Approved Nahual, Little Friend

  • Name - Nahual
  • Alias - Little Friend
  • Age - ???
  • Appearance - > Approximately 5'2, skinny, pale, with green eyes and platinum blonde hair.
  • Abilities -
"Nahual is a normal girl with no weirdness whatsoever! You should be Nahual's friend!"
Nahual is a formless monster who can shape her body however she needs. She can only survive by consuming living biological matter, the stronger the bio-mass she intakes, the more 'material' she has to work with when she changes her own flesh and bone. Natually, large mammals provide the most 'material.' Her crafted flesh and bones are neither stronger nor weaker than 'regular' flesh and bones of the same mass, size, and density. Having complete control of any flesh designated 'hers,' Nahual may shape and change herself at will.

While capable of fine-tuning, adding, and subtracting flesh from herself mid-fight, she cannot take on new forms instantly. Entire new forms require a 'chrysalis' process taking a minimum hour, longer if the new form is more complex than a human. For a simple example, Nahual may form spikes from her knuckles mid-fight, but she cannot transform her entire skin into bone mid-fight.
  • Equipment -
"Nahual is a hero! Obviously! Weee-I have hero things! Yes! I do! Like, uh, a knife! Yeah!"
Nahual is able to craft weapons from her own flesh and bone as needed. These weapons are limited by the amount of 'material' she currently possesses. With little to no material, she may craft nothing more complex than spikes for her knuckles. With abundant material, she may craft weapons as large as spears of bone, or increase the flesh in her arms to land heavy blows. Material molded and siphoned for this purpose is, naturally, consumed as calories. This necessitates a constant increase in material or risk autocannibalism.

"Hi! Hi hi hi hi HI HI HI HI!"

"Do you wanna be my friend? We-I love making new friends! I am new to the Pitts! Teehee! Funny name! The Pitts! Oh-? I'm Nahual! I'm a super hero, I love saving people and helping them and putting them into little bundles for laterrrrr- friendship! I'm not from around here, of course, I'm new! So how about it? Wanna be friends?"

Nahual is the result of a secret, backwoods experimentation in the Appalachian mountains. Far from a clean lab with certified and morally ambiguous scientists, Nahual's 'birthplace' was a large wooden barn that had been previously used for heroin production. Her creators, moonshiners trying to create a new, extremely toxic poison to kill rival moonshiners, accidentally mixed with biological material added to the moonshine mix.
An explosion, a lot of screaming, and a few years of hikers going missing later, Nahual finally consumed enough human biological matter to gain a sort of sentience. Her first non-violent interaction was with a young man studying Aztec mythology at a local college in Pennsylvania. Having eaten and assumed the form of a woman the young man had attraction to, he entertained her strange questions and strange manner of speaking in hopes of sparking a relationship.

She loved everything about the Aztecs, but all good things had to come to an end. Eventually, Nahual led him away into the woods and consumed him. In doing so, she took the name of a special creature from Aztec mythology. After seeing heroes on television, like Lady Liberty, Nahual decided she also wanted to become a super hero. She doesn't know what being a super hero really means, but she wants the fame that comes along with it.

She hopes having fame will make it easier to feed.

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