Supreme Chancellor Majro Deen
Age: 59
Gender: Male
History: Granted emergency powers by the Senate, Supreme Chancellor Majro Deen has held his position for seven years straight, out-serving his term limit by three years. While he attempted to step down after the devastation at Malachor and the surrender of the Mandalorians, the peaceful transference of power was interrupted by the beginning of the current conflict. A man slowly breaking under the weight of a failing Republic, his slowly deteriorating health and sanity are becoming more and more evident with each senate gathering. Whether or not Revan himself or simply stress will kill the Chancellor first is a subject of hot debate by local tabloids.

General Moira Skaarsgard
Age: 30
Gender: Female
History: Born into conflict, General Moira Skaarsgard has known nothing but war for her entire adult life. Enlisted at sixteen, Captain by twenty-two, Major at twenty-seven, then General once the majority of the military split apart either by Revan's schism or by death at his hands. A capable warrior and even better tactician, it is well-known among the Republic and the Empire that any battle she personally involves herself in turns in favor of the Republic. Unfortunately, she cannot be everywhere, and with every loss without her involvement, more and more of her army erodes away.

Grandmaster Kalla Zatoq
Age: 55
Gender: Female
History: Grandmaster Kalla Zatoq has led the Jedi Order for a scant two years, the previous Grandmaster abandoned his post alongside most of the Jedi Council. When Revan returned after Malachor and the destruction of the Mandalorians, he did not come back for judgment nor to admit his sins, he came back to give an ultimatum.
"Apathy is death," He said, "Join me, or face your end." Many left the Order at once, many more fled into the unknown, few stayed true to the Order and remained in their temples. Kalla Zatoq was one of these few. A reformist, she has attempted to rouse the Order from its stupor so that it might survive the ongoing conflict.

She has achieved little success.

Admiral Renata Syna
Age: 44
Gender: Female
History: Admiral Renata Syna is, possibly, the greatest naval officer the Republic has ever produced. Brutal, ruthless, and efficient, Admiral Renata Syna is exactly what the Republic Navy needs in this time of great destruction. Having become renowned among Mandalorians as Renata the Butcher, Renata was infamous for ignoring civilian presences on Mandalorian occupied worlds. She was held in high regard, even among the most ruthless Jedi Generals such as Revan himself. She should have faced trial for war crimes at the end of the Mandalorian War. Unfortunately for those seeking justice, the continuing conflict has resulted in a continuance of diplomatic immunity granted by Supreme Chancellor Majro Deen.

The Sith

The Dark Lord Revan
Age: 42
Gender: Male
History: Revan was once a Jedi Knight in service to the Jedi Order and the Jedi Council. However, when Mandalorians began burning cities and massacring millions, Revan defied the will of the Jedi Council and led hundreds of Jedi to take charge of the Republic military and rebuff the Mandalorians. After saving countless lives and ending the war, Revan turned on the Republic almost immediately. His followers, known as Revanchists, continued their service to him even as Revan fell further and further. The Revanchist's descent completed in becoming Sith as their leader, Revan, took up the mantle of Dark Lord. His fleets are innumerable, his assets uncountable, and his armies unstoppable.

Admiral Saul Karath
Age: 56
Gender: Male

History: Admiral Saul Karath was a war hero, a savior, and considered to be one of the most famous men in the Republic. When he turned his back on the Republic to lead the fleets of the Sith Empire, he betrayed more than everything he ever stood for, he betrayed an entire galaxy that believed in him. Firing the first shot of this new conflict two years ago, Admiral Saul Karath manipulated the Republic's extreme trust in him to bypass security shields in orbit over Telos IV. Under orders of Darth Revan, he had his men bomb the Republic fleet and hidden Jedi temples on Telos IV, killing millions of innocents in the process and turning the world into a wasteland. His loyalties now confirmed by Revan, he leads the Sith fleet with astounding skill.

Uthar Wynn.
Age: 67
Gender: Male

History: A Sith born and raised, Uthar Wynn took over the Sith academy on Korriban after driving out his master. When Revan declared himself heir to the mantle of Dark Lord, Uthar Wynn bent the knee and the Sith academy followed his lead. While he initially stayed on Korriban to train Sith for Revan's war machine, Revan sent Uthar Wynn closer to the Core as he conquered more and more territory. Uthar Wynn now operates mobile training centers, going to the front lines to directly train Sith before sending them into combat. Despite his protests, Revan assigned Yuthura Ban to lead the Korriban academy in Uthar's absence. While he is a firm believer that the truest measure of strength is for a Sith to kill their master, he has put aside his personal beliefs temporarily in service to Revan.

The Sith
Age: -varies-
Gender: -varies-
History: The Sith is a catch-all term for anyone who follows the teachings of those ancient Jedi who, cast out from the order, established a new order on the worlds of Korriban, Yavin, and Ziost. Taking their name from the natives of these worlds, the 'Lords' of the Sith have waged a conflict of existence against the Jedi Order ever since. While in decline in recent years after losses with Exar Kun, their numbers have been bolstered once more by fallen Jedi and new hopefuls following in the footsteps of their new Dark Lord, Revan. While their future is still uncertain, most Sith, regardless of background and beliefs, all agree on two fundamental truths.

One, they will side with the victors.

Two, Revan will win.